Recipe Book…

I received unexpected email from a fellow blogger asking me to send her my postal address as she bought a recipe book and would like to send it to me. I was beyond ecstatic.  My very own first recipe book!!!!!

A few weeks later, I received a little note from the post office telling me I had a package to pick up. I was working all through the holidays, so I ask my hubby to pick up for me (picture me trying to explain to him it was a package from a blogger ….)

I rip into it (but not before I got a few pictures – no surprises there) to look for something that would be made during the holidays.

I saw the package and I remembered sound of music (brown paper packages tied up with strings..., ok not strings but washi tape) But you get the drift ;-)

I saw the package and I remembered sound of music (brown paper packages tied up with strings…, ok not strings but washi tape) But you get the drift 😉

Confession, I looked for what seemed the easiest to make and with ingredients that didn’t sound too exotic. And I found a winner

My new favourite salad

My new favourite


The rest is history as they say, because I have now found my go to recipe for salads. Healthy (I skip the dressing all together), Yummy, easy to make and not your traditional salad (with lots of lettuce) and the ingredients are readily available…

The ingredients...

The ingredients…

To give you an idea how much I loved the salad, between 1st and 5th January, I already made it twice and I plan to make it at least one more time before this week runs out 😉

Take 1. First attempt at making the salad

Take 1. First attempt at making the salad

In my usual fashion, I tweaked the recipe the first time I made it (because I knew my friends would refuse to eat uncooked baby spinach, so I steamed the spinach),  I skipped the  dressing and yellow cherry tomatoes (because I just couldn’t find any) and I bought the cheapest olives I could find (so they were green instead of black as required by the recipe)


Take 2. 4 days later

Take 2. 4 days later

The second time, I stuck to the recipe by and large (still no yellow cherry tomatoes and I skipped the dressing again and the parsley this time) and I have to tell you, it does taste even yummier than it looks


 Thank you Julia. I love my first recipe book. Now over to look for more things to make.


19 responses to “Recipe Book…

  1. i love that you’re using your recipe book!

  2. Ohhhh…I love happy mail. That salad looks yummy.

  3. ooohhh recipe books!!! I love them! This looks yuuuummmy 🙂

  4. Ah…glad you like it! Which one will you be making next?

  5. Why would they not eat raw spinach? Is that a thing in South Africa?
    In Russia people don’t eat raw mushrooms – and whenever I entertain recent immigrants here in Canada, I make sure to not put any raw mushrooms in my salads…

    • Raw vegetables is meant to be consumed by animals not humans 🙂 I am sure you think I am joking, but that is the reasoning. Most would only eat cabbage and carrots raw, everything else must be cooked even if for a minute

      As far as I know most South Africans (at least the ones I know, love their salads)

      Ps: I am not South African.

      • I got your message on not being South African 🙂
        I wonder if this cooking if only for a minute is for safety reasons? Boiling to kill surface germs?

      • It’s very silly really, nothing to do with germs, they just can’t get past the fact that it is uncooked. Much like eating rare meat

  6. Ohhhhh…i love surprises like that. Enjoy

  7. Oh wow…such a awesome gesture!

  8. …these are a few of my favourite things….

    Your dish turned out great! So nice of you to get a recipe book

  9. I’m amazed that was your first recipe book! Do you just know how to cook? Or do you look things up online?

    I am a recipe follower. I consider myself able to cook / bake most anything, but it’s rare that I just “throw something together” without instructions. 😉

    And I used to have a near-addiction to recipe books…I probably have at least 50! I was just thinking recently, though, how I don’t have much of a desire for new recipe books since I found Pinterest. That’s a good thing, too…Pinterest takes up much less space!

    I got a brown paper package with washi tape through the mail, too, and I thought it was so pretty. 🙂

    Happy cooking!!!

  10. This is a great gift you have received. So cool that you tried the recipe again.

  11. that salad really looks yummy!

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