Currently I am…

I can’t remember being this busy in a long time, but I am super busy. Last week I had 186 unread posts in GR and this week I am already up to 96. Grrrrrr, maybe it is time to clean out my reader, because reader or not there are some blogs I still read, just not commenting a lot these days (my phone doesn’t seem to like posts by blogger). Well moving right along…

Julia did this and I thought it was interesting and a way to find something to blog about after a busy week.

Here we go

Currently I am…

Reading: Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. (She’s the author of PS, I love you). An interesting book with the tag line – Sometimes fate just can’t stop meddling…. and I can tell you, fate is seriously meddling with her two main characters’ lives. I stayed up for almost 2 hours past my bed time reading…

 Listening to: A collection of Christian songs that I put together. Best way to get through my 20 mins train ride in the morning and the first few hours of the morning (I even named the playlist “Train”)

Laughing at: Talking Tom. My friend sent me a talking tom video, very hilarious. Imagine a rat leaving a message on your phone, saying he’s being trying to reach you for the past two days, but he wanted to let you know that when he didn’t find any noodles to eat in your room (which was always there for eating in the past), he ate your school certificates, cheque book and some other documents. And to please call back when you get the message to discuss. Ended with a loving Bye!!!!

I had tears streaming down my face. My friend said she peed in her pant 🙂  ;-)Even typing this I am laughing

Swooning over:  hmmmm, nothing really. Nothing swoon-worthy at the moment

Planning: my busy weekend schedule

Eating lots of : Junk (not good for my weight loss target) and baby spinach

Feeling: A bit sick with blocked nose. I can feel a sinus headache forming (nothing new by the way in this season)

Discovering: That I am happy being busy and I buy too many books. I always promise not to buy any more, but in the last week, I bought more than 10 books  😉  😉   Hubby has asked me to get a reader, so I can stop filling up the house with more and more books

Looking at: My computer, since I am typing up this list (obviously). BUt on the way home last night, there was a gorgeous sunset …



Wearing: wearing a red t-shirt and lacy black skirt (I get loads of compliments when ever I wear said skirt). Ps: said skirt was a gift from my “tri-polar” MIL                    😉      😉

Lace patterns

Lace patterns

Cooking: I cook mostly on the weekends, I just pop stuff into the microwave on week days. Thanks to Julia, I have a new favourite salad, which I now eat at least once or twice every week, but if  you know me, I love to tweak recipes. This is this week’s take on the  salad here

There's no mushroom in the main recipe...

There’s no mushroom in the main recipe…

Wondering: When this day will end. I am tired already.

Trying out: Spinning and loving it. I actually normally “hate” any repetitive exercise like walking on a treadmill or spinning. But just before the holidays I decided to give spinning a try and I must confess, I am loving it. Only caveat though is it has to be at least 60 mins, my favourite is the 90 mins class

Best way to start the weekend ;-)

Best way to start the weekend 😉

Please share some current stuff  (if you feel up to it)


15 responses to “Currently I am…

  1. Was thinking about you this morning! Nice post

  2. It’s great to see a post from you. Can’t wait for tomorrow

  3. Oh do read Cecelia’s “Time of my life” – I really enjoyed it. I loved this post of yours, getting to know you a bit better

  4. I read PS I love you. I liked the idea, the plot – but to be honest, I found her language pretty terrible, very plane. I hope she’s improved 🙂

  5. Thanks for playing! I think I would enjoy spinning. It’s like running in a way. Just on a bike? LOL. What’s on your playlist?

  6. I loved reading this and learning a bit more of you. I put the book on my list of “must reads”…I liked PS I love you.

  7. I love Cecilia Ahern!!!!!! She’s a fantastic story teller. What I look for in fiction is a story with great characters that will pull me along 🙂

    When we travelled from Sydney to Singapore, there was an Irish lady seated next to me on the plane. We chatted about Ireland and Cecilia Ahern (her father was the prime minister at the time) non-stop for about 8 – 9 hours 🙂

  8. My DH ended up buying me a Kindle for Christmas a couple of years ago as I had too many books…. (I did not think it was possiible to have too many books!)

  9. My word I’m addicted to spinning hey….yeay, we got something in common. I go to bel-air, 6 times a week. 5 days spinning and bootcamp on Saturdays….Yes I’m a junkie, hehehehe.

  10. In the midst of a crazy-busy week, I’m glad you have something to laugh so hard at…that’s medicine for the soul!

    I have a problem with books, too! I’ve been contemplating a reader for a while, but I just can’t do it. I love the idea of having books in an electronic archive, but my challenge is that I buy so many books (too many!) off the clearance racks. I love wandering around the bookstore, picking up books for about $5 each, finding new authors that certainly weren’t hanging out on the best-seller list. I think I would miss that if I had a reader.

    Before the girls were born, I went on a big cleaning / clearing-out spree. I told myself I was going to clean out my bookcases. I ended up donating about 5 books in total. 😉 Most of what I read, the characters feel like “friends”…I can’t part with them! Yes, it’s a problem. 😉

    Hope you have a productive…but relaxing!…weekend!

    • I know what you mean. I went to a book sale and came out with another 5 books and I am already eyeing another 3 (IMAGINE) But now I am determined to stay away (he he he)

      Productive weekend yea, relaxing not so sure. Going to watch nations cup finals

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