In my shoes….

Marcia is hosting the Monthly photo challenge and I am joining in again. A reminder post was done for this, but if you know me and pictures, I don’t need a reminder  🙂

This month’s theme is SELF-PORTRAITS.

I find it interesting that many people say they don’t like pictures of themselves. I love love love love taking self-portraits and the only way I was able to narrow this down to the mandatory 5 pictures was to decide on a theme, and my chosen theme for this was my shoes (ha ha ha ha ha no surprises there)

Enough rambling, take a walk in my shoes for a week… Please pardon the quality of the pictures – all taken indoors using my phone 🙂











Added bonus for indulging my shoe fetish….


April 2012

BB-ography. Taken on my 7th wedding anniversary 🙂

Have a nice weekend all xxx


16 responses to “In my shoes….

  1. they’re all very lovely but I really want to see the self portraits of your hands, doing something you love, etc, etc.

    And gosh you have a lot of shoes!

  2. Lovely lovely photos….

  3. i think this is the first time I saw a photo of you!
    your sister – yes, but not you!
    nice to see you 🙂

  4. Seeing all your gorgeous heels makes me jealous! I live in flat-land these days, which I’ve finally found is a comfy place, but I do love some beautiful heels!

    And do you usually wear that shade of eye shadow, as in the wedding anniversary picture? It’s beautiful on you!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Is it just me or did or look suspiciously like you wore the same dress all week? Might want to reallocate some of your shoe budget to clothes 😉

    I do love shoes… Perhaps someday ill take a picture of my closet 😀 working at a vets office means sneakers, so my poor heels are very unused! (Plus the whole was-pregnant-now-have-a-newborn thing…)

    • I wear too much black!!! Thanks for giving me an excure to shop, though I hate clothes shopping. If I had my way all I want to do is grocery and shoe shopping 😉 ;-).

      getting ready to go back to work 😦

  6. So much of heels :)) I own 2 pairs and I only wear them to weddings :-p

    Love the second to last one 🙂

  7. Love your Thursday shoes! And that face photo with the ripples – just lovely. 🙂

  8. Love the Friday shoes – en the iphone portrait pic

  9. No wonder you don’t mind photos – you look stunning. Love the shoes too.

  10. Okay…I NEED your Tuesday shoes!!!!

  11. Love it!! Esp the pic of you in purple :o)

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