Last Weekend…

I had a very good 4 day weekend last weekend.

A friend, her hubby and 2 daughters spent 3 days with us. When she was pregnant with the first daughter, I used to sit next to her at work and feel the baby kick anytime she ate ice-cream….. And now the girls are almost 11 and almost 10 – according to them 🙂 😉

Last time I saw them was in 2008 (though we chat and email quite often).  I liked having them around because even though my hubby was officially meeting them for the first time properly, we all got along real good and chatted for hours on all the days they were with us. On the last night, after the husbands went to bed, my friend and I chatted  from 1am to 3.30am and it was just what I needed. Food for my soul. The down side was I had a race that was starting at 6.40 (or so I thought, because it apparently started at 6.30), so I was out of the house by 5.40am. Would I have gone to bed earlier rather than have our chat, NOPE!!!!!

On arrival, I asked the girls what they wanted to do while here, the almost 11 wanted to go shopping, the almost 10 wanted to do whatever daddy wanted to do…

…so we went sightseeing


1 20130221-00544

Then shopping

Taken in one of the dressing rooms during our shopping trip

One of the dressing rooms during our last shopping trip

Another dressing room in the shop above. The girls (and the adults) were in pink heaven

Another dressing room in the shop above. The girls (and the adults) were in pink paradise

The other side of the dressing room above

We baked muffins twice (sadly, no picture evidence, but they were yummy and fluffy vanilla muffins)

During this period, I went for 2 step classes and did my first 10km of the year.

Enroute to the 10KM starting line

Enroute to the 10KM starting line, don’t be deceived by the sun it was just after 6am 😉

10km Finito- with my medal :-)Interestingly, I did my best time ever in the race...

10km Finito- with my medal 🙂
Interestingly, I did my best time ever in the race…

I was sad to see them leave

Saying goodbye at the airportSob :-(  Sob :-(

Sob 😦 Sob 😦
PS: I don’t even know if one is allowed to take pictures here, but I used zoom I guess the guards could never figure out the pictures I was taking 😉

All in all I was happy to have been able to spend that time with them.
How was you week?  Any big weekend plans?
Have a nice and restful weekend xxx

12 responses to “Last Weekend…

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time. So glad you had time with your friend…nothing quite like that. Lovely photos my friend.

  2. Wow! I’m glad you and your husband had such a great time with those friends of yours. And well done for still doing a race after chatting for so long.

  3. the first picture is amazing!

  4. Ah, why sleep when you can chat the night away. Hope you did find clothes they wanted. And glad you had such a great time

  5. LOL I love it – good time with friends, food and still getting in your normal routine 🙂

    That sunset is amazing – or was it a sunrise?

  6. Hey, what race was this? I am sure my hubby ran the same one? Nothing like quality time with friends!

  7. What a nice catch up! My week was just amazing – I’ll probably start popping out photos sometime this week to show you (as soon as I conquer my inbox). 😉

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