Sun ‘not’ Rise Monster…

As I do on most Saturday mornings in Summer, last Saturday I headed out for a race. This race is one of the toughest around because there are two seriously steep hills along the way, though once you conquer the two hills, it is all downhill from there. It is called the Sun.rise Mon.ster and trust me the name is very very appropriate.  I always do the baby Monster which is 5km, for the very brave there is 10km Mini Monster and for the  crazy extremely brave runners there is the ultimate 32km ( I call them crazy brave because a friend who runs marathons and has done the comrades a couple of times, says she would rather do a 56km than do this 32km)

Last weekend, the sun didn’t rise, hence the title of my post

The Sun just refused to rise

The Sun just refused to rise

Anyway, at the second hill last weekend, there was a man in wheel chair, there was no way he could have gone up that hill (every time I am at a race in that neighborhood, I wonder how the residents drive up and down the hill -would be good for learning to drive a manual car though) so my friend and I decided stupidly bravely to give him a helping hand, all good no problems there, until another man decided we could not walk up and  pushed us from behind up the hill, which meant we had to run. Mind you when I do this races, I walk most of the way because I know I can walk 10km or more, but I can not run 1km even if my life depended on it (ok maybe if it did I would be able to). So after the hill, I had to slow down considerable and ended up doing 5km in 51 mins, which is baaaaaaaad.

I made a big realisation in the process, I should not attempt to run, just walk briskly as I always do, slow down when I feel like it and enjoy the scenery as I go along and take my tonnes of random pictures while at it (my consolation, if I was running I would never get these pictures  🙂  😉    )

Lending a helping hand before the start of the race

Lending a helping hand before the start of the race

I hope she got the prize for the best dressed green

Being green is serious business fun

Get set...

Get set…

I doubt I would have seen this building if I was driving past

Interesting Design. I doubt I would have seen this building if I was driving past.

More green people

More green people

Another monster captured

Another monster captured

Afterwards, I went to the gym and got my spinning fix

What a lovely view to see while spinning :-)

What a lovely view to see while spinning 🙂

Hope you had a nice weekend? And your week is going well so far?

13 responses to “Sun ‘not’ Rise Monster…

  1. You are crazy! I wouldn’t make a 500m jog! And then you went spinning afterwards? That’s seriously impressive.

  2. I feel so sad that I have missed this race. I love running this race especially that hill you are talking about. Sigh.
    Anyway, is this the gym where you gym? Looks very different as well as the bike.
    Well done on completing the race.

  3. You did 10km and then went spinning….I am seriously impressed.

  4. Those spinning machines intimidate me. I would love to do a class but they also intimidate me *blush*

  5. I understand completely – I only run for spiders. 😉

  6. I recognize the building – you possibly wenmt right past my office! And our great friends live right in the area you ran through.

    But yes, I can walk very far, especially in nature but run, nope!

  7. I totally insist that you keep walking – I love seeing your pictures…. 🙂

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