No, I don’t have the flu…

If I got a dollar every time I said these words, I think I would be a millionaire by now! Ok I’m exaggerating but you get the drift 😆

I know people around here like to call a common cold the flu, but I can never get used to it (and I refuse to get used to it). There’s a very very big difference between a cold or in my case sinusitis and hay fever/allergies.

So, no I don’t have the flu, I usually have a cold or a bad case of sinusitis 99% of the time 😆 :lol

Ps: you know I always always have to have a picture or two or more, so here are two, one from sunset today and the other from sunrise a week ago

Hope you are having a good week so far?

Sunset earlier today while taking Caesar on a walk

Sunset earlier today while taking Caesar on a walk

Sunrise last Wednesday

Sunrise last Wednesday

6 responses to “No, I don’t have the flu…

  1. F, I think most of us these days suffer from sinusitis which can be mistakenly be diagnosed as a cold or flu. I suffer from sinusitis this instance and it’s not cool. But at least it’s not the flu or cold 🙂
    Love the one you took of the sunset out of your car.

  2. Love the last one. And yes, why do they always think its flu? Have you ever tried the physio for sinus? FInd one that does acupunture too – it works like nothing else

  3. I just call it the plague and be done with it. Hahaha…sometimes I try to convince myself that i might just be a bit tired – i can usually keep up that illusion for a week or two before I admit defeat. 😉

  4. Oh…and just in case you thought I was being a pansy – I usually measure my flu-ness/sinus/cold/tiredness levels by how contagious I am! 😆

  5. HA!!!!!! I get that all the time because of my blocked nose with the aircon…………………… drives me batty!

    Now, if you were on instagram I put a pic exactly like that car pic – I will email it to you 🙂 “:)

    thanks for your nice email – I am CRAY CRAY (crazy busy) and current boss has just told me I HAVE to finish all work before I go (except she keeps increasing the scope – I was comfortable that I’d finish before but I will have to push…)

    YES, let’s have supper! mid April? I’m still waiting for your mid-March dates I asked for 🙂 did you reply in comments or something?

  6. I have the immune system of an Ox and while I do thank God for this, I do sometimes wish I could get just ONE sick day in a year! Hubby has all sinus related issues – so he is constantly sniffing, sneezing, rubbing his nose and he snores! I think Liam has picked up his Dad’s allergy-prone gene.
    Love the first pic!

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