Painting the City PURPLE…

Each year the city is painted different colour – 2009 (BLUE), 2010 (PINK), 2011 (GREEN), 2012 (ORANGE) and this 2013 (PURPLE) for the Women’s Race

This is the 5th year I have done this race. The race is also held in different cities around the country. I always do the ones in the capital city (in August) and Jo.hannes.burg (in October).  If memory serves me right this is the 8th one I am doing, I  injured my knee the one year  and couldn’t do the Jo.hannes.burg one.

I blogged about Last Year’s Race here ( and how I didn’t enjoy the heat). A good race but always too hot as it is starts at 2pm (apparently the reason is because it is a women’s race and it is expected that women are busy in the morning, a big generalisation , oh well)

This year, I loved the race more than ever. The weather prediction  for Saturday was – cold and windy day and it didn’t disappoint, it was indeed quite cold and very windy. But guess what I loved it. It was just the perfect weather for a 5km walk in the afternoon. I didn’t feel much of the wind, because I was with the “fun group” (5k walkers and strollers) which means there were enough people to act as wind breakers 😆    And when a race has close to 25,000 people  and most of which are doing the 5km walk, there’s enough body heat around 😆 😆

Enough talking some pictures from the gorgeous day

Start Line

Start Line

Sea of people

Sea of people. I took this from the 1km mark and there were still people way far behind and way ahead of me

Also at the 1km mark, look forward

Also at the 1km mark, looking forward. As far as the eyes could see, you could see people in purple

And of course there is always some drama – men dressed in drag.


Blue hair, Pink “Breasted


Pink “lady”



And dark winged angels

And dark winged angels

And nurses  ;-)

And nurses 😉

A sneak peek

A sneak peek at the gorgeous cloudless blue sky

Almost there

Walking to the finish line 


Here’s to many more races/walks