Dear Christmas…

Dear Christmas,

I miss you (or maybe just the idea of you). The lights, the glitz, the songs (I discovered some not so new Christmas classics this year (thanks to Holly on xm radio) and the general feeling of happiness that is associated with you.



An added bonus the city is quieter and roads emptier (sorry Capetonians) and this year the weather was blissful – cool and light rain just right for all the yummy food that goes with Christmas. Not sure about you but for me it’s easier to eat too much Christmassy food in cooler weather without feeling frumpy (or maybe it’s me). Granted the weather is still quite warm and usually looks more like this


Than this


I miss you. Till we meet again in 350 days.

Happy New Year All. May 2014 be a great year of fulfilled dreams and blessings.


6 responses to “Dear Christmas…

  1. So glad you are back – we must get together!!! When are you back at work?

  2. I always look out for your posts. Welcome back stranger.

  3. 🙂 Now for me, I love the new year – LOVE it! Last year was a bit too chaotic for me leading up to Christmas!

  4. Love your pictures, as always!

  5. I don’t particularly enjoy the period leading up to Christmas (this year I did because I was on holiday the week before) but I LOVE Christmas day. So thrilled to see a post from you btw!

  6. As you know, I was hot and sweaty this xmas, but LOVED every minute of it. Aww, love K’s stocking on the tree. I still have a “baby’s first xmas” stocking, and I just put it up this year because I found it among the xmas decorations when we were busy with decorating .. I got suspicious looks from hubby over this stocking that was hanging up.. as if he thought I had some news to tell him.. which I didnt .. haha..

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