Bipolar Weather…

Julia and I were chatting yesterday about the weather (doesn’t that feel like such a very grown up thing to do 😉 😉 ) and I was telling her the weather was a bit undecided dark grey and cloudy on one side and blue on the other side and a mix somewhere in between. She said maybe the weather was Bipolar!

Here’s proof

One side –


If you look on the bottom right you’ll see notice “silver lining” in the grey sky

Marcia I always think of you every time I see grey skies and today was no exception

In between:


Grey and blue sky coming together

Another side with simply gorgeous blue sky with thick white clouds


I was standing on the same spot when all three pictures were taken. All I did was turn in 3 different directions.

So I do agree maybe the weather was “tripolar” Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!

And it did eventually rain. I heard it (luckily I was indoors when the heavens eventually opened up) and was told it was super heavy.

Such beauty in nature.
Do you notice the beauty that is nature on a regular basis?

Hope you had a nice weekend? Have a fantastic week ahead


5 responses to “Bipolar Weather…

  1. Beautiful! I especially love those dark grey rolling storm clouds.

  2. Of course I notice these things – I live for them 🙂

    Thanks for thinking of me always 🙂

  3. We are also having strange weather in Port Elizabeth. Normal is the incessant wind. For the past few weeks we have had warm, humid, windless days and I love it.

  4. I WISH IT WOULD RAIN!! HARD!! We have had dark cloudy skies for the last few days, but only a few drops here and there! I often miss the beauty of nature, but my two never fail to remind me of it.. oooooh look mummy, the flags are happy because of the wind that God sent! They say this when we see flags flapping in the wind.. one of my favourite phrases now!

  5. Haha. I am dying for some rain. Just not this weekend – I have Joel’s surf walk and a swim scheduled on Saturday morning and straight afterwards I have outdoor plans with a friend. It can rain next week. Or even tomorrow. Just not this weekend. I love these pictures you took.

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