Just a few random things…

1. My Christmas tree is still up. It is up just because it’s in a corner where I can ignore it (one year it was up till October, though I don’t plan on leaving it for that long) and I’m just lazy to pack it away, let’s see how long before it starts to get on my nerves.

What is the longest you’ve left your Christmas tree up?

2. I injured my ankle in early December. I slipped on ice and a big garbage bin fell on the foot/ankle (talk of double whammy). I was given 4-6 weeks during which time it should have healed. This is week 7 and it is still sore. Not sore enough for me to need anything stronger than ibrupofen but sore enough to warrant taking medication every other day. As an aside this happened 3 days before I was going to embark on a transatlantic flight. You can imagine how that flight ( or rather flights) went

Swollen ankle


Pardon the mess I was packing for my trip.
Thank heavens it is no longer swollen but the skin around it is peeling – I hope this is a good sign it is healing.

Update – it is still fractured though healing but I got a much much lighter moon boot. Back at the dr in another 4 weeks!

New boots:


Old boots:


The old boot weighs 5kg I kid you not!

3. I tried a few new nail polish colours recently and I love them.


This colour is called “date on the moonlight”. It looks like very dark purple but it’s actually very dark navy


This is an Almay one coat polish called “galaxy” it definitely looks more purplish in the picture than it is.

I’m usually a neutral or red nail polish girl. So these colours are out of character. Notice I have red on my toes as well. That is in character. 99% of time I have a shade of red/wine on my toenails.

4. Something you might not know about me. I love listening to and watching news and talk shows. So much so that I record certain news program. I’m listening to news as I type this :). I would rather listen to a talk show on a long drive over listening to music I don’t like. It drives my sister batty but I love my news. Plus the radio in my car is most likely to always be on talk radio! It takes all my will power not to switch the radio station to talk radio when I’m in other people’s cars.

5. In 2013 my favourite music was “blur.red lines” by Robin Thic.ke. I’m not sure why but I really do like the song. Though I was mortified first time I heard the title as I thought it was blood lines πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

See I told you it’s a post of very random things.

What’s happening in your world?

9 responses to “Random…

  1. Your foot still isn’t healed? Jeeze! You’ll have that boot till spring! Hope it heals up for you and you aren’t using it too much looking after that precious bundle!

  2. Ooh ouch! I hope your foot heals up quickly! I like that dark blue/purple one. I almost never wear polish of any colour. It chips in the first few minutes and annoys the crap out of me, so I just leave it.

  3. That foot looks eina! The Christmas three will be coming down sooner…once you little one starts moving, you will take the tree down as quick as possible cause they destroy them…smile.
    I bought new varnish on Sat which I am in love with. It is a Yardley range called Gel. I bought red and plum. Just one coat leaves your nails looking divine

  4. This might be my favourite post of yours ever! Because we get to see some more of the YOU I know and love πŸ™‚

    LOVE those nail polishes!!! You’re right – I’ve never seen you in anything except red. one HR lady at work only wears black or red!

    Longest for Christmas tree has been 6 Jan! This year was the earliest (3 Jan).

    My one friend has her tree up permanently – she just moves it to a room at the back they never use and bring it forward when it’s “time”. That made me laugh so loud!

  5. You know I adore random posts and I have to second Marcia that this must be my favorite post yet. Our tree immediately comes down before New Year or if we are away, the day after we return. Hope that ankle is way better soon

  6. I like news as well but not very fond of talk shows. I like to listen to my favorite soapies though and not watch them πŸ™‚
    That foot of yours look painful. I do hope it gets better soon 😦

  7. Fun post…but not the sore foot…that is just eina. Our tree comes down after new year…by then it drives me batty. I wear french on my fingers and I currently have silver on my toes.

  8. OUCH!!!! Hope that foot of yours heals FAST! I am all about the colour, but have no time or patience to spend on keeping my nails up. So my toes are always painted – my fingers not so much. Love the second lilac-y/purple-y one πŸ™‚
    I wait until my helper comes back from leave and I get her to take the tree down :/ I just can’t be bothered!!

  9. Trust your foot is healing up nicely? I mostly do dark nails. Black. Charcoal. Dark blue. I just find that these colours match with all my clothes so it makes my life a lot easier. I LOVE news and media, even though I do have a tendency to get overwhelmed. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blurred lines. Such a sexy song! Am contemplating getting the album. Actually, I will get the album.

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