Good Neighbours…


Picture taken at sunset yesterday

Being a good neighbour means different things to different people but one thing I know is having a good neighbour is the best thing anyone can ask for. I find it sad that the common thread these days is for people not to know their neighbours.

We’ve lived in our current house for 9 years and it was only 2 years ago that I met one of my next door neighbours. The other neighbours I “know” in that we say hello when we see on the street but that’s about it.

This makes me sad because growing up life was different. It was an era of good neighborliness. Where as a child I was afraid to be bad because you knew the neighbours and knew they were watching.They were like our extended family. Actually they were extended family by default. I used to have lunch almost every other day at neighbours and many came to house for dinner. First time I can remember watching an Indian movie (and Bruce Lee) on a VCR was at neighbours. I miss those times and I’m sad that life is not like that any more.

We had a stream of unpaid baby sitters/care givers/chauffeurs in our neighbours when my parents would be away. The one neighbour used to take me to and pick me from school from grade 1 to 3 and look after me till my mom got back everyday. It was pure bliss in my little mind though one of the neighbours was even stricter than my mom! Many of my old neighbours growing up are some of my oldest -at least 30 years (yes I’m old I know) and closest friends till date

Do you know your neighbours? Are you close? Can you count on them ?and more importantly can they count on you? What was it like for you growing up? What does being a good neighbour mean to you?

Ps: I’m hitching to be a not so nice neighbour right now! The one neighbour has creeping plants that keeps over growing into our compound and triggering off the alarm and blocking the night light. Need to pay someone to cut it regularly. I keep thinking I should ask them to trim it but hubby can’t be bothered so I’m letting it slide but it’s driving me batty.


7 responses to “Good Neighbours…

  1. Just not the same anymore my friend.

  2. You’re absolutely right. Not the same these days as opposed to the ones we grew up in. Sad.

  3. Growing up, our neighbours would put on lights and feed the pets when we were away.. now we don’t want our neighbours or anyone else behind our high fences! If mum ran out of sugar or rice, we’d go ask the neighbours for some. And YES, our neighbours were like our second parents, wouldn’t dare try any nonsense with them and we could expect them to discipline us too! I miss that!

    Also friendly with just one neighbour, the others we just greet when we happen to see them.

  4. Haha! You know they also say good fences makes for good neighbours, right? šŸ˜‰

    Where we live now, I don’t know any of the neighbours. But at my folks’ place we know them all and are on a good foot with all of them. Maybe in our new place we’ll make more of an effort.

  5. I LOVE our neighbours. We are friendly without being too into each others lives and we have each others backs. I DO know how lucky we are. If we should ever move away from here then I will miss them A LOT.

  6. Aww, i know exactly what you mean and remember those days when every neighbor was like family. They all contributed to raising every kid on the block. So sad that doesn’t happen anymore today.

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