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This question popped into my head when I was watching Master.Chef Australia yesterday. One of the contestants in the show is obviously Muslim (she wears a hijab/head scarf) and the meal they were required to cook was not halal (maple syrup glazed hot dog). The hot dog had bacon in it. In case you didn’t know strict Muslims only eat halal and anything from a pig is not considered halal.

And my brain was working overtime (as it always does, one reason I don’t enjoy massages and can’t meditate) and I asked myself the question “what would I do (or not do) for the sake of a competition?”

I know die hard fanatics would not go ahead but honestly I really don’t know what I would have done. I don’t watch the show regularly enough to know her story but she did say she was worried a day like this would come.

She did go ahead with cooking said meal but without tasting it – I think it’s torture to cook without tasting BTW. Or maybe I’m just not disciplined enough

Here are my questions to you –

Would you have forfeited or gone ahead with the completion?

Are you more disciplined than I am that you can cook a meal without even just one teeny teeny tiny taste?

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10 responses to “What would you do…

  1. Hmm, interesting question. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian we have numerous feasts and fasts throughout the year, and a strict fast means abstaining from meat, wine, oil and dairy. However, we also know there is grace for extenuating circumstances. For example, since I’m still breast feeding I spoke with my priest and am still eating eggs and milk during lent. Also, even if I was following the full fast, if I was in someone’s home and they served me steak I would eat it without saying anything because it would be rude to my host to refuse, I would eat it with gratitude.

    So, would I cook it? Yes. And I would try very much not to taste it. It’s hard to say what I would have done if I were Muslim since I’m not Muslin. But I’ve always been someone who takes faith seriously so in guessing I would do as she did.

  2. I would cook but not taste. You would have to in your head try to figure out if the seasoning etc was correct. And I can totally cook without tasting – especially if it is one of the regular meals I make

  3. I taste EVERYTHING… it’s actually a problem, I eat so much food during the preparation that come supper time, I’m not even hungry! LOL! Not sure what I would have done in that situation… I always think it must be really difficult for people who’s faith demands that they abstain from certain things… I guess you get used to it but still… no bacon in my life. Not sure I could survive. LOL.

  4. I would cook but not taste – I hardly taste anyway!!! 🙂

  5. It’s a bit of a half measure isn’t it. Some of the muslim people I know won’t eat anything unless the whole kitchen is halaal. Can’t even make something non pork in a bowl that had pork in it 100 washes ago?

  6. Oh boy, that must have been difficult but cooking without tasting it? I guess it is better than walking away without even trying. I’ll commend her for that.


  7. I would also cook but not taste….Haha, who am I kidding….I hate cooking and would never end up in a show like that 😛

  8. I think my comment went to the spam catcher.

  9. I will often cook without tasting (although I’m not such a good cook) especially if I’m not hungry. I guess it’s a bit of a moral dilemma.

  10. Like Lynette, I would NOT end up on a show like that because I hate cooking! Honestly? I would forfeit. What if there’s alcohol involved? I say draw the line and set the boundary ASAP. Then there’ll be no misunderstandings in the future.

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