Oh dear News…

Happy New Month


can you tell it’s autumn/fall

Anyone who knows me would know I love news! I would rather listen to news than bad music. I even record international news to catch up! My radio is tuned to talk radio 99% of the time.
But is it just me or there seems to be so much horror in the world at the moment. I know news is not meant to be all rosy but seriously on some days it leaves me drained!!!

Picture this news headlines – air crash, mud slide, ferry capsized, school teacher shot, tornado, stabbing in school, children killed by mom, girls abducted in Nigeria, uk.raine and the list goes on and on. All in a 30 mins news bulletin. My sister thinks I’m nuts and doesn’t understand how I can bear to listen/watch. I might just be addicted to information.

I would long for a day when the only bad news would be stock market not doing well ( I know for some that would be horrible news)

Some good news from me I did my 1st 5km of the year and I survived. It was hard and I was sloooow but my ankle is fine!!! YAY ( normally at this time of the year I would have done at least five 5km and two10km. I’m on a cautious catch up mode.

Waiting to start the race…




Please share some good news.

Hope you had a relaxing workers’/labour day off and a wonderful Thursday so far

Ps: sorry too many exclamation marks! 😆


3 responses to “Oh dear News…

  1. Yip, when I listen to the news I get the idea this is what they meant when they said no news is good news.

    Well here’s my good news: I have not only figured out what to get my mom for mother’s day…I have bought it already! I’m at the tail end of some flu -not a bad one as flus goes, traffic from our new place is much better than I thought it would be.

  2. The part that frightens me is how desensitised I’ve become to the news… These days hearing or reading about rape, murder, abuse, corruption, etc, etc, doesn’t even cause me to blink an eyelid… which is an utter disgrace that we live in a society where we are “used” to this kind of news. Yes, I sigh and pray for the situation or the crime or the people… but there was a time when news such as this would cause us to physically grieve for days… very sad.

    I don’t have any good news exactly.. but I am feeling GREAT… husband home for the week, getting all my meals prepared for me, getting coffee in bed, getting the kids sorted by someone else, and just having him home.. it’s been WONDERFUL!

  3. I LOVE news and current affairs and like you, would rather listen to that than bad music. I do find that news drains me so I filter quite a bit these days. I read headlines, I have unfollowed a lot of the newsy people on twitter and I never watch it on tv anymore. So, I get the news but it’s not completely in my face.
    Mmmmm…..some good news? There are weddings and babies in our family! Am sure there’s a lot more but right now I can’t think!

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