A very costly mistake…


Yes, it is turned sideways, INTENIONALLY

Yes, it is turned sideways, INTENTIONALLY. Not a mistake 🙂


In a kind of popular  TV series, a child finds out in her teen when she is doing a school project (she had always wondered how come she was dark-haired, Latino looking, when her family were all American blond blue-eyed) that her parents are not really her parents and no she wasn’t not adopted. After lots of investigation, she finds out there was a switch at birth. The big dilemma in this story, the one child was deaf and being raised by a single struggling mom, the other child was being raised by a wealthy mom and dad! So this is in the movies, but it is happening in real life

Oh dear, this must be any mom’s (or even dad’s) nightmare. And I thought this only happened on TV! Well it turns out this happens in real life

So we know I love listening to news and what did I hear yesterday. A case in court relating to two babies who were switched.at.birth 4 years ago. Not in some far away land, just a few kilometers away! The babies were born in a Boks.burg Jhb hospital in 2010!!!!!  I googled the story and there were many many more tales of babies switched from all over the world! Imagine my shock and horror!!!!

In this one close to home, the one mother wants to keep the child she has been raising, the other mom wants her biological child! BIG DILEMMA. Of course there is more to the story but anyway no need to go into details, I am even too shocked . It got me thinking, what would I do? I really don’t know. My heart breaks for both families.


I then read another one, about mothers who were in the same situation, one wealthy, the other a struggling single mother. And also here in SA. They both decide to keep the child they were raising, but a few years later the boy living with the struggling mother decides to move in with his real mom and the struggling  mom was kind of left childless (weird). Anyway the kids are now in their 20’s and are apparently being raised as brothers by the wealthier mom. I wish I could interview those kids and the mothers. My heart breaks a little more…


And then in another one, the mothers found out 3 weeks later by pure accident. Both are in the hospital and start swapping stories of what happened when their kids were born (as many new moms do) the babies’ birth  weights etc and they started to realise maybe just maybe and after extensive tests, it was realised it was reality and not a just maybe. The one mom had questioned her child’s weight (at birth 6pounds + and then a few days later she was told baby was 8pounds +)  but  no one listened to her. Thank God for talkative new moms …. A few weeks later, they swapped and each went home with their biological child!

What made me even sadder is in many of the cases, they find out when the child is ill and no one in the family is a match or there is some family issues and the dad says this is not my child and tests then indeed shows the child is not only not dad’s child but is also not mom’s child. These kind of things give me sleepless nights, my brain works overtime

And some beautiful autumn pictures…

Am I the only one enjoying the beautiful autumn days we are having

Am I the only one enjoying the beautiful autumn days we are having


Sunrise as seen from my window...

Sunrise as seen from my window…

The colour of autumn...

The colour of autumn…


8 responses to “A very costly mistake…

  1. It’s a terrifying thought! When I had Nicola my mom went with me…I told her before hold my hand and take photos, by all means. But once the baby arrives follow her everywhere and don’t let her out of your sight!

  2. The baby swopping thing freaked me out. I would probably fight to take both kids.
    PS The autumn days are seriously beautiful

  3. I can’t imagine it! Did you ever watch Losing Isaiah? Similar feel and heartbreaking for ALL concerned.


    (i think we should all take sabbaticals every autumn/ winter – I couldn’t have planned this at a better time)

  4. This story just breaks my heart in pieces, for EVERYONE concerned. I really DO NOT know what I would do… you’ve loved that child for how long and how you have to maybe give them up? Too difficult to even imagine.


  5. This is heartbreaking. I was B’s birth partner and I was the one to take Stefan to be weighed etc. I didn’t let him out of my sight.

  6. No idea what I would do. Heartbreaking indeed.

  7. Yoh, these stories were sad. I don’t know what I would do, especially If had raised a child to the age of 3 as my own. I don’t think I would want to give that child up? But to know your own flesh and blood is somewhere out there? Ay, who knows.. very sad!

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