Please say a little prayer…

…if you are the praying type.


I wanted to do a friendship friday post a la Marcia and Julia but I not in the right frame of mind for fluff.

My friend’s baby has been in ICU for about 3 weeks and there’s still no news on when she would be out. The baby had to be born immediately as the gynae noticed some issue with the baby’s lungs and water under the baby’s skin. This friend had a previous miscarriage at 26 weeks in 2012 after IVF. And even with this pregnancy was on complete bed rest since about 15 weeks or so

Another friend’s sister had a miscarriage today

And yet another friend was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure yesterday. She is young and battled for three years to get pregnant before she had her daughter last year (after her son who was born with a congenital defect passed away)

And then I read Louisa’s post on a children’s oncology ward

See why I am not in the mood for anything but prayers. My heart is heavy and I have cried multiple times today. Certain things just have that effect on me. Please pray for good health, divine healing and comfort for my friends and their loved ones.

I hope you have had a better week than I have.

Have a nice weekend


20 responses to “Please say a little prayer…

  1. Yes!!! I’m praying.

    PS When I read your subject line, I thought of that song in My Best Friend’s Wedding “I’ll say a little prayer for you”… this should make you laugh – just googled it turns out it is Dionne Warwick’s, I know it from my favourite movie and I see Glee also has it (all I know of Glee is that it’s “in” these days. I am “out” so don’t get the pop culture references)


  2. I am praying and I can add to the list of woe’s. We have three abandoned children at the Mission. The youngest is only 6 weeks…and the red tape to get them placed is endless 😦

  3. I’ll pray for them all…

  4. Love light and divine blessings to your friends…

  5. My word that’s so sad!

  6. My heart has been heavy too after hearing the news of that same friend’s sister. It just hits too close to home for me. I’ve been praying a lot this weekend.


  7. I am so sorry for your friends – sending hugs and prayers.

  8. YES! We pray for that little one in ICU, that a supernatural healing will occur that will confuse even the doctors and that God will be glorified. We pray for those women who have lost children, and who have been given bad news by doctors, for a divine peace that comes only from the touch of God. So sad! xxx

  9. Lots of prayers my friend

  10. Thank You for your prayers, my friend. We are getting there. And I’m thrilled that your friend has her baby home. How are they doing?
    Yes, we can only pray and cling to God at times like this.

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