July Photo a day Challenge 1…

Hope you all had a nice weekend? I did just too busy.

I decided to do the photo a day challenge and I must tell you it is fun. Though some of the challenges are a real challenge. I’ve been doing it on IG so far but decided to post the pictures here too. Will post every few days in one post though I do try to post daily on IG.

Day 1 – red and white. I interpreted this as red and white in honour of Canada day. In case you didn’t know July 1st is Canada day and Canada’s flag is red and white


Day 2 – something beginning with K – no I didn’t do the obvious and post a picture of my child but it was still easy peasy I use a keyboard at work daily so I did the obvious


This wasn’t the picture I used on IG but this just seems more artsy 🙂

Day 3 – match

This required some digging and I ended up with this


That was a box of matches that we gave away as a souvenir from our wedding many moons ago

Day 4- Stars. This seemed a bit obvious to me. It was 4th of July and the US Independence Day . I couldn’t find something with 50 stars but I had the star light from K’s night light


And on this day K also turned 8 months.


I caught her in the moment playing and her hand was on the number 8 and I thought how perfect is that picture for the day she turned 8 months!

This child of mine is busy and wants to see everything and touch everything and be everywhere. Don’t ask me who she takes after. Let’s just say her father is a gentle soul. It seems the days of getting posed- type pictures for our monthly pictures are gone. I had to get creative and stuck the milestone stickers on her back and bum




Day 5- on the table- this was apt as we were the house of plague ill for a week or so and I had my stash of meds on the changing table


And day 6 – View


My poor K was feeling very poorly and I was just too glad she got some sleep

And that was the first 6 days of the challenge. I like challenges like this because it requires some creativity and thinking outside the box and also because it forces me to take intentional pictures and blog more often as well

More pictures coming during the week

Have a wonderful and great week ahead xxx


7 responses to “July Photo a day Challenge 1…

  1. normally i don’t like these but I am LOVING yours 🙂 Also, I love how you stuck the stickers on her back and bum! VERY clever!

  2. I think the way she is climbing around is so cute and I’m glad you stuck the stickers all over. She is flexing her legs getting ready to walk!
    I also think your pic of the cup is very artistic.

  3. Oh boy, that last picture is just so beautiful! But love all of them though

  4. Great photos, all of them! 🙂

  5. I hope K is feeling 100% again. I am impressed that she can stand on her head! A future gymnast perhaps… I like your Canada Day interpretation. Very clever.

  6. She is growing up way to quickly. Hope she gets well soon.

    • Thankfully she is much better.

      Oh yes Lynette she is growing too fast. Did a proper crawling on tuesday evening.

      Will send you the video

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