{Saturday Snapshot} RED

Joining Marcia again this week for Saturday Snapshot. Go check out Mandy’s post too

My red pictures…. As usual all taken with my phone


Testing out a birthday present from Robyn on my birthday. RED lipstick


Shiny RED old school car…


My sis got bombed RED at the colour run


Open-mouthed concentration “driving” the RED tractor




Spring is in the air! Though with the temps today you would think winter was just starting. It was 1C (34F) at 7am

How are you doing? Hope having a good weekend?


12 responses to “{Saturday Snapshot} RED

  1. I love all the red. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

  2. Love the last one of the red leaves against that blue sky!!!

  3. Our girls would love that antique car! It’s a new pasttime to try to spot them on the road here. 😉

    And MISS K!!! How precious she is driving the tractor!!! I just want to squish her little cheeks! She is beautiful!!! ❤

  4. Love the Coral tree! And that tractor pic is so cute – Irene farm?

  5. That tree is amazing!

  6. You look beautiful in the red lipstick. I love that you tied the color theme into all the pictures.

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