{Saturday Snapshots} BLUE

Joking my dear Marcia. on our colour adventure… This week it’s all about the blues 🙂

Blue as far as the eyes can see… Women’s race with about 25000 walkers


Two love-birds with a gorgeous blue sky backdrop



Seen around… Blue roofs

Disco night .. Naaaa e-toll gantry . Except it looks more purplish than blue but I promise you – it is blue

My blue water bottle



A lone blue bike – seen around

MandyE just for A and B!!!




My first birthday present in 2014 from the lovely Miss Marcia


“Virgin electric lemonade” from mom’s birthday 2014

A little confession, I was dreading BLUE as it seemed like a difficult colour to picture aside from the sky! But who knew there was so much blue lurking around ….
Thanks once again for hosting Marcia


12 responses to “{Saturday Snapshots} BLUE

  1. You and Marcia have pics of the same blue roof!
    That drink looks very exotic – yumm…

    • That drink was yummy but I couldn’t help thinking I was drinking so much food coloring!!!

      Ha ha ha I’m sure it’s a different roof and those 2 are in my nook of the world

      Happy spring day!!! I know you’ve been waiting for this day all winter


  2. your photos don’t want to download? are they ginormous?>

    Louisa, definitely not the same roof unless you went walking in my neighbourhood too, Mrs FF? 🙂

    I hit refresh a lot and they’re now downloading!

    • I uploaded from the phone so maybe they are large. I should check I always try to reduce the size!

      Ha ha ha , I also told Louisa I doubt Marcia was in my neighbourhood 🙂


  3. Gorgeous shots of my favourite colour!


  4. Awesome pics of blue things! Jake has the same water bottle as you for school, but his is a springbok one! XXX

  5. I love all the shades of blue you captured, and I love how you highlight the color in both day and nighttime lighting. Beautiful!

  6. Love all the blue…and I love that pink motorbike on the row too.

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