{Saturday Snapshots} on Monday … GREEN

I love these challenges… The challenge was Green- which was kind of easy seeing that it was spring – or at least it was meant to be easy but surely I can’t just post pictures of trees

Anyway here we go

NEW School! OLD School

Very fancy and shiny car


Not so fancy car…



My favourite drink with a slice of lime


Seen around! A “Mohawk”tree


Under the cot is such a fun place to play

I crossed the 250KM on 15/08 and between then and now I’ve done another 78KM. I need to up my game and hit my 100KM/ month target . I did 90km in August helped by my 2 long walks on the last day of the month ! 13.4KM in the morning and 7.2KM in the afternoon !!! Yikes how do people do marathons. I had a blister by the end of it all

A very green post box

Isn’t this tree just gorgeous!!! That’s the natural colour – no filters . New leaves on a once bare and brown tree


Isn’t this “park” just stunning


Hope you had a nice weekend? We did but it was too hooooooot!!!

I felt like I was going to melt or roast!!! Yes I hate summer heat and it is only just the beginning of spring!!!

Have a wonderful week ahead xxx


5 responses to “{Saturday Snapshots} on Monday … GREEN

  1. I think you need to buy an aircon…….. 🙂 My sil says it’s the only way she copes in Pta – their whole house except two guest rooms is airconned!

    I love the lime!!!

    • Oh yeah, every room in my house (aside the guest room) has one!!! Interestingly though it’s quite cool in the house the issue is when we are out and about 😦

  2. I love the green!!! I love the new car, but would love to have the old car….

  3. Very inspiring…and I love it that everything is starting to bloom again.

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