Something I learnt…bubhub

Every now and then different departments in my office have a departmental week, a few weeks back it was the turn of the security dept. as expected they had some security experts come in to give 1 hour talks! I was skeptical but I needed the short break (don’t tell my boss)- and went ahead to listen . Very low turn out because no food or drinks were served (that’s always a good draw card)

Wow!!! I learnt I lot and got a big fright at some of the things they said. If you live in SA you know security is a big issue anyway…

Here are some of the things

I leave my house keys in the car and my GPS – no big deal! The big deal is I set home on the GPS to my house – yikes I never thought about it! Now I’ve deleted home from my GPS because really I’m sure I can’t get lost going to my house and if I did, I can set the GPS to somewhere close enough that I can still find the direction home! Lesson learnt


Second lesson always have flat/running shoes in the car, if your car breaks down and no help is nearby at least have shoes that you can walk a few Kilometers in if necessary

Never let your fuel tank go less than half ( I aim for quarter) in case you are being followed and you need to keep driving . And for that have a plan ahead of time, and know the direction to your nearest police station

Try use different routes when you drive home and always pay attention to your surrounds (many of us are guilty of being on auto pilot when we drive home especially after a long day at work)

if you feel you are being followed try change route and see if the car follows you, slow down enough to be able to see the occupants and the license plate no! This one is hard especially if it is in the dark because seriously looking at the plate number of another car would be the least of my worries. However, if feel I’m being followed I just keep driving

If you have a security system (alarm, electric fence etc) at home test it periodically to make sure it works and that all members of your household know how it works and most importantly where the panic button is. What is the use of having a security system if it doesn’t work or members of the household don’t know how it operates.

If you are being hijacked and it is not at gunpoint, ram the car into a gate or wall (if it is safe to do so) the hijacker (if he is after your car probably doesn’t want a damaged car) and also make sure once kids are old enough they are schooled not too argue or start whining when they are given instructions by mom or dad (or a caregiver) in a situation that seems dangerous

One many women are guilty of – get in the car and drop your bag on the passenger seat!!! Aim to either have it under your seat or preferably in the boot. Number one reason for smash and grab-is to smash your windows and grab your bag or cellphone

And now with smart phones most of us (we know ourselves) always feel the need to be “on” all the time ! Good but be safe. I’m sure you can wait for a few minutes to get home or to the office or where ever you are heading. Nothing is serious enough that it can’t wait. I think as a people we have gotten more lax with security especially as it concerns phone. I see lots of people during my commute who are glued to their phone or tablets and not just on the train, even while walking. Seems we have forgotten about the dangers lurking around – pickpockets about everywhere

And one last one I remember – when you are trying to surrender, avoid eye contact with the perpetrators and if asked to hands up (if you are taller than said human) raise your hands to your shoulders – not above your head as you get even much taller if hands are raised up completely above your head – hmmm I found this very interesting.

I am sure there were more tips but I didn’t write down (as is usual for me). These tips I remember from off hand.

If this helps just one person then I’m very happy! Do you have anything else you would add?





Just some random beautiful sights on my morning 7km walk yesterday

Ps: the not sure where the bubhub came from but well it sounded rad so I left it

7 responses to “Something I learnt…bubhub

  1. That’s actually quite interesting. 🙂

  2. These are really good tips especially the first. I never thought about it but anyone with access to my car can find and gain access to my home

  3. The GPS one I knew. I’ve saved a close by location as “James”…as in Home James, and don’t spare the horses.” 😉 Someone I know has saved the local police station as home, haha!

  4. My this is very interesting. Thanks

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