Saturday Snapshots {TEXTURE}…

Only more than a few days late! I’m using the mantra better late than never. Joining Marcia as usual for this month’s challenge









IMG_2256.JPG the sky is so smooth I feel like I could rub my cheeks against it

Hope you are having a good week? I am but I’m exhausted and need the weekend to be here like yesterday.

Enjoy what’s left of the week xxx


4 responses to “Saturday Snapshots {TEXTURE}…

  1. Love those bark ones!

    I am having a good week but I am TIRED. Gemma has been waking every night due to teething linked with some very early mornings for me… and Kade has also been waking with dreams at night… so I am really looking forward to the weekend.


  2. I love that second bark!

    Am exhausted! Been getting less than my 7 hours which is not good. I’ve just put on my goals for the week (I set from Thurs to Thurs) that i need to get 7 – 7.5 a night, not negotiable 🙂

  3. Your photos are beautiful as always. The way you have them laid out gave me a sense of motion as I scrolled through them. Very cool!

  4. Lovely photos. Thank you my dear friend for always leaving such uplifting messages on my blog. I have been a bad, bad blogger lately. Sadly all the good that our two week break had done was reversed when we walked into a 4 week course and two weeks backlog of book keeping. Now it is onward and upward 😉

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