I had a long conversation with another mom last week on a number of baby related topics –


This was the picture that started a 45 mins conversation. I showed her pictures of K and she was shocked that she had a plate of vegetables in front of her and seemed to be eating it too. I was shocked that she was shocked. Of course as parents we started talking about food and her next question to me was what variety of pur.ity K eats. K doesn’t eat it and as long as I have a choice she won’t eat it. Cue more shock. She said I was depriving my child of knowing tasty food! I’ve tasted two or three varieties and aside from not liking the way it looks I hated that I couldn’t tell what flavour I was eating. Pur.ity is a local brand of off the shelf baby purées

I proceeded to ask her a few questions which I hope convinced her that home cooked meal must be better than any store bought jar food for more than one reason but most importantly how I know what goes into what my child is eating and how it definitely is more affordable to make my own food. I prefaced my conversation with her that I don’t judge anyone because we all make choices and decide what works for us.

I love cooking so making apple purée or baked pumpkin or steamed peas or bean pudding for my child is not hard work in my books. Each to their own

Then she asked if K drinks warm water, yes she does. And she was shocked to know that she drinks the water plain like that and without added brown sugar. I’m still yet to understand why I need to add sugar to water to make it tasty for a child when I drink plain water everyday! Again I was told I am depriving my child by given her plain warm water and not sugar infused water – hmmmmm

I showed her pictures of K enjoying homemade food and while she commented on it being good she said she couldn’t deal with the mess. Mess is the least of my worries, if I have to choose between a picky eater and a messy eater that eats, I know what I would choose.





Content face after having lactose free plain yoghurt



That’s the only kind of yoghurt I can take so usually what I’ll have at home when I can find it

I’m no food police, but while I wont consciously feed my child junk I’m not averse to her eating it in every blue moon. She had flings 2 Saturday’s ago, Marcia and Robyn laughed at me because I didn’t have any idea what flings what. She did have a “cupcake” on her birthday with loads of sprinkles. What I make sure of is that the majority of what we consume as a family is wholesome home made food.

Miss K was here…


And you know this conversation had to end with talk of poop ! Yes that’s when you know you are a mom/dad (a dad joined us during this conversation) when you go from talking about food to talking about poop and how to relieve constipation! Ha joys of parenthood

That my friends is how I found out my poor K is deprived 🙂

11 responses to “Deprivation…

  1. “Poor K” is very blessed. A lot of the ailments that plague us as black adults (hypertension, heart disease and diabetes) start from poor eating habits of childhood. I admire the choices you’re helping her make so early in life.

  2. Haha, I wouldn’t worry about it. She looks healthy and she’s obviously enjoying her food thoroughly. 🙂

  3. I think you are the right mom here! I have always had the thought that rather give them food that tastes like real food than something that is a imitation or have added stuff. Well done on you!

  4. My kids were also deprived (still are) and yet I’ve never had a fussy eater, and my kids eat very, very well.

  5. I think your daughter is so lucky and you are too to have someone munching veggies so happily! Cannot believe that mom recommending you add sugar!
    I have a hard time with Nicky being so addicted to biscuits but now I try and make them more healthy with oats and pronutro. I am also trying reusable food pouches but they aren’t working so well – I think he really liked the fruity sugar – but I am not giving up.
    Purity is tasteless! I have tried it once and never again! No deprivation there. However Woolworths baby food is really nice.
    I think Nicky does prefer real food but sometimes I like to have the baby food as a back up to fill him up.

  6. I’m shocked to read how that mother was shocked about how you feed your child. Meaning, I am more shocked to hear what she feeds her child. I’ve heard about purity when my children was that age as well but didn’t give it to my child because it was more expensive than making “real” food and like you say, you know what’s going into your child’s food if you cook it yourself from scratch.
    Two, I do know that the brown sugar help with constipation in some children but only when they are constipated not every single time they need to drink water :0
    Each to their own I say but I’m with you on how you feed your child.

  7. I love seeing a child eat everything on her plate…and you are giving her the right food and I also don’t see a need to put sugar in water. I wish Stefan would eat…he is so stubborn and if he decides he only wants milk…there is nothing anybody can do that will change his mind.

    • I think most kids are. I started K early and i believe that made the difference. That said she also has days when she’Ll turn up her tiny nose and reject food

  8. Those photos!!!!! She is so lovely, this child!! Of course you win this debate hands down! Liam was a Purity baby for a long time because he refused the delightful jars and jars of homemade puree I lovingly made for him! Hannah moved straight onto table foods because we were wiser (and way too tired to cook separate things!). My kids eat everything and anything because I started them young and it is what they are accustomed to. You are doing the right thing offering Miss K all this fresh goodness and giving her palette all sorts of different yumminess!

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