Don’t mess with a good recipe…

You know the drill, you get a good recipe, follow the recipe to the letter (ok maybe not quite) but you stick to it as much possible and you end up with one of the best home made cookies you’ve ever made. Then you get smart and think why not double up and make even more that you can share with others. Calories taste better when you share. I’m sure you know that. Plus there’s love in sharing (that’s my line when I take a spoon or two or more out of my hubby’s food or my sister’s). Shared meals just taste more delicious (wink wink)

Big mistake! Don’t double up, rather make multiple batches, not only would you save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out how to get more butter into a stiff cookie dough resulting in a good kitchen bicep workout, you will save time in the long run

Yes I’m guilty as charged. I got a fantastic cookie recipe (see final result below when I wasn’t my usual non-recipe following self) and thought why not double up.

Not Pinterest worthy but they are yummy 🙂

BIG MISTAKE – especially considering I know most recipes can’t be doubled up to perfection but I still did it. Remember I was trying to save time and being SMART. What was supposed to take 30 mins from ingredients to end result ended up taking an hour! So much for saving time. The end result was ok but no great.

Moral of the lesson – rather stick to the recipe. You can get away with less or more sugar here and there. I reduced the sugar in this recipe and still got wonderful results when I left everything else as the recipe called for. The double up recipe is not picture worthy at all

Please tell me I’m not alone in mixing things up when you get a recipe, and coming up with your own twists.

In case you didn’t know now you know to rather make multiple batches than doubling or tripling recipe quantities. You can thank me later for the tip LOL

Any big baking plans for Christmas? Do you even like baking?

9 responses to “Don’t mess with a good recipe…

  1. LOL FUnso! I have done the same – with bad and good results.

  2. I hear you! Doubling up doesn’t always work out for me either. Those cookies look delicious!

  3. I don’t have the baking “super power” so I stick to the recipe. These cookies look so yummy.

  4. Your cookies look really good. I want to reach into my computer screen and have one with my morning coffee! I have experimented with recipes and had some wins and some losses. I often double recipes for cookies so we can share (plus with four kids, one batch would not go very far). What kind of cookies are those? They look like peanut butter cookies or a buttery shortbread…

    • They are peanut butter cookies!!! And they are yummy. I blame all my holiday weight gain on them!!!

      Well I found out I was using a 1/3 cup instead of 1/4 which probably explains why my little experiment in doubling failed. And I think they are the easiest fail proof cookies ever


  5. It is funny how you can do most anything to soups in terms of changing measurements and it still tastes good but baked goods are so finicky. 1/3 cup vs. 1/4 cup can make all the difference. I once used baking soda instead of baking powder by mistake and the result was yucky inedible cookies! Your peanut butter cookies look delicious!

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