I was listening to news a few weeks ago and one particular story struck a nerve (actually many nerves). A man went to a public hospital because of pain which would require a hip replacement. He was asked to come back in 2022!!! No you didn’t read wrong years from now!! And this got me thinking and made me very sad and also reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend. She said what scares her most is being in an accident and being taken to a public hospital. That is what would happen if you don’t have medical aid/insurance 


This made me think back …

In September 2010 I tore a cartilage in my left knee at the gym and had to go for physio, while healing I slipped at work ( for some weird reason I forgot to report this at work it happened after hours, construction going on and lots of dust which someone must have forgotten to clean)  the injury got worse and I had to see an orthopedic surgeo. MRI scan revealed a tear of the ACL or something fancy like that, which if left untreated could result in arthritis. Of course me being me I got two more opinions before I agreed to the required op. It was a matter of deciding on date, getting medical aid authorization, booking leave and viola all was set in motion!!! All these memories came back when I heard the story of this man and sadly it is the reality of many. For some it is out of ignorance (or stupidity) but for many they don’t have a choice or the means to do otherwise 

Thankfully this man’s story ended well but how many more people are not as lucky. 

It’s the little and not so little things ….

My race number for an upcoming race    

What are you grateful for?


4 responses to “Grateful…

  1. I’m grateful for medical aid too!! Paying for my teeth, my meds, my dietician, my fertiity doc, well.. long may it last… lol

  2. Yes medical aid is definitely something we are grateful for!

  3. Oh gosh yes – you can imagine what raising a special needs child must be like without medical aid

  4. I am grateful that we can afford private medical aid…although we pay for most of our out of hospital medical requirements…at least I know if we need to be hospitalized or an operation it will be covered.

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