I Graduated …

Not in the school sense but from a walker to a wogger/wrunner, yes that word is in my personal dictionary 😆 😆

Wog = Walk + Jog
Wrun = Walk + Run


A blogger I follow always said she wogs and I never understood it but now I do, it’s that exercise where you are going faster than a walk but not fast enough to be a run ( you are welcome, now you know) 

A few stats: I started tracking in May 2014. To date I’ve recorded 990km. I thought I would hit the 1000km mark by end of March, but #nothappening 🙂 I don’t see myself doing a 10km wrun or walk today


total distance as at today

longest distance recorded

Though I don’t see this happening soon again. My comfort zone is anywhere between 12 and 15km!!! which I usually only attempt on Saturday mornings and public holidays. During the week I aim for 4-7km depending on how early I start. 

a beautiful day with clear blue skies

One of the things I like about being outdoors, you see things you won’t ordinarily notice!!  The stunning South African sunrises and sunsets 

A jacaranda tree holding on to the last of its purple flowers – taken at the end of January 

And the nosey part of me loves looking at people’s houses and imagining what goes on there. You can tell the people who spend extra time on their lawns! Ha ha ha ha 

With my history of knee and ankle injury and surgery I know not to push myself too hard, and I don’t but I push hard enough for me. I definitely would not be winning any racing competition anytime soon (never never ever more like it) at the speed I go but I’m happy I can get out and run! And have you seen some of the professional walkers – damn they are fast!!! I don’t even try to keep up with them

 I always have time to stop to “smell the roses ” LOL more like to take a few pictures

november 2014



march 2015


sunrise , last saturday

Another thing I’m doing which is a shock even to me is running on the treadmill!!! I still can’t believe I’m on a treadmill – not my favourite gym equipment but I’m using it!! And actually running!! Me, unbelievable !!! And running seriously, I have a love hate relationship with that particular equipment

me, on a treadmill

My hubby still can’t wrap his head around this, he wonders why I would want to use my legs for over 10km when I have a perfectly working car 😆 😆 it is addic.tive but a good addic.tion 

I got new running pants with zipped pockets – I need to be  able to carry my keys and phone with me and hello… I can’t be without tissue. What I didn’t bargain for was how much the types I was looking for cost, I felt the pinch in my pocket but it was worth the cost. I can feel the difference in comfort. Guess that is all that matters. And one big discovery I’m not brand loyal – I can be seen in an adi.das/Nike top, a  Ree.bok/Ni.ke/Adidas pants and an asi.cs/reebok  shoes depending on my mood. 

Is there anything you thought you couldn’t do that you now do? Anything not just exercise wise. Are you a runner or walker? do you prefer outdoor or indoor running? 


3 responses to “I Graduated …

  1. well good for you! I still say never and I’m sticking to it 🙂

  2. You are amazing my friend. I am a runner – one who has to work at it every time I put those running shoes on my feet, but I do love it. I need that time on the road, it keeps me sane.


  3. Well done on the graduation 😛

    I will remain a walker…no option after a back operation in 2007 xx

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