18 months…

That’s how old my child is! If we are trying to be accurate actually 18.5 months now! Still wondering where the time went because it feels like she was born “just the other day”


little prof loves naking notes st every opportunity

So how did we celebrate…

I made banana muffins which we ate over 3 days because daddy doesn’t eat “healthy” cakes 
Dropped by the bank for some quick admin 

keeping busy while waiting to be served

18 month immunization (yeah bad mom) because I like to kill multiple birds with one stone. After that we went to see the pead! She was happy with all the milestones. Though she said she should be saying at least 20 words!! Hmmm I better start writing them down because I’m certain she doesn’t have such a big vocabulary yet!


i thought this was funny

She’s on the 99th percentile for height and weight! Which has always been the case. One thing I find interesting was the nurse measured her at 85cm just before she got her 3 vaccines (should be two but we were “lucky” they had the golden chicken pox vaccine so that got added to the mix) and the pead at 89cm a few minutes later, which seems more accurate as she was 85cm 3 months ago (except I have a shrinking child 🙂 )

Home for lunch and then we headed out to a nature reserve for a photo shoot! Thankfully daddy’s meeting didn’t happen so he was able to join us. There’s always a reason for a photo shoot. And my child turning 1.5 years was good enough for me add to mix a groupon deal and I’m a very happy me 😉 😉

bubbles are so much fun we ignore the zebras in the background like we see them every day

yay, more bubbles



pretending to have a nap, because why not when you have a blanket on hand even if you are lying on grass



9 responses to “18 months…

  1. Oh she is beautiful and those photos are stunning.

  2. Precious poppet! Of course bubbles are more interesting 🙂

  3. OH MY WORD, red is her colour 🙂 She looks fantastic in that red dress. Such a good choice you made!

    I just went to do a search on my blog – http://www.takechargesolutions.org/?p=2241 read the second post – they are only supposed to have 5 – 10 words at 18 months according to our Dr S (who is the expert paed in all the magazines, TV and such…) Also, i can’t believe how TINY my kids were.

  4. Sorry, that’s not the link http://www.the123blog.com/search?q=18+months – this is the one (that was the last one I copied on this computer)

  5. She is so adorable!

  6. Wow 18 months? Where has time gone. She is such a beautiful little girl.

  7. Cute! Great photos! Happy one and half! Treasure it!

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