May 1st Tradition …

Every May 1st is a public holiday around here and for the past 4 years one thing I do on May 1st is the Wally Marathon and this year was no different   (And no I’m yet to join the league of “crazy” runners so I stick to the 10km)  I love this race because I don’t have to drive far (it’s held less than 10km from my house), is well organized and parking is always a breeze . I did the 5km when I was pregnant 🙂

this view made waking up so early all worth it


brrrrrr and it felt even colder

sun rise (literally, seeing the sun rising just before the 10km started)

waiting for the starting gun


he’s battle ready! he was doing the 42k i think. Though not sure when he will get to eat his meal


a beautiful autumn day, though it was still cold …


always a good vibe and lots going on after the race



quarter marathon done and dusted

I had plans to do other things today but ended up lazing around the house, napping (kind of – because K decided she wanted to play) and baking.  
Do you do anything on this day that is fast becoming a tradition? The one blog I read she and her family do a hike 


3 responses to “May 1st Tradition …

  1. If its on a long weekend we generally go away – but this year we did that on the weekend before it as my hubby had a hiking trail on this one. Love that you do something active

  2. No major traditions here… congrats on the quarter marathon!

  3. I can’t even remember what I did on the 1st.

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