Been a while…

It’s been a while since I posted here. So much has happened in that time. Some day I might blog about it. In the meantime  here are a few pictures of little miss. 


settings trends … when you cant decide which to wear, you wear as many as you can possibly get on your neck


stopping to smell the “fowers” on our walk


and so it begins… except she wants it cleaned off immediately after because you can’t have dirty hands


the doll: child loves; daddy hates and mommy indifferrent to it 🙂


my little helper! if only thr shopping cart wasnt taller than her


bath toys need a bath too


in mommy’s running shoes



10 responses to “    Been a while…

  1. Awe…that photo with the ties is so cute!

  2. Ah good to see you here again! She is just adorable. So nice to see all the cute things she is doing.

  3. it may do you some good to put your thoughts on all that’s happened down in writing my friend. even if you never publish it, it will do you good to get it out.


  4. I always love seeing your photos. Little Miss is adorable. That tie photo is precious. I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings for your family. Happy New Year.

  5. gosh she is growing up so quickly, love the photo of her on her tip toes at the sink

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