I’m not going gaga but my darling child thinks it is Christmas now, just one month later 🙂 🙂

After begging her to wear the hat at Christmas (which was met with vehement refusal) she has asked to put on the hat everyday for the last 3 days … Child who dances to her own tune 





Cheeky Monkey…

In other Christmas news, we had our first natural (albeit dried) tree and I loved it (and still do) plus it didn’t cost us a fortune 

and it is still up


I’m guessing one month after Christmas is a good time to clear away 


you know you live inthe southern hemisphere when you have a frozen yoghurt whilst staring at your christmas light (or the heater is cranked up to the max)

Ps: I might or might not have left my tree out for the whole of 2015 – you guess 😆 😆

2 responses to “Christmas…

  1. Looks like she is as much into Christmas as you! 🙂

    • Ha ha ha ha she only caught on a month late😁😁

      Hope you are enjoying the new job. Sorry I haven’t been commenting, got a new phone and it requires me to log in every single time to make a comment so I do batch commenting every other week on my old phone


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