A Fancy Ride…

because sometimes your alarm clock looks like a camera … has nothing to do with the post

I finally took the plunge and used UB.ER and can I just say I love it and would use it again and again and again… The best part you don’t have to have cash on hand, and you can order a pick up of your friends or family members even if you are far away, plus you get indication of when the car would arrive(and you can track the car throughout the journey)

and an idea of the fare which is good, no nasty surprises (unless….). The not so good part (until recently) you had to have a credit card. 

And the  attacks (my colleagues have been attacked twice) 

A few week ago I rushed out of work as I needed to get home and pick up K for swimming lessons… as my luck would have it there was a delay on the train on this fateful day and for some bizarre reason there was traffic gridlock everywhere around me. The time I left the office  if there wasn’t an issue I should have been home by 5 which gives me enough time to get to the swimming lessons. Let’s just say I was still on the train at 5 and it took more than 20 mins to get out of the train station… During this time I had a brain wave (smart me) to call uber to take the nanny and K to the lesson while I met them there and it all worked out: they got there in good time and the instructor was happy I didn’t bring her since it was going to be her first class going into the solo.. All’s well that ends well

Anyway, back to the fancy UB.ER ride, my last UB.ER ride, as always  I checked so I had an indication of the fare price. The car came and I was wondering why it was a fancy black Audi… 

wasn’t this fancy ….

Hmmmmm moving up I thought until I got the receipt.. Double what I was expecting… And if you know me I was gearing up for a war for my refund so I was scrutinizing the bill , I knew the route so it wasn’t a case of the driver taking a longer route (though he drove very very slowly by my standards) ALAS it turned out I asked for UB.ER black, the black fancy Audi made sense and the hefty bill. I was distracted when ordering the ride and if I had double checked I could have cancelled before it came but obviously I didn’t realize until I saw the receipt. And apparently you get bottled water when you use black (who knew), I wouldn’t find out because as long as I book, I shall not be booking BLACK 😆

At least now I can say I have used black, but I shall be sticking to X

this actualy made me smile 🙂 🙂 wish it was always that easy

2 responses to “A Fancy Ride…

  1. I’m thrilled you used Uber. You should have asked me for a code – first ride free!

  2. I have yet to use it! But it does sound all good

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