Easter 2016…

Playing Catch up…

I always look forward to long weekends (and who doesn’t) but Easter weekend is absolutely one of my favourites because you are guaranteed a Friday and Monday off (in many countries, sadly not all) 

We (by which I mean I) had grand plans for the weekend but life happened and our plans didn’t end up as planned but we made the most of it. 


K was down with flu and we had to bring out the “lebulizer”


So here is our long Easter weekend in pictures…
Good Friday 

showing off her”lisptick” Miss Pouty


after church selfie


very expressive child…




Excitement at seeing a biiiiiig truck up close… My child loves automobiles – cars, trucks, buses, trains and bikes  

when daddy thinks your pyjamas is your regular day outfit πŸ˜†



fashionista — needed the pink socks



Easter was a good day to pack up the Christmas decor πŸ˜† and in case you are wondering my tree is still out (maybe we would do a Christmas in July party  πŸ˜†  πŸ˜† ) whenever we feel like the little missy and I put on the Christmas light because it sparks joy πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰  and because we can 

packing up some of the christmas decor on Easter

I’m not a rabbit mommy….

just having fun

her expressions crack me up

Monday was a mommy and daughter’s day out 

too many choices

giant rabbit chocolate

i want a picture with the fountain but i’m not getting wet mommy

pressing buttons is a lot of fun when you are 2

And that’s a wrap 
Hope you had a good Easter ? (seems so long ago now)

2 responses to “Easter 2016…

  1. She is so adorable!

  2. I.like that you leave the tree up. Nicky still asks about ours sometimes. He loves vehicles too. She is so cute.

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