Conversations with K

Today’s almost never ending conversation with the little madam…. 

K: where are we going?

Me: to buy Lexie a present

K: why are we buying Lexie a present?

Me: because it is Lexie’s birthday tomorrow

K: why is it Lexie’s birthday tomorrow?

Me: because it is the day she was born 

K: why was she born tomorrow 

Me: no she was born on the day but 2 years ago

K: why was she born 2 years ago?

Me: her mommy was pregnant and gave birth to her 

K: why was her mommy pregnant?

Me: her mommy and daddy wanted a baby

K: why did her mommy want a baby?

Me: they wanted a family 

K: why did they want a family

Me: because family is nice

K: why is family nice?

Me: family loves you 

K: but why did her mommy want a baby

Me: silence🀐🀐

K: why mommy?

Me: because they wanted a child like you

K: why?

Me: then you can have friends

K: ok I like friends

Me: that’s good (I should have kept quiet)

K: are you my family?

Me: yes baby, daddy and I 

K: why are you my family?

Me: we gave birth to you 

K: why did you give birth to me 

Me: we wanted a baby 

K: why did you want a baby?

Me: because we wanted to have Kanyinsola

K: why? 

Me: because you are the best

K: yes, and you are the best (repeat one million times) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And then I was saved by a mama pushing her baby in a pram.. Until 5 mins later and we started all over again. I was saved by reaching our destination. But 3 hours later the questioning started again 😳😳 

testing out a bed we were checking out for a friend

K: why are you my family?

Me: Please ask Daddy 

K: daddy is at office

Me: Yes

K: why don’t you know

Me: I know but I’m tired 

Poor daddy, I better warn him what’s in store for him when he gets back from work . And she is not yet 3…
Grandpa’s response when I told him “I think this is good for you because you did more than that. That is pay back. Extend my best wishes to her.”
And timehop reminded me she wore the same outfit a year ago 

11 responses to “Conversations with K

  1. Haha, brace yourself…the questions don’t get less or easier. πŸ˜‰

  2. Of course Louisa is spot on about the questions. And boy, has she grown!

  3. enjoy it while she is still so small, the next round of questions will be ‘how did the baby get in the tummy?’

  4. She is too smart my friend! Love her to bits – also the questions get harder and more intense the older they get – brace yourself


  5. Oh my gosh the why questions also drive me mad. And a lot of the time I say I don’t know. But he just keeps repeating. K is looking super cute anyway.

  6. How did I not know that you had your own space on the www. Your Dad’s response is classic πŸ˜€

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