The one about the birth in 2013…

10 days old

I might or might never share this, but I wanted to write it down before I forget all the details. It’s been over 7 months already (well that was 4 years ago 😆 )

Baby’s due date was anytime in the first week of November. My gynae in SA (Dr RVR) wanted to do a CS but at around the 36-38 weeks mark, so baby would have been born in October. I didn’t want that. If there was no reason to be in hurry, I wanted to carry the pregnancy as far as I could push it. There was a campaign on TV at the time in the US, that was advocating not doing elective CS sooner than 39 weeks if there was no medical reason for it.

I was having a CS but it wasn’t really elective. It would be dangerous to go into labour, as there was risk of uterine eruption (because of a previous operation from a year before). 3 different gynaes told me this. And like hubby said if I could show him my medical school certificate then we can choose otherwise 🤣🤣

Luckily the gynae in the US (Dr R King) was willing to wait. We had a discussion and he said to choose between 1st or 4th November. I liked the idea of the 1st but it was a Friday and I was like no way, I wanted to have a relaxing weekend before my life changed for ever. It was the best decision I made!!!!

A brief run down of events leading up to the day.

Hubby arrived on Wednesday, I picked him up (ok not me, his sister was driving), Imagine me driving at 39 weeks pregnant!!, went home, changed and headed to the Dr for the last appointment before the birth. I wanted hubby to meet the gynae before the birth and he got his chance. they got along. My hubby is a better judge of character than I am, so if he likes someone chances are most people would do. Though he is also very diplomatic. We discussed the date again, there was a last minute attempt to get me to change my mind but I knew it was not going to happen. We discussed things to do with the dr, when to get to the hospital etc and left to go home.

On Thursday, hubby set up all the baby stuff, the pram and car seat, the crib, the bassinet, baby monitor, breast pump (yes I think at this time I was having baby brains, because I just couldn’t figure it out). I sterilized bottles etc while he did it. Please tell me my hubby is not the only one who doesn’t like to read manuals. He learnt the hard way when he battled to set up the pram. I was still working albeit remotely at this time, so I was usually up very early in the day (SA time) to get stuff done, join calls etc) before continuing my days. Hubby also got some work done.

On Friday, we went shopping and were out all day. Yes I was strong enough, I think if I remember clearly hubby was tired and I was still ok to walk around. We were out and about for at least 7 hours. My poor hubby was worried I would go into labour. I was about 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Got a few more baby clothes, but most of the things were for hubby. I had bought more than enough stuff (benefit of hindsight), I should have bought less especially because we still didn’t know if we were having a blue or a pink.

On Saturday, I went to the hospital to get some blood work and urine test done and got the final instructions on what to do some monday (if baby didn’t come ahead of that). Then we went to get brunch at IHOP and headed home.

On Sunday, went to church, had lunch and just relax and I think by evening the nerves started getting the better of me. I was getting worried about all and everything. Would I be a good mom, what if I didn’t know what to do with the child? What if things went wrong? What if? What if? What if? In the evening I asked hubby about baby names and he still hadn’t decided what he wanted. We had been on this for almost 6 months, you would think he would have at least come up with a few name he liked this close. I had a long list of mostly unisex names (lucky many names in my tribe including both hubby and my names are unisex)

I digress, I should tell you that I started following other moms on what to who were due around the same time as I was about a month before my due date, big big mistake!!!! After a week, I had to stop reading, people were writing all kinds of horrible things happening to them and one more than one occasion I was sure I had the symptons they described and would go into labour (not the plan, hubby was still back in SA and he needed to be there). Anyway I stopped reading and I was fine again. Thanks to my friend Lola who talked some sense into me

Monday came and I realised I had barely slept, all the what ifs were still playing on my mind, we finalised names and decided on which sets we I liked. 8am all bathed and ready for the hospital, was supposed to be there at 8 as CS was scheduled for 10am. But the hospital was about 5 mins from the house and didn’t really have to rush. Took some last minute pictures at the house and headed out. ( yes you need pictures when you are heading to the hospital to have a baby just because ) Hubby was still undecided at this time whether he would be in the theatre or not. He can be a wuss when it comes to bodily fluid. He kept asking if I would be awake during the op and if they couldn’t put me to sleep. And i had to remind him it is not necessary, it is usually a quick procedure. Mind you we had watched a few birth videos (ok really only one) to prepare him, I had watched more.

Got to the hospital, did last minute paper work, went to get admitted and then get some vitals taken. My nose was acting up as usual so I had to be given naso.nex. All this while we were taken pictures. Luckily my SIL also likes pictures so she made sure it was all well documented. The anaesthetist came and explained what he would do. Next the nursery nurse came to ask a few questions – feeding baby after birth etc and about circumcision if it was a boy. And then the Dr came to do his rounds before the op, he asked my hubby if he would cut the cord and hubby threw a bombshell, no I would not be going into the room. My heart sank!!! His sister was worried he would faint and was like it is ok, I was like no it is not ok. He came all the way he needs to be there. The Dr then told him that really all he would see was my face as there would be a screen and that even when cutting the cord he would see nothing but that it is one way for the fathers to be involved and he encourages it. So he agreed, he was given scrubs and went to wait while I was taken to theartre.

There were loads of people and too many lights, hospitals make me sick and cold. The nurses were very helpful and I had a wonderful male nurse (yes male). His name escapes me but I think it was Jeff. The anesthetist tried to do the spinal but it didn’t work, this was after the huge needle already went in my back (ouch) so he had to go make a different mixture and we did an epidural (I think) It was painful!!!! But I had another female nurse close by to squeeze while I was in pain. And yes I did squeeze her.

I could feel my legs and all and I got scared, but later I was told that was normal and I should be able to feel the touch it just mustn’t be painful! I was cold, I guess from the meds and a plastic heater thingy was put around me to kee me warm. The male nurse was fantastic he kept telling me what was going on and what I would feel and all that. That helped a great deal. I didn’t know you felt the pressure and the tugging, I did but it is apparently normal. And at 11.36am on 4 November 2013 eastern time, my baby was born. I heard the cry and all my fears went away and then the dr i think remembered we didn’t know the gender and he went on to announce that we had a pink!!!! I do have all these captured on video. My SIL who is a dr and whose hubby works in the hospital where I had the bay was allowed to come in and she did get a way with filming the whole thing. Hubby and I were chatting away throughout the delivery (he captured this on camera). Baby was brought to me, I looked at her and my heart melted. This was the last thing I remembered until around 2pm!!

1 day Old

(Edited to add: and the rest is history. Said child is now a fiesty, keeping me on my toes 4.5 years going on 21 Little lady.)

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  1. Loved reading this birth story!

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