Daily Archives: June 11, 2018

First Day at the BIG School…

Questions on the ride to school on the first day of the school year 2018

Someone wasn’t feeling mommy’s picture taking attempts this morning and made it very very clear

Finally in the mood for pictures

Name: ✔️

Daddy’s name ✔️

Mommy’s name: Funso

How old are you? 4, but can I be 5! I want to be 5 😳😳

How old is mommy: 6 … you would soon be big 🤣🤣

How old is Daddy : 44 accurate poor Daddy married to a 6 year Old 😂😂🤣🤣

Where are we going to: big school (yes that is what we call it), but working on the name – she now knows the name thankfully

What do you want to be when you grow up: Ballerina Princess ( this used to be Ballerina Doctor) but this tiger Mama would find a way to bring that doctor back 🤣🤣

What is your favourite colour – this is kind of rhetorical question – pink, dark pink (I think in her mind she said duh…)

What is your favourite movie – Moana but I also like old lion king (aka Lion King 2) our favourite characters are Timoh and Pumbah… we even have a favourite scene and no matter how many times we watch it we crack up at that scene and rewind multiple times

What is your favourite food: chicken burger that you make and meat that Daddy makes – that means meat done on the braai/barbeque (clearly not vegetarian) 🤣🤣

Favourite drink : apple juice and water

Favourite toy: pink sparkly glass slippers with Barbie in a wedding dress dress and a carriage and …..

Who is your best friend: I have more than one mommy – Kaylee, Mukundi, Kago, Anslia…. (guess that might change soon )

What is your favourite cloth to wear – sparkly dress that I can twirl in (no surprises there ) my girly girl….

We’ll ask again on the last day of the school year to see what would change

First day done and dusted and she still had a bounce in her step

Guess that was yummy