Random Conversations with K…

K: mommy I had a dream

Me: how did you know that

K: when I was sleeping

Me: ok tell me the dream

K: the good news there was water everywhere and I was carrying you

Me: hmmmmm

K: the bad news is the bridge broke and we fell in the water


K: Mommy please try and stay awake

Me: Ok I’ll try but I’m tired. Maybe go wake up your daddy to help you

K: No mommy that is a terrible idea 😳😳


K: Mommy did you have a sleeping beauty sleep

Me: Yes, and did you?

K: No mommy I didn’t

Me: Why?

K: Because I had a bad dream

Me: Bad dream??

K: Yes, there were monsters and ghosts making stumping noises and I could only see their eyes and their feet


K: mommy please wake up

Me: why it’s not yet morning

K: but there are shadows in my room and they are looking at me

Of course there are shadows because you have a night light on

Never a dull moment


Me: what did you learn in school today

K: Ms M told us about earthworms

Me: earthworms that is yucky

K: not yucky mommy

Me: but they are scary

K: not scary mommy, they are too tiny mommy

Me: so do you want know her as a pet

K: hmmmmm, but we don’t know where the pet shop is. Did you know they don’t have eyes and they are always looking for food on the on the earth that is why they are called earthworms

K: and did you know birds eat worms

Me: still yucky

K: mommmmmmmmmmie

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