Father’s Day 2018…

The little lady finally understands this day, helped in part by school and church. They made picture frames and hand print crafts for Dad and she couldn’t wait to give it to him.

The little mister, well at 10 weeks old is totally clueless but it was his first Father’s Day so we celebrated by dressing up and taking some pictures (not like we need any excuses for pictures)

All dressed up

Smile ….

Father and child number 2

We had a few meltdowns though… firstly Daddy wasn’t home when we got home so he couldn’t get his gift on Friday , then Saturday wasn’t Sunday? She couldn’t resist any longer so Daddy got his gift on Saturday but had to promise not to open it till Sunday.

Added to that Ms M ( her teacher) gave very strict instruction of what do that … get a good night sleep, wake up early and wake mommy up (I don’t like that part of the instruction), make coffee for Daddy (we made tea as we don’t drink coffee, K thinks we are allergic to coffee) and wake him up to drink his tea and open his gift!!

My child can be a stickler for rules when it suits her and she followed this to the letter!!! And even made eggs for him because she thought he would be hungry

Frying eggs for Daddy

Breakfast for Daddy complete with white flowers

Daddy had to get his gift in bed

Once gifts were opened we headed to church, came back home for lunch and just rested.

Little lady and her daddy

Trying Chef Barbie’s hat on little brother

It was a good day ….

ps: K wants to know why we have daddy’s (Aka Father’s) Day but no Kid’s day. She wasn’t convinced youth day is Kids day

2 responses to “Father’s Day 2018…

  1. The lil mister looks like his sister, cutey. Kids and their instructions from teachers…what the teacher says is law. Lol.

    • Yes they are two peas in a pod!!!

      If only they had the same respect for what we say!!! Teacher said…. I had to remind K, she’s your teacher not mine!

      Hope everyone is much better now?

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