Recent Conversations with K…

Sometimes the things my child says leaves me in awe, but most importantly I don’t want to forget them, so I write down.

K: hello mommy

Me: hello baby

K: I’m not a baby

Me: but you are

K: I’m a big girl

Me: no you are not big

K: ok mommy then I’m a medium girl


K: good morning mommy

Me: it’s afternoon so good afternoon

K: I want it to be Morning

Me: ok, if that is what you want

Me: how was school today

K: it was good thanks

Me: what did we do today at school (I always say we which she finds hilarious because she reminds me it is just her)

K: no mommy you should ask who I played with ( my child is a creature of habit, I always ask that as a conversation starter and now she wants all talk about school to start with who did you play with)

Me: ok who did you play with at 1st play time

K: M

Me: and second playtime

K: M (bursts out laughing) it is almost always M except the few times they “fight” and are longer best friends which usually lasts for less than 24 hours

Me: and at snack time

K: we don’t play at snack time we eat mommy

Me: and sometimes you talk

K: yes but that makes Ms M heart sore

Me: heart sore? Why?

K: because she says less talking more eating, but I sometimes say more talking less eating

Oy oy oy child of mine, we have to work on that rebel streak because she thinks it is funny


K: what surprise did you bring for me today? A surprise egg?

Me: did you open my bag

K: no i didn’t

Me: so how did you know I have an egg

K: I’m very clever mommy


K: are we going to the gym

Me: no, not today. As we have your brother and aunt in the car

K: but we can all go

Me: no they don’t have gym cards so we have to go home

K: I have an idea, can we drop them at home, then relax a bit and then me and you can go back to the gym

Me: that’s a good idea but not today child as it’s been a long day so we would just go Home and rest and prepare for

Bed and school tomorrow

K: ok mommy, did you like my idea

Me: yes I did

K: thank you, I’m a genius

Loving this age

2 responses to “Recent Conversations with K…

  1. So cute! I love to see how the logic develops at this age.

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