Daily Archives: December 2, 2018

It’s the little things…

Kids can be difficult to please most times but I find that some times it’s the little things that make them happy and tickles their fancy!!!!

Today, K had a somewhat busy day – swimming, health check with daddy – which turned into a 3 hour plus Daddy/daughter date and birthday party (plus I thrive on being busy so cue more things added) but some plans got changed and we were home earlier than planned

Because you need to dress the part to decorate a Christmas tree

On getting home she reminded me we needed to decorate our tree (yes same tree that is out all year round). The usual me would make a big deal out of tree decorating – the right outfit (aka pretty dress, right light for pictures etc (I know I can’t be the only one that does this 😉 😉 but I figured why not. So I whipped out the box of baubles and we set to work.

My child was super happy and declared it was a wonderful day – she had a sit down lunch date with daddy instead of the usual hurried lunch, she decorated the Christmas tree to her heart content … (I have a post brewing about Christmas tree decorating)

And at bed time she asked if we could sleep in the lounge. Normally, I would say no but I could see it meant a lot to her so as I type this she is lightly snoring away on the couch right next to me . Plus it’s weekend and we can relax the rules a bit

What little things make you and those around happy? Are you rigid or flexible once in a while ?