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A naturalist! Natural hair that is….

Many people are always surprised to find out I have natural hair! Yes you might not see it but it is there.

My mama (please her soul) always wanted me to have natural hair when she decided she was done with chemicals in her more than 25 years ago but of course I didn’t listen because back in the day it wasn’t cool to have kinky hair. Every one wanted pin straight sleek easy to comb hair! Plus there just weren’t products in the market for our hair type!!

Fast forward to 2015 I became an unintentional naturalist. The last time I had relaxer applied to my hair was November 2014! Yes almost 5 years

Getting the hair fried (aka relaxing)

I just didn’t have the time to drive at least 45 mins each way plus the 2-3 hours it took to get my hair done every two to three months with a little new born to take care of. And after not relaxing for about a year let’s just say my hair made the journey

Mid way. Part relaxed. Part natural

Now I have a big Afro which I’m very proud of. There are many products on the market geared towards our hair type and this makes life so much easier plus I don’t stress if water touches my hair because water is your friend when you have natural hair.

I’m still quite a lazy naturalist which is why I wear a wig most week days because I would rather sleep in or go for a quick walk than spend an hour in the morning getting my Afro tamed to meet the world

The wigs always come out to help the lazy naturalist

It helps that I have the same hair as my child as it is a big challenge raising a girl child in a fashion conscious world who doesn’t understand why her hair cannot be like Elsa’s or Rapunzel’s! Yes I’ve been asked that more than once.

Afro chics

Afro chics

We wear our hair with pride …


I was scrolling through IG as one does and came across a competition and I thought what do I have to lose if I enter and don’t win . NOTHING! but if I win I’ll be mommy of the year to my 5.5 year old for a few weeks 😆 So I entered right here..

Real Life Mum competition

And I WON tickets. 4 tickets to

Disney on Ice 2019

I only have one child that is old enough to appreciate the show, so we had two tickets to spare. It was school holidays for my friend’s kids, I asked if they would love to go! Their mom was like YES, is that a rhetorical question 🙂 🙂

We hatched a plan. It would be a surprise for the kids! And a real big surprise it was! They loved spending time together and watching the show! they found out where they were going only about 5 minutes to the start of the show!!! More winning …

Some pictures from the day out (it was worth taking K out of school mid day for)

Mid show mama and child selfie

Beauty on stage

So much talent

Ogling the toys but this mama wasn’t budging on the no toys deal

Three years on still a firm favourite of the kids

Goofball!! Trying to ice skate without ice! Imagination

Olaf is my favourite! Who doesn’t like warm hugs

So much fun!

It was a lovely day out all in all


• everything about the show!

• Surprising the girls!

Girls old enough to know why they can’t get more toys (they have enough toys as it is)!

• Despite only getting slushies they thought it was the best day out


• overpriced toys!

• Traffic getting in (should learn to get their earlier next time).

• I missed seeing Lion King and Dory on ice

To tell you how much fun it is I’ve been asked more than once when we are going again