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I was scrolling through IG as one does and came across a competition and I thought what do I have to lose if I enter and don’t win . NOTHING! but if I win I’ll be mommy of the year to my 5.5 year old for a few weeks πŸ˜† So I entered right here..

Real Life Mum competition

And I WON tickets. 4 tickets to

Disney on Ice 2019

I only have one child that is old enough to appreciate the show, so we had two tickets to spare. It was school holidays for my friend’s kids, I asked if they would love to go! Their mom was like YES, is that a rhetorical question πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

We hatched a plan. It would be a surprise for the kids! And a real big surprise it was! They loved spending time together and watching the show! they found out where they were going only about 5 minutes to the start of the show!!! More winning …

Some pictures from the day out (it was worth taking K out of school mid day for)

Mid show mama and child selfie

Beauty on stage

So much talent

Ogling the toys but this mama wasn’t budging on the no toys deal

Three years on still a firm favourite of the kids

Goofball!! Trying to ice skate without ice! Imagination

Olaf is my favourite! Who doesn’t like warm hugs

So much fun!

It was a lovely day out all in all


β€’ everything about the show!

β€’ Surprising the girls!

β€’ Girls old enough to know why they can’t get more toys (they have enough toys as it is)!

β€’ Despite only getting slushies they thought it was the best day out


β€’ overpriced toys!

β€’ Traffic getting in (should learn to get their earlier next time).

β€’ I missed seeing Lion King and Dory on ice

To tell you how much fun it is I’ve been asked more than once when we are going again

Conversations with K

Today’s almost never ending conversation with the little madam…. 

K: where are we going?

Me: to buy Lexie a present

K: why are we buying Lexie a present?

Me: because it is Lexie’s birthday tomorrow

K: why is it Lexie’s birthday tomorrow?

Me: because it is the day she was born 

K: why was she born tomorrow 

Me: no she was born on the day but 2 years ago

K: why was she born 2 years ago?

Me: her mommy was pregnant and gave birth to her 

K: why was her mommy pregnant?

Me: her mommy and daddy wanted a baby

K: why did her mommy want a baby?

Me: they wanted a family 

K: why did they want a family

Me: because family is nice

K: why is family nice?

Me: family loves you 

K: but why did her mommy want a baby

Me: silence🀐🀐

K: why mommy?

Me: because they wanted a child like you

K: why?

Me: then you can have friends

K: ok I like friends

Me: that’s good (I should have kept quiet)

K: are you my family?

Me: yes baby, daddy and I 

K: why are you my family?

Me: we gave birth to you 

K: why did you give birth to me 

Me: we wanted a baby 

K: why did you want a baby?

Me: because we wanted to have Kanyinsola

K: why? 

Me: because you are the best

K: yes, and you are the best (repeat one million times) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And then I was saved by a mama pushing her baby in a pram.. Until 5 mins later and we started all over again. I was saved by reaching our destination. But 3 hours later the questioning started again 😳😳 

testing out a bed we were checking out for a friend

K: why are you my family?

Me: Please ask Daddy 

K: daddy is at office

Me: Yes

K: why don’t you know

Me: I know but I’m tired 

Poor daddy, I better warn him what’s in store for him when he gets back from work . And she is not yet 3…
Grandpa’s response when I told him “I think this is good for you because you did more than that. That is pay back. Extend my best wishes to her.”
And timehop reminded me she wore the same outfit a year ago 

Father’s Day 2016…

Not so late this time around 

photobombed by the dog’s tail

K now understands the day a bit though she kept saying it is daddy’s birthday. And let me just add here that if you want to keep something a secret don’t tell a 2 year old. We addressed a card for daddy and put it in the bag with the gifts, immediately daddy came home K was quick to tell him this was his birthday gift πŸ˜†

 πŸ˜† but luckily daddy  has patience and he waited till Sunday to get his gift 

So what did we do…We picked sticks:

the stick was one of three that made it into daddy’s gift pack

the “i know you asked me not to taste the dough but couldn’t resist” look

ate dough (cough cough baked)

We addressed cards:

card making in progress

what a big difference a year makes.

Father and Child

No day off for daddy just because it is Father’s day πŸ™‚

our attempt at making a cake just for daddy… the anticipation to dig right in

hugs for daddy

“toto ” sauce is yum

K for Kanyinsola; K for Kangaroo

picking out random numbers and letters

Kisses for daddy because we give him grey hairs 😁😁 and most importantly because he is ours

And it’s a wrap 

Q&A with a 2 year old…

Cleo the Rottweiler getting a hug because K decided she was sad πŸ™‚

Saw this floating around and decided to have some fun last night : Without any prompting, ask your child these questions 

What is your name? I’m Kanyinsola; my name is 2. Proud mommy moment she did say her first and last name last week 

How old are you? 2 

When is your birthday? 2 on my birthday 

How old is Daddy? 2

How old is Mummy? 2

All the age questions were shown with hand gestures (in case mommy didn’t hear well). We can only count to 13 so it would have been anything between 1-13 πŸ˜†

kanyinsola is 2

mommy is 2

daddy is 2

What is your favorite colour? I’m painting with mommy (at least she knows we use colour for painting)

What is your favourite food?  Pizza, cupcake, oats,  Otees   (I’ve never eaten this before but she gets it in Sunday school). Cupcake hmmmmm, pizza (this one was a surprise because we hardly eat pizza) And oats!! Definitely not my child as I can’t stomach oats but she loves it and is happy to have it for breakfast everyday if you allow 

Who is your best friend? Friend (well)

What is your favourite song? Twinkle star I’m sure if I asked again she would say baa baa sheep, Cow (her way of describing old Macdonalds has a farm) ring around the roses, incy spider, Barney says (yes we like Barney) and Hickory dock

What is your favourite animal? I like avagator (😳)   then she decided all amimals. I do know she likes dogs, penguins, rabbits, butterfly, elephant, monkeys, cows, fishes frogs and horses

What are you scared of? Blank face no response. Long may the not knowing what scary is last 

What makes you happy? I’m happy (said with hands raised in the air to affirm the proclamation 

e for elephant πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Where is your favorite place to go? Swimming and Church (that’s my child) and I’m sure if I allowed her she would have added gym 

What do you want to be when you grow up? Grow up and drink milk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

What is Mummy’s favorite thing to do? Blank face ….. No response 

What is daddy’s favorite thing to do? Daddy is not doing 

There you have it ….…………

Oh my word!! Kids are brutally honest!! Someone asked her kid what is mom’s favourite colour and she said -dry white…. Hmmm I didn’t know dry white was a colour on the spectrum πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Another friend asked her kid what mom’s favourite thing to do is- child responded drink wine πŸ˜†


I’m not going gaga but my darling child thinks it is Christmas now, just one month later πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After begging her to wear the hat at Christmas (which was met with vehement refusal) she has asked to put on the hat everyday for the last 3 days … Child who dances to her own tune 





Cheeky Monkey…

In other Christmas news, we had our first natural (albeit dried) tree and I loved it (and still do) plus it didn’t cost us a fortune 

and it is still up


I’m guessing one month after Christmas is a good time to clear away 


you know you live inthe southern hemisphere when you have a frozen yoghurt whilst staring at your christmas light (or the heater is cranked up to the max)

Ps: I might or might not have left my tree out for the whole of 2015 – you guess πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Β Β Β Β Been a while…

It’s been a while since I posted here. So much has happened in that time. Some day I might blog about it. In the meantime  here are a few pictures of little miss. 


settings trends … when you cant decide which to wear, you wear as many as you can possibly get on your neck


stopping to smell the “fowers” on our walk


and so it begins… except she wants it cleaned off immediately after because you can’t have dirty hands


the doll: child loves; daddy hates and mommy indifferrent to it πŸ™‚


my little helper! if only thr shopping cart wasnt taller than her


bath toys need a bath too


in mommy’s running shoes


Silent Sunday……



Wordless Wednesday, Kind of …

One lazy Sunday in March…


chomping down on sugarcane… perfect teething toy

A trip to the Irene Dairy farm…

penny for your thought missy… at the wishing fountain

not turning grey, that is sand in her hair and we haven’t started creche


running away from mommy because she wasnt ready to leave the sand pit. same child that refused to let her feet touch the sand when we got there lol


monkey see monkey do!! my water baby enjoyed this a bit too much and didn’t want to leave. I cringe at the thought of what could be in that water, she may or may not have tried to lick the water off her hand


Changing gears… the “mandatory” tractor ride


and a selfie…

all that fun resulted in a a very dirty and exhausted child, she napped for close to 3 hours

and dinner went down well too. All that fun made for a very hungry child

one way to remove sand from hair. worked for us. now i know


18 months…

That’s how old my child is! If we are trying to be accurate actually 18.5 months now! Still wondering where the time went because it feels like she was born “just the other day”


little prof loves naking notes st every opportunity

So how did we celebrate…

I made banana muffins which we ate over 3 days because daddy doesn’t eat “healthy” cakes 
Dropped by the bank for some quick admin 

keeping busy while waiting to be served

18 month immunization (yeah bad mom) because I like to kill multiple birds with one stone. After that we went to see the pead! She was happy with all the milestones. Though she said she should be saying at least 20 words!! Hmmm I better start writing them down because I’m certain she doesn’t have such a big vocabulary yet!


i thought this was funny

She’s on the 99th percentile for height and weight! Which has always been the case. One thing I find interesting was the nurse measured her at 85cm just before she got her 3 vaccines (should be two but we were “lucky” they had the golden chicken pox vaccine so that got added to the mix) and the pead at 89cm a few minutes later, which seems more accurate as she was 85cm 3 months ago (except I have a shrinking child πŸ™‚ )

Home for lunch and then we headed out to a nature reserve for a photo shoot! Thankfully daddy’s meeting didn’t happen so he was able to join us. There’s always a reason for a photo shoot. And my child turning 1.5 years was good enough for me add to mix a groupon deal and I’m a very happy me πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

bubbles are so much fun we ignore the zebras in the background like we see them every day

yay, more bubbles



pretending to have a nap, because why not when you have a blanket on hand even if you are lying on grass


Silent Sunday…


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