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    Been a while…

It’s been a while since I posted here. So much has happened in that time. Some day I might blog about it. In the meantime  here are a few pictures of little miss. 


settings trends … when you cant decide which to wear, you wear as many as you can possibly get on your neck


stopping to smell the “fowers” on our walk


and so it begins… except she wants it cleaned off immediately after because you can’t have dirty hands


the doll: child loves; daddy hates and mommy indifferrent to it 🙂


my little helper! if only thr shopping cart wasnt taller than her


bath toys need a bath too


in mommy’s running shoes


May 1st Tradition …

Every May 1st is a public holiday around here and for the past 4 years one thing I do on May 1st is the Wally Marathon and this year was no different   (And no I’m yet to join the league of “crazy” runners so I stick to the 10km)  I love this race because I don’t have to drive far (it’s held less than 10km from my house), is well organized and parking is always a breeze . I did the 5km when I was pregnant 🙂

this view made waking up so early all worth it


brrrrrr and it felt even colder

sun rise (literally, seeing the sun rising just before the 10km started)

waiting for the starting gun


he’s battle ready! he was doing the 42k i think. Though not sure when he will get to eat his meal


a beautiful autumn day, though it was still cold …


always a good vibe and lots going on after the race



quarter marathon done and dusted

I had plans to do other things today but ended up lazing around the house, napping (kind of – because K decided she wanted to play) and baking.  
Do you do anything on this day that is fast becoming a tradition? The one blog I read she and her family do a hike 

Wordless Wednesday …

Easter 2015

Someone got restless and we had to burn some energy during Good Friday service

Saturday was lunch with a friend and turning 17 months…


Making friends at the playground


And a quick stop at the Easter display, so much chocolate we got overwhelmed but not before we bought our sole chocolate bunny (which is still uneaten)

Sunday was church and some (ok a lot) of hotcross buns


And Easter lunch went down well


and just fun conversation


that was as far as i got getting a picture with the bunny ears


and reading bible stories


and building and sorting…


A quick run and a beautiful sunset…


and a not so quick run to burn off all the tiramisu calories… Monday wrun


yoga move??? i see cute baby bum


ready for a quick trip to the shop and rocking our sandals before the weather gets too cold


cutie baby feet


and to round off the long weekend – home-made pizza



{Monochrome Monday} on Wednesday…

Marcia is currently doing a monochrome Monday theme. She has some stunning pictures up (definitely more variety than I do) 🙂 🙂

Before I knew better I used to take lots of black and white pictures, then a photographer friend told me to rather take it in colour and use available software to change colors if I want to. Now that’s what I do…

Enough talking, some pictures







And yes I love selfies…. Please tell me I am not alone 😆 😆

Hope you are having a good week?


I had a different post planned about the colour run I did on Saturday, but that would have to wait as there are more pressing matters 🙂 🙂 🙂

K was born on Monday the 4th! And today is the first time since she was born that 4th is on a Monday! The next time the 4th will fall on a Monday is May 2015! – Yes I checked

As is customary every 4th of the month, we take pictures with milestone/monthly belly stickers (though as you would see that name is not very accurate again when babies become very mobile).

Today we are 9 months old!!! (I am still trying to figure it all out though, because she is exactly 39 weeks old today, which would mean she is 9 months and 3 weeks if we are using 4 weeks  make a month! but we all know some months are more than 4 weeks)


Sleeping beauty


Taken with the secondary camera, hence grainy

Taken with the secondary camera, hence grainy




A some what rare picture with daddy dearest

A somewhat rare picture with daddy dearest

Back or Belly Sticker (you decide) 

You mean this is supposed to be on my tunny :)

You mean this is supposed to be on my tummy 🙂

Mommy! I can take it off ... yippee

Mommy! I can take it off … yippee

Mandatory Taste Test - YUM ;) ;)

Mandatory Taste Test – YUM 😉 😉

I can stand.... And I do it at every available opportunity

I can stand…. And I do it at every available opportunity

Busy doing heave knows what...

Busy doing heaven knows what… EXPLORING I guess

Mommy is smart and still knows how to get one or two pictures with the stickers in the right place

Sticker in place - I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get the picture with the sticker in place

Sticker in place – I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get the picture with the sticker in place

This child of mine doesn’t sit still for longer than a split second. I had some fancy picture ideas planned for these last few, but well I am glad I even got anything at all



IMG_5021   Sorry for the cuteness oops I meant picture overload 

Hope you had a nice weekend? I did albeit super busy. Looking forward to this weekend, my cousin is getting married and K would be attending her first wedding. Are you looking forward to anything this week?

A lot going on…

I have a million and one blog post in my head but life has been busy and they remain in my head. I keep vowing to blog more but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

A not so quick catch-up


Last week, I felt myself coming down with a cold but didn’t think much of it, mostly because anyone who knows me well knows that my nose is hardly ever dry (I used two boxes of kleenex in 2 days!!!!) but by Thursday morning I felt a full-blown bout of flu coming my way, fever, headache, body ache, runny nose. I left the office at noon, went straight to the clinic where I was told I would be charged R135 (about $12) extra for coming without an appointment. Seriously!!!! I was shivering and could barely talk, so this was the least of my worries, thank God for medical aid. By the way the earliest appointment was at 7pm, and this was just after noon!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Got a throat swab done (never heard back from the dr, which is a good sign), was told I had a bad infection, got meds

A truck load of meds

A truck load of meds

headed home, managed to eat, take the meds and slept for about 6 hours. Woke up feeling like new. I hate meds by the way and always always ask for injections. Luckily, the dr gave me Friday off.

Saturday, I did a quick 5.6km walk (I am loving the Nike+ app, I should blog about it sometime) and then headed out to Marcia’s for the twin’s birthday! It was a pajama party and it was so much fun. Even most of the adults were in pajamas. K had a blast, she loves people watching. This party even gave me the confidence I need to consider maybe just maybe I would have a party for K’s 1st birthday

Some pictures from the birthday

Banana milk for a monkey themed party

Banana milk for a monkey themed party

We obviously got the memo because K was in dressed in a monkey styled outfit. Pity I didn’t get any proper pictures of her in the outfit

Notice the little monkey on the chest and the outfit also had a monkey face on the feet (use your imagination :) )

Notice the little monkey on the chest and the outfit also had a monkey face on the feet (use your imagination 🙂 )

The kids were busy busy busy and I couldn’t help but laugh when I was looking at some the pictures.

These two pictures below were taken after mommy clearly issued an instruction saying don’t touch the gifts so we can say thank you properly and know who gave you what…

The gift is almost as big as he is

The gift is almost as big as he is

sneakily checking out the gifts

sneakily checking out the gifts

Ps: I would also be excited if I got so many lovely gifts

And then I went to change (yes, I had my pajama pants on) and saw this in the bathroom and I couldn’t help but take a picture

Gotta love the instructions ...

Gotta love the instructions …

And came home to this…

Dust empire - Kitchen reno in progress

Dust empire – Kitchen reno in progress

I knew it was coming but I was in denial. My hubby got a bee in the bonnet and decided it was time to redo the kitchen. I said yes, naively. Naively you ask, I have never been through a construction, I assumed it would be a walk in the part, let me tell you, it is not for the faint hearted. Only thing that is keeping me going is that I have my eye on the price. At least I would finally have a well-functioning stove  (An interesting story on stoves. I have one of the stock standard de.fy brand stoves. I am not sure it ever worked well because even at the highest temp, I could do a quick 30 minutes drive before anything would boil on it. So I went to visit MIL one day and decided to cook at her house and put the stove on the highest which is what I do at home. Less than 5 minutes later I notice the pot boiling over and went to investigate. Only to realise the heat was too much. I felt like I was from the bush because I had gotten accustomed to my slow to heat up stove 😆 😆 my hubby had a big laugh when I told him. Thank heavens I didn’t burn anything) and oven after more than 3 years. Add to that a sick baby and hubby away for 3 days for work 

K came down with something, which she must have caught from hubby and I and is now recuperating. She also got loads of meds, luckily she only has to use them for 5 days which ends today

K's stash of meds. No I am not injecting her, the injection is for measuring the amount of saline solution that needs to go in the nebulizer

K’s stash of meds. No I am not injecting her, the injection is for measuring the amount of saline solution that needs to go in the nebulizer


My poor K at the physio... One more day and we should be done with physio

My poor K at the physio… One more day and we should be done with physio

Ps: It might be the version of explorer I am using but it is a mission and half plus more to do a good post from the computer, much easier on my iPhone


This weekend, I intend to rest as much as possible, it’s been a hectic week. Hope you had a week better than mine. Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned and if you are in SA, please keep warm xxx

Meet up…

A while back Laura sent out a FB invite for a jozi meet up. I was a bit weary as I know these things can be a bit clique-y. I accepted anyway and thought even if didn’t know anyone there I knew Laura and I needed the day out anyway.

Let me tell you I’m glad I went. It was a beautiful day.


I knew more people there than I anticipated. I also met many people that I had been stalking following on social media. My best form of social media these days is IG! Love it, speaks to my picture loving side.

Some random pictures…




And we got lovely goodie bags. Really, lovely is an understatement.


See, there was something even for my baby, a beautiful pajamas and 2 tea cups in a lovely colour (guess, I can have tea with hubby) except I don’t drink tea, but trust me I shall use it even if it means drinking water out of it. Sun glasses, gift vouchers, lotion, bio oil , lip gloss, you name it, it was in there. All in a personalized bag!

By my standards I didn’t take as many pictures as I would, thanks to my picture taking obsession and lack of lap top. My 16gb phone’s memory is full and I’m tired of trying to delete pictures just to get space to take pictures

See what I’m dealing with …


Yes That’s what over 3700 pictures look like. Bad for my photo organizing. I’ve just learnt I can back up to I shall be using my free 1gb data from the red service provider tomorrow to do that back up.

And to end off the day took an evening walk with my mama and baby. It was much slower than my normal pace but I still did 3.8km


All in all I had a lovely day. Hope you did too


Doesn’t it look like she’s saying enough already mommy! Luckily she wasn’t. She was trying to decide whether to sleep or eat but sleep won!


Hopefully we have a few more years to go before we get to that stage, but I hope she will be my daughter through and through and like being on either side of the camera

Ps: it is hooooooooot, I stepped out for a few minutes and I had to rush back to get my umbrella. I still hate summer

Painting the City PURPLE…

Each year the city is painted different colour – 2009 (BLUE), 2010 (PINK), 2011 (GREEN), 2012 (ORANGE) and this 2013 (PURPLE) for the Women’s Race

This is the 5th year I have done this race. The race is also held in different cities around the country. I always do the ones in the capital city (in August) and Jo.hannes.burg (in October).  If memory serves me right this is the 8th one I am doing, I  injured my knee the one year  and couldn’t do the Jo.hannes.burg one.

I blogged about Last Year’s Race here ( and how I didn’t enjoy the heat). A good race but always too hot as it is starts at 2pm (apparently the reason is because it is a women’s race and it is expected that women are busy in the morning, a big generalisation , oh well)

This year, I loved the race more than ever. The weather prediction  for Saturday was – cold and windy day and it didn’t disappoint, it was indeed quite cold and very windy. But guess what I loved it. It was just the perfect weather for a 5km walk in the afternoon. I didn’t feel much of the wind, because I was with the “fun group” (5k walkers and strollers) which means there were enough people to act as wind breakers 😆    And when a race has close to 25,000 people  and most of which are doing the 5km walk, there’s enough body heat around 😆 😆

Enough talking some pictures from the gorgeous day

Start Line

Start Line

Sea of people

Sea of people. I took this from the 1km mark and there were still people way far behind and way ahead of me

Also at the 1km mark, look forward

Also at the 1km mark, looking forward. As far as the eyes could see, you could see people in purple

And of course there is always some drama – men dressed in drag.


Blue hair, Pink “Breasted


Pink “lady”



And dark winged angels

And dark winged angels

And nurses  ;-)

And nurses 😉

A sneak peek

A sneak peek at the gorgeous cloudless blue sky

Almost there

Walking to the finish line 


Here’s to many more races/walks