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A Star…

VERY Hectic month so far, hence my second post in Dec

Day 6. From where you live/your country: Take a photo of something from your country – a flag, something unique, a traditional dish, or something a little bit more common.
Day 7. Stars: Take a photo of the stars at night, or stars you see around the place during the day.

One of the new seven wonders of the world :-)

One of the new seven wonders of the world 🙂



I know this end of the mountain has a name… but I can’t remember the name to save my life right now 🙂


If you live in my end of the world, you would definitely know this beauty. If not, well enjoy it in all it’s glory and beauty 😉 

Have a nice mid week…

The End…

Another month has rolled by and I did enjoy doing the photo challenge. It was fun which is the whole idea. I posted on the days I felt like, skipped some days, combined some days. I will see what challenge December holds and decide if I want to do it again   

DAY 29. Big: Take a photo of something BIG!

A very big baby…

Don’t you just love the pose 😉

These elephant calves must be very big now as these pictures were taken 5 years ago. I hope these calves survived as these pictures were taken at an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya


DAY 30. On the wall: What’s on the wall? Some art? A poster? A fly. Shoot it

When you start seeing interesting things on the wall , you know Christmas is around the corner

When you start seeing interesting things on the wall , you know Christmas is around the corner

The rest of the family ;-) :-)

The rest of the family 😉 🙂

One month to go and 2012 would be over. UNBELIEVABLE

Have a nice and restful weekend ahead xxx

Lac Rose…

Day 28. Vehicle: Take a photo of a car, bus, boat, plane or another type of vehicle.

Pictures taken in Dakar, Senegal (the western most tip of Africa) in 2008. 

en route to view a marvel of nature
Some pruning would be in order though 🙂

Working boats on the shore of the Pink Lake

A salt collector in the middle of the lake

Close up of the water looks like in the afternoon

In case you are wondering the water is not dirty and colour of the lake is no photography trick.

Read on to learn a little bit about the Pink Lake or Lac Rose (as the locals call it) 

“The water in Senegal’s Lake Retba or Lac Rose (PINK LAKE) always seems to have a pinkish hue to it. However, during the dry summer months when the saline levels are high and you will see it turn strawberry pink and sometimes, even red. The good news is that the colour is not the result of chemicals being dumped in the lake but nature, working its magical tricks! 

Located in the Cape Vert Peninsula that lies north-east of Senegal’s capital Dakar, the lake’s unusual appearance is caused by a salt-loving green micro algae called Dunaliella Salina that resides in the lake, known for its high concentration of the mineral. 

As you can imagine, very few organisms can survive in such highly saline conditions. The only reason this single-celled organism is able to do so, is because of its ability to create large amounts of Beta-Carotene, that helps protect it against the intense light that reflects off the salt and also gives the algae its dark pink hue. 

While the colour may make the lake appear eerie and unsafe, the micro organism is safe not only to swim amidst, but also, consume – Good news for the locals that are constantly wading in to mine the salt. In fact, the algae are so rich in antioxidants that they are often harvested and used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. “

“In order to protect their skin, the salt collectors rub their skin with Shea butter to avoid tissue damage due to prolonged exposure to the water.”
A little Geography (and tiny bit of biology) lesson for Thursday       😉

Isn’t nature just absolutely awesome?

Now you know why this post was written in PINK

Three days…

Day 24. A sound you heard

What’s something you heard today? Children laughing? Birds singing? An alarm? Music? Share it.

Birds chirping somewhere between PE and CT (2006)

Calming waterfall (2011)

No amount of SOUND was going to wake up this Mr. from his slumber 😉 🙂   (2008)

The SOUND and smell of corn popping (last week)

Day 25. Sky

Take a photo of the skyThis was super fun, as you might be aware (or not) I am kind of obsessed with taking pictures of the sky

One view of the sky at sunset on 25th Nov

Another view of the sunset on 25th Nov

Some oldies…

CT 2006. Taken from the top of table mountain around 2PM, if my memory serves me right 🙂

Sunset in CT Dec 2006. It was almost 9pm when this picture was taken


26. In the cupboard

Take a photo of inside a cupboard. Be creative so it’s not as boring as it could be.

My office cabinet (TODAY)

Bottom layer inside my office cabinet. I am sure that is not what my employers expect, but hey I need my shoes to function properly 😉
Notice my train shoes peeking on the side

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Have a great week ahead.

Ps: I am in shock that this is the last week of November…

Weekend Awesome Work Play…

The title of this post doesn’t really reflect my weekend , but rather it is the cues for the photo-a-day challenge for days 18, 19 and 20 November.

Day 18. Happened this weekend:

Take a photo of something you did this weekend. Perhaps it was just sleeping, or was it partying? Just shoot a part of your weekend and share it.

Last Saturday I took a 45 minutes walk around my neighbourhood just before 6am and I came across this carpet

Purple floor covering 😉

Me standing in Purple…

Day 19. Something Awesome:

Take a photo of something awesome in your life, or something rather awesome that you saw.

 I shared one part of it last week, this is another view from the 12th, just at a different time of the day

Another view from the 12th taken at sunset last Saturday

Isn’t this view just awesome.

And I just had to share another picture I saw in my archives. I understand now why my friends say I have always loved taking pictures.

A picture of the Union Building (Seat of Govt) I took in November 8 2006…

Day 20. Work/Play:  

You could use something like picframe to share two photos – one of what ‘work’ looks like for you, and another of what ‘play’ looks like for you.

WORK This is my workstation. I will spare you the mess that is the whole area and show you my pretty screen saver (LOL)

My beautiful work screen saver and not so beautiful work area in the background 😉

PLAY hmmmmm, what does play mean for me, these days (or like forever) taking random pictures

God’s window taken in December 2006

Ile de Goree (Goree Island), a small Island just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal taken in August 2008

Have a great day ahead

View from 12th…

… floor

Day 16’s challenge is the view from where you are.

This was my view from earlier today.

I love the dash of purple and green among the buildings

Ps: this post was for 16th not 17th

Small (or NOT)

Day 9. Small: Take a photo of something small. Perhaps a bug, a toy or a small gesture.

A ‘small’ peek of the city I work in. My office is somewhere behind those buildings

Lone tiny birdie on a sunny Sunday afternoon


Tiny (rain) drops


Have a nice weekend all, hope yours is not as busy as mine?


Let me start by apologising. I am having internet problems/issues.  I can’t comment on WP blogs something about the version of IE I have (by fluke once in a while I get it right and I comment) and BlogSpot I can’t access on my phone (when I click on a post, I get a blank white screen instead of the posts).  Expect some bumper comments once I am back in the internet age 🙂  😉

Anyway on to today’s heading. Day 31 of the Photo-A-Day Challenge is Whatever you please:  Today is free choice – take a photo of ANYTHING you like.

I had a whole different set of pictures that I planned to post but as I was walking into the office I just couldn’t resist taking these pictures of the gorgeous blue sky.

Cloudless Clear Blue Sky

Simply Stunning

Those are raw pictures as taken with my phone. No processing or correction of any kind. The sky was really that clear and blue when I was walking into the office. What you can’t see though from these pictures is that the wind was howling like (my poor doggies were terrified). I felt like I was going to be blown away. Seriously it was that bad. This would be a bad day to wear a floaty dress (think Marilyn Monroe).

Officially for today I live in the Windy Province. Is the wind as bad where you are?

Blast from the past…

28. Looking back: Take a photo of something from your past, or from just behind you. Look back and take a photo

The view of the Marina from where I was staying

At the Scientific Center 🙂

Marine life at the Aquarium

Can’t remember what this building was, but I saw it, I liked it and I took a picture 🙂

Kuwait Skyline. Taking from a fast-moving vehicle

All pictures from a holiday to Kuwait a little under 2 years ago using a BB curve . You read right, it is the same Kuwait and it is the same BB curve (lighting does make a big difference when taking pictures with this cheap phone). I hope to visit there sometime again in future. I was pleasantly surprised.

How is your Sunday going?

Have a great week ahead


Catch up…

Quick catch up on the photo a day challenge for Days 23, 24 and 25 using some pictures from my archives

Day 23. The view from here: Take a photo of your view from where you are. It might be your office, your home, traveling. The everyday can sometimes be very interesting.

None of these pictures were taken today. All taken in winter of 2011

View of the capital city from the Union Building

I can stare at this kind of view all day.

Cape Winelands in Winter. Beautiful blue sky and rolling hills, pure beauty 🙂

Day 24. Weather: Take a photo of the weather today. Let’s travel around the world with everyone’s weather photos.

Definitely not taken today, the sky is grey today

Day 25. People: It might be people you know or people you don’t. Take a photo of people.

Taken at an airport in West Africa. People going about their daily lives


Taken at a train station in South Africa at 6.49am 🙂


All these pictures except one was taken with my phone. Can you guess which one?

Hope you’ve had a good week thus far?