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Father’s Day 2016…

Not so late this time around 

photobombed by the dog’s tail

K now understands the day a bit though she kept saying it is daddy’s birthday. And let me just add here that if you want to keep something a secret don’t tell a 2 year old. We addressed a card for daddy and put it in the bag with the gifts, immediately daddy came home K was quick to tell him this was his birthday gift πŸ˜†

 πŸ˜† but luckily daddy  has patience and he waited till Sunday to get his gift 

So what did we do…We picked sticks:

the stick was one of three that made it into daddy’s gift pack

the “i know you asked me not to taste the dough but couldn’t resist” look

ate dough (cough cough baked)

We addressed cards:

card making in progress

what a big difference a year makes.

Father and Child

No day off for daddy just because it is Father’s day πŸ™‚

our attempt at making a cake just for daddy… the anticipation to dig right in

hugs for daddy

“toto ” sauce is yum

K for Kanyinsola; K for Kangaroo

picking out random numbers and letters

Kisses for daddy because we give him grey hairs 😁😁 and most importantly because he is ours

And it’s a wrap 

Q&A with a 2 year old…

Cleo the Rottweiler getting a hug because K decided she was sad πŸ™‚

Saw this floating around and decided to have some fun last night : Without any prompting, ask your child these questions 

What is your name? I’m Kanyinsola; my name is 2. Proud mommy moment she did say her first and last name last week 

How old are you? 2 

When is your birthday? 2 on my birthday 

How old is Daddy? 2

How old is Mummy? 2

All the age questions were shown with hand gestures (in case mommy didn’t hear well). We can only count to 13 so it would have been anything between 1-13 πŸ˜†

kanyinsola is 2

mommy is 2

daddy is 2

What is your favorite colour? I’m painting with mommy (at least she knows we use colour for painting)

What is your favourite food?  Pizza, cupcake, oats,  Otees   (I’ve never eaten this before but she gets it in Sunday school). Cupcake hmmmmm, pizza (this one was a surprise because we hardly eat pizza) And oats!! Definitely not my child as I can’t stomach oats but she loves it and is happy to have it for breakfast everyday if you allow 

Who is your best friend? Friend (well)

What is your favourite song? Twinkle star I’m sure if I asked again she would say baa baa sheep, Cow (her way of describing old Macdonalds has a farm) ring around the roses, incy spider, Barney says (yes we like Barney) and Hickory dock

What is your favourite animal? I like avagator (😳)   then she decided all amimals. I do know she likes dogs, penguins, rabbits, butterfly, elephant, monkeys, cows, fishes frogs and horses

What are you scared of? Blank face no response. Long may the not knowing what scary is last 

What makes you happy? I’m happy (said with hands raised in the air to affirm the proclamation 

e for elephant πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Where is your favorite place to go? Swimming and Church (that’s my child) and I’m sure if I allowed her she would have added gym 

What do you want to be when you grow up? Grow up and drink milk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

What is Mummy’s favorite thing to do? Blank face ….. No response 

What is daddy’s favorite thing to do? Daddy is not doing 

There you have it ….…………

Oh my word!! Kids are brutally honest!! Someone asked her kid what is mom’s favourite colour and she said -dry white…. Hmmm I didn’t know dry white was a colour on the spectrum πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Another friend asked her kid what mom’s favourite thing to do is- child responded drink wine πŸ˜†

Β Β Β Β Been a while…

It’s been a while since I posted here. So much has happened in that time. Some day I might blog about it. In the meantime  here are a few pictures of little miss. 


settings trends … when you cant decide which to wear, you wear as many as you can possibly get on your neck


stopping to smell the “fowers” on our walk


and so it begins… except she wants it cleaned off immediately after because you can’t have dirty hands


the doll: child loves; daddy hates and mommy indifferrent to it πŸ™‚


my little helper! if only thr shopping cart wasnt taller than her


bath toys need a bath too


in mommy’s running shoes


Wordless Wednesday, Kind of …

One lazy Sunday in March…


chomping down on sugarcane… perfect teething toy

A trip to the Irene Dairy farm…

penny for your thought missy… at the wishing fountain

not turning grey, that is sand in her hair and we haven’t started creche


running away from mommy because she wasnt ready to leave the sand pit. same child that refused to let her feet touch the sand when we got there lol


monkey see monkey do!! my water baby enjoyed this a bit too much and didn’t want to leave. I cringe at the thought of what could be in that water, she may or may not have tried to lick the water off her hand


Changing gears… the “mandatory” tractor ride


and a selfie…

all that fun resulted in a a very dirty and exhausted child, she napped for close to 3 hours

and dinner went down well too. All that fun made for a very hungry child

one way to remove sand from hair. worked for us. now i know


May 1st Tradition …

Every May 1st is a public holiday around here and for the past 4 years one thing I do on May 1st is the Wally Marathon and this year was no different   (And no I’m yet to join the league of “crazy” runners so I stick to the 10km)  I love this race because I don’t have to drive far (it’s held less than 10km from my house), is well organized and parking is always a breeze . I did the 5km when I was pregnant πŸ™‚

this view made waking up so early all worth it


brrrrrr and it felt even colder

sun rise (literally, seeing the sun rising just before the 10km started)

waiting for the starting gun


he’s battle ready! he was doing the 42k i think. Though not sure when he will get to eat his meal


a beautiful autumn day, though it was still cold …


always a good vibe and lots going on after the race



quarter marathon done and dusted

I had plans to do other things today but ended up lazing around the house, napping (kind of – because K decided she wanted to play) and baking.  
Do you do anything on this day that is fast becoming a tradition? The one blog I read she and her family do a hike 

Wordless Wednesday …

Easter 2015

Someone got restless and we had to burn some energy during Good Friday service

Saturday was lunch with a friend and turning 17 months…


Making friends at the playground


And a quick stop at the Easter display, so much chocolate we got overwhelmed but not before we bought our sole chocolate bunny (which is still uneaten)

Sunday was church and some (ok a lot) of hotcross buns


And Easter lunch went down well


and just fun conversation


that was as far as i got getting a picture with the bunny ears


and reading bible stories


and building and sorting…


A quick run and a beautiful sunset…


and a not so quick run to burn off all the tiramisu calories… Monday wrun


yoga move??? i see cute baby bum


ready for a quick trip to the shop and rocking our sandals before the weather gets too cold


cutie baby feet


and to round off the long weekend – home-made pizza



Silent Sunday…




If only I knew…

Conversation with my friend just over a week ago!!!

And yes baby did have a different agenda!!! Isn’t it crazy the things we joke about.

The person I was having this conversation with is a friend from university. They battled with unexplained infertility for almost 5 years. Went to see different drs and they couldn’t find anything wrong with both her and her hubby. The last dr they saw suggested she loose some weight as she was over weight and then they regroup and decide on next steps. .She went to work and lost a ton of weight. True to the dr’s word she fell pregnant naturally.


Anjolaoluwa her daughter at 1

She was happy, joyous and over the moon. Her daughter’s first name translates – we are enjoying the wealth of God and middle name – Thank you God

And in an unexpected turn of even she fell pregnant again (what are the odds) when her daughter was 11 months… You can imagine the happiness the joy the jubilation. Hence the message about baba!!! We were even discussing if her mom will go be with her (she’s based in Canada) but with temps of -31c it was was not an option! So plans were they would come in April when it was warmer.


My friend at 8 weeks pregnant at her hubby’s surprise 40th birthday last year

Baby was due on 25th! A week after our chat.

Then…. Today I check up to ask if baby was here and how she was doing. Or if baby had a different agent and was staying put in mommy’s tummy.No response! Then I get a message on IG – I’ll send you sms –


Not the news I was expecting

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Yes I did ask today if baby’s lease in mommy’s tummy had expired.

{Saturday Snapshot} looking for beauty ….

Joining my dear friend Marcia for this month edition of saturday snapshots (late though)

Beauty… I’ve always believed beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if we look well we might see something beautiful in the ordinary


Just an ordinary map of Africa? Naaaa it’s made from leaves of a book (or books) I was super impressed!


My sis saw this as messy. I saw a bowl of yummy dessert! Carefully put together with so much attention to details – ice cream with meringue, raspberries, edible flowers, nut brittles edible gold dusts, nectarines and peaches – YUMMY


Best pic of K I could get with the Santa hat on properly. My phone decided to act up so that’s what I got but I love it


Ordinary street signs! Yes but I can’t help but notice it’s B and C (I’m
Nerdy like that) plus down the road there’s Amanda and Diana streets


This must be a lot of hard work. This plant’s Mohawk is always in place all year round not to talk of the eyes, nose and mouth and currently the Mohawk is adorned with some Christmas lights!

And there are my five.

Hope you had a great weekend and you are not caught in all the “crazy” of this time of year?

Don’t mess with a good recipe…

You know the drill, you get a good recipe, follow the recipe to the letter (ok maybe not quite) but you stick to it as much possible and you end up with one of the best home made cookies you’ve ever made. Then you get smart and think why not double up and make even more that you can share with others. Calories taste better when you share. I’m sure you know that. Plus there’s love in sharing (that’s my line when I take a spoon or two or more out of my hubby’s food or my sister’s). Shared meals just taste more delicious (wink wink)

Big mistake! Don’t double up, rather make multiple batches, not only would you save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out how to get more butter into a stiff cookie dough resulting in a good kitchen bicep workout, you will save time in the long run

Yes I’m guilty as charged. I got a fantastic cookie recipe (see final result below when I wasn’t my usual non-recipe following self) and thought why not double up.

Not Pinterest worthy but they are yummy πŸ™‚

BIG MISTAKE – especially considering I know most recipes can’t be doubled up to perfection but I still did it. Remember I was trying to save time and being SMART. What was supposed to take 30 mins from ingredients to end result ended up taking an hour! So much for saving time. The end result was ok but no great.

Moral of the lesson – rather stick to the recipe. You can get away with less or more sugar here and there. I reduced the sugar in this recipe and still got wonderful results when I left everything else as the recipe called for. The double up recipe is not picture worthy at all

Please tell me I’m not alone in mixing things up when you get a recipe, and coming up with your own twists.

In case you didn’t know now you know to rather make multiple batches than doubling or tripling recipe quantities. You can thank me later for the tip LOL

Any big baking plans for Christmas? Do you even like baking?