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Silent Sunday… Again


{Friendship Friday} One-sided Relationships…

This topic has been on my mind for sometime now. I’ve always wondered why certain relationships are one-sided. You know the type where you give give give and give but get nothing in return. Of course I’m not talking about physical giving but time, love, affection and you get nothing in return.

A few years ago I made the decision – if I give I need to be given too. Imagine being in a relationship where you are always the one to make the first move, it does become exhausting and probably makes the other person feel less loved.

I’ve always thought that in life you give what you get but I’ve learnt the hard way that it is not always like that!

Picture taken earlier today – a rainbow in our concrete jungle

I’ve actually cut out a few people from my life for that exact reason. And I’m doing that on a regular basis. Hard core but it works for me. With 2 friends I actually went through our chat history and I realised they had never ever ever ever ever sent me a message to check up on me or say hello. They only say hello if I say hello first! And yet another friend only ever says hello when she needs something. Said friend sent me a message last December and said she would come see Kanyin, it’s November and in still waiting!!! Hopefully before Baby turns 10 she will come.


View from the train on the commute to work today


Sunset on the way home yesterday

I have a big love tank but it needs to be replenished

Of course I know once in a while people have stuff going on in their lives and just need space to deal with whatever they are going through but I believe if someone is dear to you, you WILL and CAN find a few seconds to send a quick message to say hello and let a friend know you are thinking of them

Are you like me or you have a tank so full and overflowing you are ok to give give give and get nothing in return. Please tell me I am not alone. And if you are that type of friend to someone make time today to send a quick sms or email to say hello – it might just be what they need t make their day that much better

Hope you have a nice and restful weekend xxx

Good things happen in threes…

Well then it seems bad things happen in fours (or maybe it is just me)

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Woke up bright and early, got some early morning cuddles with baby (daddy was out of town)


IMG_0150.JPG morning selfie with the little miss before getting ready for work

Got ready for work, was rushing to be able to get in good time since I had plans to leave work in good time… Wishful thinking man proposes God disposes…

Thing 1: press the remote to open the gate it didn’t work, no big deal I know how to override, get down on my knees , open gate motor, press override nothing, tweak a few buttons, still nothing. Push, shove, pull gate wouldn’t budge! Hmmm I call the office PA to tell her I would be late need to get the technician to come fix gate. While chatting to her I notice thing 2!

Thing 2: I have a flat tyre – weird how did that happen . I must have picked up something that punctured the tyre because it was completely flat. So I tell PA I will try get a taxi and head to work. PA says “my dear, that’s a sign stay home and get your work done” I shall let the boss know you are working from home. Good thing I have access to be able to work from home. Granted I can do an ok job of fixing the tyre I did learn at 15 because my dad made me, in his words if you can drive you have to be able to change a tyre .

Technician is running late, fault with his car!!!

What did I do


I stayed home and got lots of work done. Though I had to use my data (not cheap) but I can’t eat my cake and have it. I was not ready to take a taxi. It was a busy work day and I blazed through it with minimal distraction ( food for thought, all those side office chit chats while good for human interaction means less efficiency )

And being home I got to see this child wake up from her nap and I think she was happy to see me too


That was her attempt at smiling when she woke up. Isn’t she just too cute!!!

Thing 3: after work was all done I decided to take a walk, I was getting cabin fever. Pack baby up in stroller check, change into work out gear check, open pedestrian gate to get out check. Lock pedestrian gate, no check – twist and turn – key broke into the lock! Damn . Hubby is still not back . Call locksmith he can fix it but needs to be paid in cash. BTW I saved the locksmith’s name in my phone as Locksmith Expensive – ha I’m sure there was a reason for that. Call out R450 , lock R295 after lots of exclaiming he gave me a whole R45 discount ($1=R11.1) . It doesn’t sound a lot but who carries so much cash around. These artisans need to move with the times and get pocket pos so they can accept cards for payments.

So my little companion and I head out for a quick 5km (through and fro) to the ATM to draw cash – then thing 4 happened


Thing 4 – ATM not working!!! Luckily there was another bank’s ATM (I don’t know about you but I hate drawing cash and I even hate it more drawing from another bank’s ATM). Get cash rush back home, mr expensive is there. He fixes the gate in a whooping 5 minutes or less . I shuddered when I handed over the cash but I felt safer knowing my gate was locked again and won’t be left opened overnight!!!



Beautiful sunset while walking back from the ATM!

And that my friends was how I spent my Friday and how I concluded bad things must happen in fours 😆 😆

Hope you are having a nice weekend

Ps: technician only made it to fix the gate today!

Now you know…


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Good Neighbours…


Picture taken at sunset yesterday

Being a good neighbour means different things to different people but one thing I know is having a good neighbour is the best thing anyone can ask for. I find it sad that the common thread these days is for people not to know their neighbours.

We’ve lived in our current house for 9 years and it was only 2 years ago that I met one of my next door neighbours. The other neighbours I “know” in that we say hello when we see on the street but that’s about it.

This makes me sad because growing up life was different. It was an era of good neighborliness. Where as a child I was afraid to be bad because you knew the neighbours and knew they were watching.They were like our extended family. Actually they were extended family by default. I used to have lunch almost every other day at neighbours and many came to house for dinner. First time I can remember watching an Indian movie (and Bruce Lee) on a VCR was at neighbours. I miss those times and I’m sad that life is not like that any more.

We had a stream of unpaid baby sitters/care givers/chauffeurs in our neighbours when my parents would be away. The one neighbour used to take me to and pick me from school from grade 1 to 3 and look after me till my mom got back everyday. It was pure bliss in my little mind though one of the neighbours was even stricter than my mom! Many of my old neighbours growing up are some of my oldest -at least 30 years (yes I’m old I know) and closest friends till date

Do you know your neighbours? Are you close? Can you count on them ?and more importantly can they count on you? What was it like for you growing up? What does being a good neighbour mean to you?

Ps: I’m hitching to be a not so nice neighbour right now! The one neighbour has creeping plants that keeps over growing into our compound and triggering off the alarm and blocking the night light. Need to pay someone to cut it regularly. I keep thinking I should ask them to trim it but hubby can’t be bothered so I’m letting it slide but it’s driving me batty.

A Prayer for the Stressed…


Sunset in the capital City (Summer 2013)

Sunset in the capital City (Summer 2013)


Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. 

The courage to change the things I can. 

The wisdom to be careful of the toes I step on today, 

As they may be connected to the feet I have to kiss tomorrow. 

Help me give 100% at work –

 12% on Monday 

23% on Tuesday 

40% on Wednesday 

20% on Thursday 

and 5% on Friday 

Help me to remember, when I’m having a bad day, 

And it seems that people are trying to wind me up, 

It takes 42 muscles to frown, 

28 muscles to smile and only 4 to extend my hand….. 

And smack them in the mouth!

 – Author unknown


Don’t know about you but I love it 😆 😆

 Hope you have had a good week so far. This weekend I am looking forward to getting my hair done and a 5km women’s race and some R &R.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

No, I don’t have the flu…

If I got a dollar every time I said these words, I think I would be a millionaire by now! Ok I’m exaggerating but you get the drift 😆

I know people around here like to call a common cold the flu, but I can never get used to it (and I refuse to get used to it). There’s a very very big difference between a cold or in my case sinusitis and hay fever/allergies.

So, no I don’t have the flu, I usually have a cold or a bad case of sinusitis 99% of the time 😆 :lol

Ps: you know I always always have to have a picture or two or more, so here are two, one from sunset today and the other from sunrise a week ago

Hope you are having a good week so far?

Sunset earlier today while taking Caesar on a walk

Sunset earlier today while taking Caesar on a walk

Sunrise last Wednesday

Sunrise last Wednesday

Last Weekend…

I had a very good 4 day weekend last weekend.

A friend, her hubby and 2 daughters spent 3 days with us. When she was pregnant with the first daughter, I used to sit next to her at work and feel the baby kick anytime she ate ice-cream….. And now the girls are almost 11 and almost 10 – according to them 🙂 😉

Last time I saw them was in 2008 (though we chat and email quite often).  I liked having them around because even though my hubby was officially meeting them for the first time properly, we all got along real good and chatted for hours on all the days they were with us. On the last night, after the husbands went to bed, my friend and I chatted  from 1am to 3.30am and it was just what I needed. Food for my soul. The down side was I had a race that was starting at 6.40 (or so I thought, because it apparently started at 6.30), so I was out of the house by 5.40am. Would I have gone to bed earlier rather than have our chat, NOPE!!!!!

On arrival, I asked the girls what they wanted to do while here, the almost 11 wanted to go shopping, the almost 10 wanted to do whatever daddy wanted to do…

…so we went sightseeing


1 20130221-00544

Then shopping

Taken in one of the dressing rooms during our shopping trip

One of the dressing rooms during our last shopping trip

Another dressing room in the shop above. The girls (and the adults) were in pink heaven

Another dressing room in the shop above. The girls (and the adults) were in pink paradise

The other side of the dressing room above

We baked muffins twice (sadly, no picture evidence, but they were yummy and fluffy vanilla muffins)

During this period, I went for 2 step classes and did my first 10km of the year.

Enroute to the 10KM starting line

Enroute to the 10KM starting line, don’t be deceived by the sun it was just after 6am 😉

10km Finito- with my medal :-)Interestingly, I did my best time ever in the race...

10km Finito- with my medal 🙂
Interestingly, I did my best time ever in the race…

I was sad to see them leave

Saying goodbye at the airportSob :-(  Sob :-(

Sob 😦 Sob 😦
PS: I don’t even know if one is allowed to take pictures here, but I used zoom I guess the guards could never figure out the pictures I was taking 😉

All in all I was happy to have been able to spend that time with them.
How was you week?  Any big weekend plans?
Have a nice and restful weekend xxx

Another day, Another SUNSET..

One of the few things (probably the only thing actually) I like about summer is the beautiful sunsets (I always somehow miss the sunrise, but I’m sure it must be beautiful too 🙂 ) and today’s did not disappoint

How was your Thursday and your week so far?

taken in the capital city today at 18.36am

taken in the capital city today at 18.36am

Beauty despite it all…

I refuse to think about all that is going on around now, there is only so much negative news one can deal with before becoming paranoid or going crazy,  instead I am making a conscious effort to focus on the beauty in small things around me. (I think I am in denial)


19/02/2013 at 18:43

19/02/2013 at 18:31


A few minutes later….


19/02/2013 at 18:46. The sun had disappeared but it's presence could still be seen in the orange streaks

19/02/2013 at 18:46. The sun had disappeared but it’s presence could still be seen in the orange streaks



And a different side taken from the same spot

19/02/2013 at 18:47

19/02/2013 at 18:47


19/02/2013 at 18:48

Pictures taken at sunset yesterday.


Hope you have had a good week so far?  I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me, starting from tomorrow. Plus I have some friends coming over for 3 days (last time I saw them was December 2008) and I am doing my 1st 10k of 2012.

Long weekend + 10km race + time with good friends = A VERY HAPPY ME