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Saturday Snapshots {TEXTURE}…

Only more than a few days late! I’m using the mantra better late than never. Joining Marcia as usual for this month’s challenge









IMG_2256.JPG the sky is so smooth I feel like I could rub my cheeks against it

Hope you are having a good week? I am but I’m exhausted and need the weekend to be here like yesterday.

Enjoy what’s left of the week xxx

Good things happen in threes…

Well then it seems bad things happen in fours (or maybe it is just me)

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Woke up bright and early, got some early morning cuddles with baby (daddy was out of town)


IMG_0150.JPG morning selfie with the little miss before getting ready for work

Got ready for work, was rushing to be able to get in good time since I had plans to leave work in good time… Wishful thinking man proposes God disposes…

Thing 1: press the remote to open the gate it didn’t work, no big deal I know how to override, get down on my knees , open gate motor, press override nothing, tweak a few buttons, still nothing. Push, shove, pull gate wouldn’t budge! Hmmm I call the office PA to tell her I would be late need to get the technician to come fix gate. While chatting to her I notice thing 2!

Thing 2: I have a flat tyre – weird how did that happen . I must have picked up something that punctured the tyre because it was completely flat. So I tell PA I will try get a taxi and head to work. PA says “my dear, that’s a sign stay home and get your work done” I shall let the boss know you are working from home. Good thing I have access to be able to work from home. Granted I can do an ok job of fixing the tyre I did learn at 15 because my dad made me, in his words if you can drive you have to be able to change a tyre .

Technician is running late, fault with his car!!!

What did I do


I stayed home and got lots of work done. Though I had to use my data (not cheap) but I can’t eat my cake and have it. I was not ready to take a taxi. It was a busy work day and I blazed through it with minimal distraction ( food for thought, all those side office chit chats while good for human interaction means less efficiency )

And being home I got to see this child wake up from her nap and I think she was happy to see me too


That was her attempt at smiling when she woke up. Isn’t she just too cute!!!

Thing 3: after work was all done I decided to take a walk, I was getting cabin fever. Pack baby up in stroller check, change into work out gear check, open pedestrian gate to get out check. Lock pedestrian gate, no check – twist and turn – key broke into the lock! Damn . Hubby is still not back . Call locksmith he can fix it but needs to be paid in cash. BTW I saved the locksmith’s name in my phone as Locksmith Expensive – ha I’m sure there was a reason for that. Call out R450 , lock R295 after lots of exclaiming he gave me a whole R45 discount ($1=R11.1) . It doesn’t sound a lot but who carries so much cash around. These artisans need to move with the times and get pocket pos so they can accept cards for payments.

So my little companion and I head out for a quick 5km (through and fro) to the ATM to draw cash – then thing 4 happened


Thing 4 – ATM not working!!! Luckily there was another bank’s ATM (I don’t know about you but I hate drawing cash and I even hate it more drawing from another bank’s ATM). Get cash rush back home, mr expensive is there. He fixes the gate in a whooping 5 minutes or less . I shuddered when I handed over the cash but I felt safer knowing my gate was locked again and won’t be left opened overnight!!!



Beautiful sunset while walking back from the ATM!

And that my friends was how I spent my Friday and how I concluded bad things must happen in fours 😆 😆

Hope you are having a nice weekend

Ps: technician only made it to fix the gate today!

{Saturday Snapshot} RED

Joining Marcia again this week for Saturday Snapshot. Go check out Mandy’s post too

My red pictures…. As usual all taken with my phone


Testing out a birthday present from Robyn on my birthday. RED lipstick


Shiny RED old school car…


My sis got bombed RED at the colour run


Open-mouthed concentration “driving” the RED tractor




Spring is in the air! Though with the temps today you would think winter was just starting. It was 1C (34F) at 7am

How are you doing? Hope having a good weekend?

This made me chuckle…


Don't you just love the colours of fall/Autumn

Don’t you just love the colours of fall/Autumn

“The list of things toddlers dislike is lengthy: cereal on the floor, cereal in a bowl, cereal in the wrong bowl, cereal in a bowl at the wrong time, the wrong cereal in the right bowl, the right cereal in the right bowl at the wrong table… the list continues for days. Toddlers are fickle little creatures, full of boundless energy and opinions they can’t always express” 😆 😆 😆 😆

Image courtesy of csftl.org

The ddreaded tantrum! Image courtesy of csftl.org

This was a post about changing kids to forward facing car seats too soon because they hate the rear facing car seat…

Then this landed in my inbox today and I laughed so much I had tears rolling down my eyes: http://www.naijahusband.com/2014/07/08/married-woman-natural-hair/ 

I could relate because my cousin’s wife and my sister are on the natural hair journey and I have heard my cousin and my mom at different times complain about the various concoctions that gets made all in the hair of this natural hair journey…


It was blistering cold when I took this picture (I think 0C - 32F) but the sky was just the perfect shade of blue

It was blistering cold when I took this picture (I think 0C – 32F) but the sky was just the perfect shade of blue


July Photo a day Challenge 1…

Hope you all had a nice weekend? I did just too busy.

I decided to do the photo a day challenge and I must tell you it is fun. Though some of the challenges are a real challenge. I’ve been doing it on IG so far but decided to post the pictures here too. Will post every few days in one post though I do try to post daily on IG.

Day 1 – red and white. I interpreted this as red and white in honour of Canada day. In case you didn’t know July 1st is Canada day and Canada’s flag is red and white


Day 2 – something beginning with K – no I didn’t do the obvious and post a picture of my child but it was still easy peasy I use a keyboard at work daily so I did the obvious


This wasn’t the picture I used on IG but this just seems more artsy 🙂

Day 3 – match

This required some digging and I ended up with this


That was a box of matches that we gave away as a souvenir from our wedding many moons ago

Day 4- Stars. This seemed a bit obvious to me. It was 4th of July and the US Independence Day . I couldn’t find something with 50 stars but I had the star light from K’s night light


And on this day K also turned 8 months.


I caught her in the moment playing and her hand was on the number 8 and I thought how perfect is that picture for the day she turned 8 months!

This child of mine is busy and wants to see everything and touch everything and be everywhere. Don’t ask me who she takes after. Let’s just say her father is a gentle soul. It seems the days of getting posed- type pictures for our monthly pictures are gone. I had to get creative and stuck the milestone stickers on her back and bum




Day 5- on the table- this was apt as we were the house of plague ill for a week or so and I had my stash of meds on the changing table


And day 6 – View


My poor K was feeling very poorly and I was just too glad she got some sleep

And that was the first 6 days of the challenge. I like challenges like this because it requires some creativity and thinking outside the box and also because it forces me to take intentional pictures and blog more often as well

More pictures coming during the week

Have a wonderful and great week ahead xxx

A lot going on…

I have a million and one blog post in my head but life has been busy and they remain in my head. I keep vowing to blog more but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

A not so quick catch-up


Last week, I felt myself coming down with a cold but didn’t think much of it, mostly because anyone who knows me well knows that my nose is hardly ever dry (I used two boxes of kleenex in 2 days!!!!) but by Thursday morning I felt a full-blown bout of flu coming my way, fever, headache, body ache, runny nose. I left the office at noon, went straight to the clinic where I was told I would be charged R135 (about $12) extra for coming without an appointment. Seriously!!!! I was shivering and could barely talk, so this was the least of my worries, thank God for medical aid. By the way the earliest appointment was at 7pm, and this was just after noon!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Got a throat swab done (never heard back from the dr, which is a good sign), was told I had a bad infection, got meds

A truck load of meds

A truck load of meds

headed home, managed to eat, take the meds and slept for about 6 hours. Woke up feeling like new. I hate meds by the way and always always ask for injections. Luckily, the dr gave me Friday off.

Saturday, I did a quick 5.6km walk (I am loving the Nike+ app, I should blog about it sometime) and then headed out to Marcia’s for the twin’s birthday! It was a pajama party and it was so much fun. Even most of the adults were in pajamas. K had a blast, she loves people watching. This party even gave me the confidence I need to consider maybe just maybe I would have a party for K’s 1st birthday

Some pictures from the birthday

Banana milk for a monkey themed party

Banana milk for a monkey themed party

We obviously got the memo because K was in dressed in a monkey styled outfit. Pity I didn’t get any proper pictures of her in the outfit

Notice the little monkey on the chest and the outfit also had a monkey face on the feet (use your imagination :) )

Notice the little monkey on the chest and the outfit also had a monkey face on the feet (use your imagination 🙂 )

The kids were busy busy busy and I couldn’t help but laugh when I was looking at some the pictures.

These two pictures below were taken after mommy clearly issued an instruction saying don’t touch the gifts so we can say thank you properly and know who gave you what…

The gift is almost as big as he is

The gift is almost as big as he is

sneakily checking out the gifts

sneakily checking out the gifts

Ps: I would also be excited if I got so many lovely gifts

And then I went to change (yes, I had my pajama pants on) and saw this in the bathroom and I couldn’t help but take a picture

Gotta love the instructions ...

Gotta love the instructions …

And came home to this…

Dust empire - Kitchen reno in progress

Dust empire – Kitchen reno in progress

I knew it was coming but I was in denial. My hubby got a bee in the bonnet and decided it was time to redo the kitchen. I said yes, naively. Naively you ask, I have never been through a construction, I assumed it would be a walk in the part, let me tell you, it is not for the faint hearted. Only thing that is keeping me going is that I have my eye on the price. At least I would finally have a well-functioning stove  (An interesting story on stoves. I have one of the stock standard de.fy brand stoves. I am not sure it ever worked well because even at the highest temp, I could do a quick 30 minutes drive before anything would boil on it. So I went to visit MIL one day and decided to cook at her house and put the stove on the highest which is what I do at home. Less than 5 minutes later I notice the pot boiling over and went to investigate. Only to realise the heat was too much. I felt like I was from the bush because I had gotten accustomed to my slow to heat up stove 😆 😆 my hubby had a big laugh when I told him. Thank heavens I didn’t burn anything) and oven after more than 3 years. Add to that a sick baby and hubby away for 3 days for work 

K came down with something, which she must have caught from hubby and I and is now recuperating. She also got loads of meds, luckily she only has to use them for 5 days which ends today

K's stash of meds. No I am not injecting her, the injection is for measuring the amount of saline solution that needs to go in the nebulizer

K’s stash of meds. No I am not injecting her, the injection is for measuring the amount of saline solution that needs to go in the nebulizer


My poor K at the physio... One more day and we should be done with physio

My poor K at the physio… One more day and we should be done with physio

Ps: It might be the version of explorer I am using but it is a mission and half plus more to do a good post from the computer, much easier on my iPhone


This weekend, I intend to rest as much as possible, it’s been a hectic week. Hope you had a week better than mine. Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned and if you are in SA, please keep warm xxx

A Prayer for the Stressed…


Sunset in the capital City (Summer 2013)

Sunset in the capital City (Summer 2013)


Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. 

The courage to change the things I can. 

The wisdom to be careful of the toes I step on today, 

As they may be connected to the feet I have to kiss tomorrow. 

Help me give 100% at work –

 12% on Monday 

23% on Tuesday 

40% on Wednesday 

20% on Thursday 

and 5% on Friday 

Help me to remember, when I’m having a bad day, 

And it seems that people are trying to wind me up, 

It takes 42 muscles to frown, 

28 muscles to smile and only 4 to extend my hand….. 

And smack them in the mouth!

 – Author unknown


Don’t know about you but I love it 😆 😆

 Hope you have had a good week so far. This weekend I am looking forward to getting my hair done and a 5km women’s race and some R &R.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Have you ever….

I found this on Sue’s blog who found it on Megan’s blog  and I just had to do it….
Have you ever:
1. Been pulled over?  Yes a couple of times, but luckily each time I have been let go as it was always at road blocks and I can pull an innocent face if I have to, to get off the hook

2. Plucked your eyebrows?  Waxed, threaded by others, but never by myself. I can’t do self-inflicted pain

3. Pulled an all-nighter?  A lot, the night is my favourite time to study. I love the eerie silence

4. Baked a cake? Yes, many times but one thing I don’t do well is follow recipes, so even if I bake the same cake twice in one day, it will come out differently. I love baking brownies, I think they are fail-proof

5. Fallen down in public? Yes, a couple of times. Last time I remembered, was down a flight of stairs at work because someone or some people forgot to clean up while they were doing some construction work. I was almost done with physio (for a knee injury),  this fall set me back by almost 6 weeks, the knee ended up being operated on  😦  6. Been caught making out?  Not that I know of , but I don’t have any issues with kissing my hubby in public or PDA (that doesn’t count right)   😆

7. Taken a pregnancy test?  YES

8. Broken a bone?  Nope, strained and sprained, yes, but not a fracture. Thank God

9. Had braces?  NOPE

10. Gone skinny dipping?  No, too much of a prude

11. Made a prank call?  YES, YES, YES. I love pranking people and still did it to my hubby this morning, called pretending to be someone who has a 4-year-old child for him    😆      😆    😆

12. Screamed during a scary movie? YES,  that is why I don’t watch scary movies, I would rather watch a comedy or drama. I have a vivid imagination and for days I would play out the scenes and have weird dreams about the movie…

13. Gone out without underwear? This must be a trick question!!!! Try it and let me know   😉   😉 14. Been arrested? NOPE, little miss prim and proper

15. Opened Christmas presents early?  NOPE, I am patient

16. Been in the hospital? Yes, one night in 2011 and three nights in 2012, but before that never!!! 17. Had food come out your nose? YEP

18. Toilet papered someone’s house? NOPE, see answer in 14 (boring I know)

19. Laughed so hard you cried? All the time, it is good for the soul
20. Burned yourself with a curling iron?  Yes, and I ended up with a big sore on my ear lobe (sob, sob)21. Been hit on by someone too old?  Hmmm, this brings back bad memories,  not hit on directly but imagine an older man peeing on the side of the road waving his thing at you while you passing by (HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING)

22. Eaten food that fell on the floor? Of course, but it depends on which floor and where 23. Given a hickey?  What’s a hickey? (sorry answering a question, with another question)

24. Shared a sucker with your dog? NOPE!!!! Do people really do that, disgusting. I love dogs but I am not dog crazy, you know dogs eat poo right and smell each other’s butt

25. Been in an accident? YES, twice that I can remember and both times someone drove into my car and both times my car had to be written off. The last one was a few minutes before the start of  my birthday 2 years ago 26. Spied on your neighbours? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, did this a lot when I was a kid, it was so much fun

27. Lied about your age? Naaa, I would rather plead the 5th (right to remain silent) than lie

28. Fired a gun? No and I hope I never have to, I held my uncle’ s gun once and I have to say those things are heavy

29. Been drunk?  No, never,  TEETOTALER

30. Gotten a tattoo?  NOPE, too bad girlish for little miss prim and proper

 Lots of questions, but I have to admit it was fun to answer and it is a good way to share some little known facts. Would love to know your answers to some of the questions (or all) . Indulge me please  🙂
Of course no post is complete without a picture or two.
Yummy Birthday Dinner - Lightly grilled haloumi cheese with a home made chunky mediterranean relish, baby herbs and fresh lemon.  I didn't eat the herbs though...

Yummy Birthday Dinner – Lightly grilled haloumi cheese with a home-made chunky mediterranean relish, baby herbs and fresh lemon. I didn’t eat the herbs or use the lemon though…


A post about nothing

so true!!!! on a board in a clinic cafe

so true!!!! on a board in a clinic cafe

Just some random on this wet Saturday evening

Hope you are having a good weekend so far?


looks yummy, my friend's dessert

looks yummy, my friend’s dessert

Move it…

Our photo challenge for March is MOVEMENT. Not an easy task, because how do you capture movement in pictures, but  this is one theme I was very much looking forward to. Can’t wait to see all the different interpretations of this theme.

The usual rules apply… 5 pics  and an added rule for this theme pictures taken from different vantage points.

Closing Ceremony at AF.CON 2013

Closing Ceremony at AF.CON 2013 taken from my vantage point at the stadium

Electrifyin atmosphere

Electrifying atmosphere, I literally sat on my edge of my seat all through the game except of course when the goal was scored- I choose the wrong time to answer the call of nature  😉  😉  🙂  🙂

If you can bear the noise (I had ear plugs) and the crowd, nothing beats watching a soccer game live. Though if you are like my hubby anything more than 10 people will scare the beje.sus out of you 🙂 plus he says he doesn’t want to watch people kicking around a ball for 90 mins (good thing he doesn’t like cricket either)

A gaggle tanning after a dip

A gaggle tanning after a dip. These geese all go into the water for a quick dip and then  line up facing the sun and go back in for a dip again then tan again. Must be so much fun. Good I didn’t end up in the water while trying to get this picture

Did you know that a flock of geese, if not in flight, is sometimes called a GAGGLE. Now you know 🙂

Commuters at the train station One of my favourite past time is people watching.... I try to imagine what is going on in people's minds as they go about their normal everyday activities

Commuters at the train station
One of my favourite past time is people watching…. I try to imagine what is going on in people’s minds as they go about their normal everyday activities this picture I took coming down the stairs while rushing to catch the train(as usual)

Another one of my people watching exercise   ;-)   ;-)

Another one of my people watching exercise 😉 😉 I took this while doing a not so fast walk on the treadmill – I have a love/hate relationship with this particular gym equipment, I would rather walk outdoors

Hope you will join the photo fun? 


Have a lovely weekend xxx