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The Spice Route…

I feel like that was where I was last Saturday.

I did manage to wake up before my alarm on Saturday morning,  bright   and early (not so bright though, but early it was past 6am) I made the drive down to do a 5km walk – The Lo.ve Run it was called .

The route wasn’t scenic, just a typical suburban neighbourhood, but you know I would still get a few pictures either way

Some bubbles along the way

Some bubbles along the way

photo 2

I liked the contrast of the white house with black finishes and the “enchanted” leafless tree

I found the colour of this house interesting, unfortunately the picture doesn't do it any justice.

I found the colour of this house, emmm interesting, unfortunately the picture doesn’t do it any justice.

Interesting red leaved tree. Just glad it is not on my property

Some of the street names made me feel like I was threading down the spice route.

Corner of Saffron and Paprika Streets!

Imagine asking someone where they live and they tell you on the corner of Saffron and Paprika Streets! I would think they were joking

photo 4

There were other spices – Nutmeg, Koljander (coriander) etc. But no need to bore you with pictures of street name poles.

My weekend was quite packed but I did manage to get good rest in between, and I watched  Dani.elle Ste.el movie marathon ( I think I watched 7 or 8 movies), the movies don’t do the book justice, though not  all the books are great anyway (usually quite predictable).  Have you read or do you read Dani.elle Ste.el? I think I have read at least 25 or maybe 30 (or more) of her books. Who is your favourite author? Mine was Sid.ney Shel.don at one time. Love his writing style, the twists in the plot and that he usually had quite strong female characters…

Hope you had a nice and restful weekend?  Have a great week ahead xxx