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{Monthly Photo Challenge} BROWN

Joining Marcia again this month on the photo challenge. The theme this time around is BROWN!

I battled with this challenge all week because I just didn’t want to take the obvious brown nature pictures, but then had a light bulb moment today, I have loads of brown around my house…

So here we go (I need a lot of luck as I’m posting this from my phone)

Trust you are having a great weekend xxx

A view of one part of my lounge. A lot of brown :-)

A view of one part of my lounge. A lot of brown 🙂

Another view of the lounge. Wooden frame around the wood burnig fire place

Another view of the lounge. Wooden frame around the wood burnig fire place

Brown beads on the bottom of  a handmade candle. A gift from hubby Isn't it just too pretty to light

Brown beads on the bottom of a handmade candle. A gift from hubby Isn’t it just too pretty to light

An ice cream nut cake on a river of goey yummy chocolate sauce :-)

An ice cream nut cake on a river of goey yummy chocolate sauce 🙂

A brown ediffice

A brown ediffice

Last Weekend…

I had a very good 4 day weekend last weekend.

A friend, her hubby and 2 daughters spent 3 days with us. When she was pregnant with the first daughter, I used to sit next to her at work and feel the baby kick anytime she ate ice-cream….. And now the girls are almost 11 and almost 10 – according to them 🙂 😉

Last time I saw them was in 2008 (though we chat and email quite often).  I liked having them around because even though my hubby was officially meeting them for the first time properly, we all got along real good and chatted for hours on all the days they were with us. On the last night, after the husbands went to bed, my friend and I chatted  from 1am to 3.30am and it was just what I needed. Food for my soul. The down side was I had a race that was starting at 6.40 (or so I thought, because it apparently started at 6.30), so I was out of the house by 5.40am. Would I have gone to bed earlier rather than have our chat, NOPE!!!!!

On arrival, I asked the girls what they wanted to do while here, the almost 11 wanted to go shopping, the almost 10 wanted to do whatever daddy wanted to do…

…so we went sightseeing


1 20130221-00544

Then shopping

Taken in one of the dressing rooms during our shopping trip

One of the dressing rooms during our last shopping trip

Another dressing room in the shop above. The girls (and the adults) were in pink heaven

Another dressing room in the shop above. The girls (and the adults) were in pink paradise

The other side of the dressing room above

We baked muffins twice (sadly, no picture evidence, but they were yummy and fluffy vanilla muffins)

During this period, I went for 2 step classes and did my first 10km of the year.

Enroute to the 10KM starting line

Enroute to the 10KM starting line, don’t be deceived by the sun it was just after 6am 😉

10km Finito- with my medal :-)Interestingly, I did my best time ever in the race...

10km Finito- with my medal 🙂
Interestingly, I did my best time ever in the race…

I was sad to see them leave

Saying goodbye at the airportSob :-(  Sob :-(

Sob 😦 Sob 😦
PS: I don’t even know if one is allowed to take pictures here, but I used zoom I guess the guards could never figure out the pictures I was taking 😉

All in all I was happy to have been able to spend that time with them.
How was you week?  Any big weekend plans?
Have a nice and restful weekend xxx

Weekend Awesome Work Play…

The title of this post doesn’t really reflect my weekend , but rather it is the cues for the photo-a-day challenge for days 18, 19 and 20 November.

Day 18. Happened this weekend:

Take a photo of something you did this weekend. Perhaps it was just sleeping, or was it partying? Just shoot a part of your weekend and share it.

Last Saturday I took a 45 minutes walk around my neighbourhood just before 6am and I came across this carpet

Purple floor covering 😉

Me standing in Purple…

Day 19. Something Awesome:

Take a photo of something awesome in your life, or something rather awesome that you saw.

 I shared one part of it last week, this is another view from the 12th, just at a different time of the day

Another view from the 12th taken at sunset last Saturday

Isn’t this view just awesome.

And I just had to share another picture I saw in my archives. I understand now why my friends say I have always loved taking pictures.

A picture of the Union Building (Seat of Govt) I took in November 8 2006…

Day 20. Work/Play:  

You could use something like picframe to share two photos – one of what ‘work’ looks like for you, and another of what ‘play’ looks like for you.

WORK This is my workstation. I will spare you the mess that is the whole area and show you my pretty screen saver (LOL)

My beautiful work screen saver and not so beautiful work area in the background 😉

PLAY hmmmmm, what does play mean for me, these days (or like forever) taking random pictures

God’s window taken in December 2006

Ile de Goree (Goree Island), a small Island just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal taken in August 2008

Have a great day ahead

In my town…

Day 22. In your town: Take a photo of something from where you live. It might be a building, people, park or something else.

Remember I said I was doing two races (or walks) this past weekend. I am proud to report I did the two (though ended up doing two 5km races instead of one 5km and one 8km). Feeling super fit and energized.

As you know, no walk is complete without some pictures to show (confession lots of pictures) .

A little slice of the city which I now call home

Waiting for the 5km fun race to start

Isn’t this just beauty at its best 🙂
For this, I would do a race here every day

Except that you have to deal with this  😉

Union Building (seat of govt) in the background if you look through the wires and poles 🙂

Spring is upon us for sure;-)

Beauty right in the middle of the city

Don’t you just love the purple peeking through all that green.
I do very much 🙂

More unexpected beauty


I support a different red English soccer team 😉

The weather couldn’t decide whether to be sunny or grey 😉

 Marcia, I took these 2 grey skies pictures just for you

Me at the finish line with some excess baggage (for my camera, phone, water bottle and sweater – race started at past 6am, weather was a bit nippy at the start)

Another 5km conquered

See why I love these walks, I get to experience my surroundings and the beauty that is South Africa  in a different light.  I wouldn’t notice these if I was in a fast-moving vehicle.

There was one street we walked on that you had to practically race down it otherwise you would fall. It was super hilly. I can just imagine a learner driver trying to come up hill on that road  or a not so good manual vehicle (recipe for disaster)

I sometimes wonder myself  whether I would enjoy doing the walks if I couldn’t take pictures as I go along  😉  ) Bet you know the answer 😉  🙂


 Hope you had a nice weekend?

Have a great week ahead