I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into the shop and saw these

Valentine Day chocolates !@#$%

Valentine Day chocolates !@#$%


Seriously, Christmas was just the other day and now, this. And I must tell you this same shop had some Easter eggs on display.


That was my moan for the day (not really). Do have a great weekend


9 responses to “Seriously…

  1. Well. First xmas stuff appears in wal-mart flyers in the end of AUGUST here. So I am not surprised.

    In the local drug mart, there are easter eggs and valentines, too…

  2. lynettejacobs11

    I found it scary that the back to school stuff was out before Christmas…and some stores already have easter eggs…seriously.

  3. I’m not THAT surprised by the valentine’s stuff – that’s only a few weeks away if you think about it, but it’s waaaaay too early for easter if you ask me!

  4. LOL….SERIOUSLY? Thats too much.

  5. I had exactly the same thought! and my son is already asking me how long until the easter bunny comes. *sigh*

  6. I heard some people even saying that they saw some Easter eggs in some of the stores. Yikes!

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