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Just bothering her sis

You know you have been too busy and missing in action when the running app reminds you that you haven’t been on the road in over 7 days!  Time to rectify that! Yes it doesn’t help that it is so dark in the mornings but add to that a 5 yo with a busy school and extra curricular schedule, a 13 month old who has discovered the joy of toddling around, hectic work schedule and a move! The house move requires a whole post of its own … phew!!!!

On the plus side I’m enjoying the colder weather!!! It was a glorious 4C (40F) the other day

Anything interesting happening in your neck of the wood?








It’s the little things…

Kids can be difficult to please most times but I find that some times it’s the little things that make them happy and tickles their fancy!!!!

Today, K had a somewhat busy day – swimming, health check with daddy – which turned into a 3 hour plus Daddy/daughter date and birthday party (plus I thrive on being busy so cue more things added) but some plans got changed and we were home earlier than planned

Because you need to dress the part to decorate a Christmas tree

On getting home she reminded me we needed to decorate our tree (yes same tree that is out all year round). The usual me would make a big deal out of tree decorating – the right outfit (aka pretty dress, right light for pictures etc (I know I can’t be the only one that does this 😉 😉 but I figured why not. So I whipped out the box of baubles and we set to work.

My child was super happy and declared it was a wonderful day – she had a sit down lunch date with daddy instead of the usual hurried lunch, she decorated the Christmas tree to her heart content … (I have a post brewing about Christmas tree decorating)

And at bed time she asked if we could sleep in the lounge. Normally, I would say no but I could see it meant a lot to her so as I type this she is lightly snoring away on the couch right next to me . Plus it’s weekend and we can relax the rules a bit

What little things make you and those around happy? Are you rigid or flexible once in a while ?

Recent Conversations with K…

Sometimes the things my child says leaves me in awe, but most importantly I don’t want to forget them, so I write down.

K: hello mommy

Me: hello baby

K: I’m not a baby

Me: but you are

K: I’m a big girl

Me: no you are not big

K: ok mommy then I’m a medium girl


K: good morning mommy

Me: it’s afternoon so good afternoon

K: I want it to be Morning

Me: ok, if that is what you want

Me: how was school today

K: it was good thanks

Me: what did we do today at school (I always say we which she finds hilarious because she reminds me it is just her)

K: no mommy you should ask who I played with ( my child is a creature of habit, I always ask that as a conversation starter and now she wants all talk about school to start with who did you play with)

Me: ok who did you play with at 1st play time

K: M

Me: and second playtime

K: M (bursts out laughing) it is almost always M except the few times they “fight” and are longer best friends which usually lasts for less than 24 hours

Me: and at snack time

K: we don’t play at snack time we eat mommy

Me: and sometimes you talk

K: yes but that makes Ms M heart sore

Me: heart sore? Why?

K: because she says less talking more eating, but I sometimes say more talking less eating

Oy oy oy child of mine, we have to work on that rebel streak because she thinks it is funny


K: what surprise did you bring for me today? A surprise egg?

Me: did you open my bag

K: no i didn’t

Me: so how did you know I have an egg

K: I’m very clever mommy


K: are we going to the gym

Me: no, not today. As we have your brother and aunt in the car

K: but we can all go

Me: no they don’t have gym cards so we have to go home

K: I have an idea, can we drop them at home, then relax a bit and then me and you can go back to the gym

Me: that’s a good idea but not today child as it’s been a long day so we would just go Home and rest and prepare for

Bed and school tomorrow

K: ok mommy, did you like my idea

Me: yes I did

K: thank you, I’m a genius

Loving this age

Currently Reading…

I don’t write much about reading because I find I have a vastly different reading taste to most people I know. We might have a book here and there that overlap but most times not really.

So I was complaining to the one person who’s reading style is somewhat similar to mine (my baby sister) and she gifted me a few e-books. Mind you she knows I don’t enjoy e-books as I like paper but with a new Baby, I have to say e-books have been a life saver. I only need one hand to scroll and I can multitask while reading

Typically I like easy reads that don’t require much thinking and act as a good get away and usually fiction. Life has too much to deal with that I don’t want to get bogged down reading something intense

I read Born a Crime in 2 days. It’s been a long long time ago a book gripped me that much! I just couldn’t put it down. (I stayed up till way past my bed time just to finish it) I laughed so much I had tears streaming down my eyes. Of course this was until I got to the parts on domestic violence (sob sob). I would highly recommend this book. I didn’t know what to expect when I started and I didn’t read any spoilers so it was a pleasant read

Now I’m reading When Breath becomes Air.

I’ve heard so much about this book and I even bought a copy last year which I gave to a colleague to read and never got back, so when I got the e version I couldn’t wait to dig in. This one I know how it ends but nothing much else and I’m currently midway and I have to say I’m learning a lot about empathy and human nature… can’t wait to finish it

After this though I would need a good easy fiction to help me unwind. I started two Liane Moriaty books ( Truly Madly Guilty & Big Little Lies) and I’m battling. They start too slow for me. I like books that get straight to the crux of it. I’ve started both and I think I stopped on page 25 and just couldn’t go on but I promised myself I would finish them. Don’t know if it is me as most people I know loved these books

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it ?

Father’s Day 2018…

The little lady finally understands this day, helped in part by school and church. They made picture frames and hand print crafts for Dad and she couldn’t wait to give it to him.

The little mister, well at 10 weeks old is totally clueless but it was his first Father’s Day so we celebrated by dressing up and taking some pictures (not like we need any excuses for pictures)

All dressed up

Smile ….

Father and child number 2

We had a few meltdowns though… firstly Daddy wasn’t home when we got home so he couldn’t get his gift on Friday , then Saturday wasn’t Sunday? She couldn’t resist any longer so Daddy got his gift on Saturday but had to promise not to open it till Sunday.

Added to that Ms M ( her teacher) gave very strict instruction of what do that … get a good night sleep, wake up early and wake mommy up (I don’t like that part of the instruction), make coffee for Daddy (we made tea as we don’t drink coffee, K thinks we are allergic to coffee) and wake him up to drink his tea and open his gift!!

My child can be a stickler for rules when it suits her and she followed this to the letter!!! And even made eggs for him because she thought he would be hungry

Frying eggs for Daddy

Breakfast for Daddy complete with white flowers

Daddy had to get his gift in bed

Once gifts were opened we headed to church, came back home for lunch and just rested.

Little lady and her daddy

Trying Chef Barbie’s hat on little brother

It was a good day ….

ps: K wants to know why we have daddy’s (Aka Father’s) Day but no Kid’s day. She wasn’t convinced youth day is Kids day

Random Conversations with K…

K: mommy I had a dream

Me: how did you know that

K: when I was sleeping

Me: ok tell me the dream

K: the good news there was water everywhere and I was carrying you

Me: hmmmmm

K: the bad news is the bridge broke and we fell in the water


K: Mommy please try and stay awake

Me: Ok I’ll try but I’m tired. Maybe go wake up your daddy to help you

K: No mommy that is a terrible idea 😳😳


K: Mommy did you have a sleeping beauty sleep

Me: Yes, and did you?

K: No mommy I didn’t

Me: Why?

K: Because I had a bad dream

Me: Bad dream??

K: Yes, there were monsters and ghosts making stumping noises and I could only see their eyes and their feet


K: mommy please wake up

Me: why it’s not yet morning

K: but there are shadows in my room and they are looking at me

Of course there are shadows because you have a night light on

Never a dull moment


Me: what did you learn in school today

K: Ms M told us about earthworms

Me: earthworms that is yucky

K: not yucky mommy

Me: but they are scary

K: not scary mommy, they are too tiny mommy

Me: so do you want know her as a pet

K: hmmmmm, but we don’t know where the pet shop is. Did you know they don’t have eyes and they are always looking for food on the on the earth that is why they are called earthworms

K: and did you know birds eat worms

Me: still yucky

K: mommmmmmmmmmie

First Day at the BIG School…

Questions on the ride to school on the first day of the school year 2018

Someone wasn’t feeling mommy’s picture taking attempts this morning and made it very very clear

Finally in the mood for pictures

Name: ✔️

Daddy’s name ✔️

Mommy’s name: Funso

How old are you? 4, but can I be 5! I want to be 5 😳😳

How old is mommy: 6 … you would soon be big 🤣🤣

How old is Daddy : 44 accurate poor Daddy married to a 6 year Old 😂😂🤣🤣

Where are we going to: big school (yes that is what we call it), but working on the name – she now knows the name thankfully

What do you want to be when you grow up: Ballerina Princess ( this used to be Ballerina Doctor) but this tiger Mama would find a way to bring that doctor back 🤣🤣

What is your favourite colour – this is kind of rhetorical question – pink, dark pink (I think in her mind she said duh…)

What is your favourite movie – Moana but I also like old lion king (aka Lion King 2) our favourite characters are Timoh and Pumbah… we even have a favourite scene and no matter how many times we watch it we crack up at that scene and rewind multiple times

What is your favourite food: chicken burger that you make and meat that Daddy makes – that means meat done on the braai/barbeque (clearly not vegetarian) 🤣🤣

Favourite drink : apple juice and water

Favourite toy: pink sparkly glass slippers with Barbie in a wedding dress dress and a carriage and …..

Who is your best friend: I have more than one mommy – Kaylee, Mukundi, Kago, Anslia…. (guess that might change soon )

What is your favourite cloth to wear – sparkly dress that I can twirl in (no surprises there ) my girly girl….

We’ll ask again on the last day of the school year to see what would change

First day done and dusted and she still had a bounce in her step

Guess that was yummy