Still a Silent Sunday…






Wordless Wednesday …

Easter 2015

Someone got restless and we had to burn some energy during Good Friday service


Saturday was lunch with a friend and turning 17 months…


Making friends at the playground


And a quick stop at the Easter display, so much chocolate we got overwhelmed but not before we bought our sole chocolate bunny (which is still uneaten)


Sunday was church and some (ok a lot) of hotcross buns


And Easter lunch went down well


and just fun conversation


that was as far as i got getting a picture with the bunny ears


and reading bible stories


and building and sorting…


A quick run and a beautiful sunset…


and a not so quick run to burn off all the tiramisu calories… Monday wrun


yoga move??? i see cute baby bum


ready for a quick trip to the shop and rocking our sandals before the weather gets too cold


cutie baby feet


and to round off the long weekend – home-made pizza







Wordless Wednesday… kind of

Last Sunday…


chomping down on sugarcane… perfect teething toy

A trip to the Irene Dairy farm…

penny for your thought missy… at the wishing fountain


not turning grey, that is sand in her hair and we haven’t started creche


running away from mommy because she wasnt ready to leave the sand pit. same child that refused to let her feet touch the sand when we got there lol


monkey see monkey do!! my water baby enjoyed this a bit too much and didn’t want to leave. I cringe at the thought of what could be in that water, she may or may not have tried to lick the water off her hand


Changing gears… the “mandatory” tractor ride


and a selfie…


all that fun resulted in a a very dirty and exhausted child, she napped for close to 3 hours


and dinner went down well too. All that fun made for a very hungry child


one way to remove sand from hair. worked for us. now i know


I Graduated …

Not in the school sense but from a walker to a wogger/wrunner, yes that word is in my personal dictionary :lol: :lol:

Wog = Walk + Jog
Wrun = Walk + Run


A blogger I follow always said she wogs and I never understood it but now I do, it’s that exercise where you are going faster than a walk but not fast enough to be a run ( you are welcome, now you know) 

A few stats: I started tracking in May 2014. To date I’ve recorded 990km. I thought I would hit the 1000km mark by end of March, but #nothappening :) I don’t see myself doing a 10km wrun or walk today


total distance as at today

longest distance recorded

Though I don’t see this happening soon again. My comfort zone is anywhere between 12 and 15km!!! which I usually only attempt on Saturday mornings and public holidays. During the week I aim for 4-7km depending on how early I start. 

a beautiful day with clear blue skies

One of the things I like about being outdoors, you see things you won’t ordinarily notice!!  The stunning South African sunrises and sunsets 

A jacaranda tree holding on to the last of its purple flowers – taken at the end of January 

And the nosey part of me loves looking at people’s houses and imagining what goes on there. You can tell the people who spend extra time on their lawns! Ha ha ha ha 

With my history of knee and ankle injury and surgery I know not to push myself too hard, and I don’t but I push hard enough for me. I definitely would not be winning any racing competition anytime soon (never never ever more like it) at the speed I go but I’m happy I can get out and run! And have you seen some of the professional walkers – damn they are fast!!! I don’t even try to keep up with them

 I always have time to stop to “smell the roses ” LOL more like to take a few pictures

november 2014



march 2015


sunrise , last saturday

Another thing I’m doing which is a shock even to me is running on the treadmill!!! I still can’t believe I’m on a treadmill – not my favourite gym equipment but I’m using it!! And actually running!! Me, unbelievable !!! And running seriously, I have a love hate relationship with that particular equipment

me, on a treadmill

My hubby still can’t wrap his head around this, he wonders why I would want to use my legs for over 10km when I have a perfectly working car :lol: :lol: it is addic.tive but a good addic.tion 

I got new running pants with zipped pockets – I need to be  able to carry my keys and phone with me and hello… I can’t be without tissue. What I didn’t bargain for was how much the types I was looking for cost, I felt the pinch in my pocket but it was worth the cost. I can feel the difference in comfort. Guess that is all that matters. And one big discovery I’m not brand loyal – I can be seen in an adi.das/Nike top, a  Ree.bok/ pants and an asi.cs/reebok  shoes depending on my mood. 

Is there anything you thought you couldn’t do that you now do? Anything not just exercise wise. Are you a runner or walker? do you prefer outdoor or indoor running? 

Just Another Not so {SILENT SUNDAY) 



I was listening to news a few weeks ago and one particular story struck a nerve (actually many nerves). A man went to a public hospital because of pain which would require a hip replacement. He was asked to come back in 2022!!! No you didn’t read wrong years from now!! And this got me thinking and made me very sad and also reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend. She said what scares her most is being in an accident and being taken to a public hospital. That is what would happen if you don’t have medical aid/insurance 


This made me think back …

In September 2010 I tore a cartilage in my left knee at the gym and had to go for physio, while healing I slipped at work ( for some weird reason I forgot to report this at work it happened after hours, construction going on and lots of dust which someone must have forgotten to clean)  the injury got worse and I had to see an orthopedic surgeo. MRI scan revealed a tear of the ACL or something fancy like that, which if left untreated could result in arthritis. Of course me being me I got two more opinions before I agreed to the required op. It was a matter of deciding on date, getting medical aid authorization, booking leave and viola all was set in motion!!! All these memories came back when I heard the story of this man and sadly it is the reality of many. For some it is out of ignorance (or stupidity) but for many they don’t have a choice or the means to do otherwise 

Thankfully this man’s story ended well but how many more people are not as lucky. 

It’s the little and not so little things ….

My race number for an upcoming race    

What are you grateful for?