{Saturday Snapshots} on Monday … GREEN

I love these challenges… The challenge was Green- which was kind of easy seeing that it was spring – or at least it was meant to be easy but surely I can’t just post pictures of trees

Anyway here we go

NEW School! OLD School

Very fancy and shiny car


Not so fancy car…



My favourite drink with a slice of lime


Seen around! A “Mohawk”tree


Under the cot is such a fun place to play

I crossed the 250KM on 15/08 and between then and now I’ve done another 78KM. I need to up my game and hit my 100KM/ month target . I did 90km in August helped by my 2 long walks on the last day of the month ! 13.4KM in the morning and 7.2KM in the afternoon !!! Yikes how do people do marathons. I had a blister by the end of it all

A very green post box

Isn’t this tree just gorgeous!!! That’s the natural colour – no filters . New leaves on a once bare and brown tree


Isn’t this “park” just stunning


Hope you had a nice weekend? We did but it was too hooooooot!!!

I felt like I was going to melt or roast!!! Yes I hate summer heat and it is only just the beginning of spring!!!

Have a wonderful week ahead xxx

{Saturday Snapshots} BLUE

Joking my dear Marcia. on our colour adventure… This week it’s all about the blues :)

Blue as far as the eyes can see… Women’s race with about 25000 walkers


Two love-birds with a gorgeous blue sky backdrop



Seen around… Blue roofs

Disco night .. Naaaa e-toll gantry . Except it looks more purplish than blue but I promise you – it is blue

My blue water bottle



A lone blue bike – seen around

MandyE just for A and B!!!




My first birthday present in 2014 from the lovely Miss Marcia


“Virgin electric lemonade” from mom’s birthday 2014

A little confession, I was dreading BLUE as it seemed like a difficult colour to picture aside from the sky! But who knew there was so much blue lurking around ….
Thanks once again for hosting Marcia

{Saturday Snapshot} RED

Joining Marcia again this week for Saturday Snapshot. Go check out Mandy’s post too

My red pictures…. As usual all taken with my phone


Testing out a birthday present from Robyn on my birthday. RED lipstick


Shiny RED old school car…


My sis got bombed RED at the colour run


Open-mouthed concentration “driving” the RED tractor




Spring is in the air! Though with the temps today you would think winter was just starting. It was 1C (34F) at 7am

How are you doing? Hope having a good weekend?

The one about Dentist…


The dreaded chair :)

Most people I know have a deathly fear of going to the dentist. I DON’T!!! I’ve been going to dentist visits alone since I was 14 or 15 I think. I have absolutely no fear of them. NONE, ZILCH, NADA!!!!  I guess this must stem from battling with horrid toothache for years and then getting relief after one too many visits. I associate dentist visit with pain relief.  I think I can safely say suffering from said toothaches is responsible for my high pain threshold.

The only thing I don’t like about dentist visits –  the numb feeling when you get those injections and not being allowed to chew/ drink hot or cold things for a few hours. Luckily thanks to my high pain threshold I sometimes ask if the work can be done without said injection which my dentist kindly obliges

Anyway, for a few years now I’ve been doing to the same dentist, reason being that you don’t have to wait long to get an appointment ( you can call today and get an appointment in 2-3 days) and he usually leaves gaps for walk-ins. Something tells me it is because he is in a “not so palatable” part of the city, but it doesn’t bother me. Another reason – he sends his bill directly to the medical aid/insurance . I don’t have to shell out funds and then go through the process of claiming back.


Sitting patiently waiting for the dentist yesterday.

I don’t miss my yearly appointments and usually I go twice a year for check up. Yes I’m efficient like that – lesson learnt.

Imagine my shock when I called to make an appointment earlier this year with my trusted dentist only to be told he had retired and sold the business. Shock Horror, his could he do that me. I promptly dropped the phone , that was in Feb!! Anyway I was reaching the one year mark so I decided to give the new dentist a try.

A bit of background, my previous dentist is an old-ish Cypriot, happy-go-lucky man. Who always had some Greek (or Cypriot – same same or not) music playing in the background while he went about his work in your mouth, I got used to it and used to look forward to the music.

And I was expecting he would have sold the business to someone older – wrong very very wrong.

No more….


I sat in the chair yesterday and a GQ model walked in and the dental assistant beckoned and said that was the dentist. Hmmmmm ok, deep breath in and out. Silent prayer and hopes he knows what he is doing. I’m sure he is 30 years old! I’m used to older drs.


I wish a got a better picture – but imagine how odd it would look me trying to get his picture properly. He thought I was snapping the tools of the trade when I took this one.


Moral of the story. Don’t judge a book by its cover. He was very good and swift and I was in and out in about 20 mins.  Except there was no music – sob sob. All done and no pain. Till February. Yes I go every February and Aug/Sept


That’s a tooth x-ray machine in case you are wondering

Now over to you -

Are you afraid of the dentist?

Do you go 2ce yearly as recommended?

When do kids have to go for their first dental appointment? I need to find a kid-friendly one for K, she has 2 pearly whites and we can see another 6 will be out pretty soon

Ps: I’m doing some picture organization. Much easier than I expected but I’m glad to finally be getting it done before it gets too overwhelming . 10.5 months worth of pictures which if you know me means over 2000 pictures :) . 3.5 months done, 7 months to go, though it looks like I am missing some weeks, have to look for them tonight


Some cheerful pictures after all the talk about dentists




This was taken after she got her last 2 vaccinations.


Smile, you are on camera :)


at 40 weeks old!!! Not camera-shy at all

Saturday Snapshot {YELLOW}

I practically begged Marcia to bring back the Saturday snapshots! Yes I like photo challenges. I’m currently doing 2 on Instagram – fmsphotoaday and augustbreak2014! And I’m loving it, some days are easier than others but that is part of the fun and some days I forget to post or just can’t find the right pictures which means on some days I catch up and post multiple pictures .

For this challenge, my challenge (pun intended :) ) to myself was find “yellow” pictures from my haul of over 2000 on my phone . Yes I need to clean it up! All the pictures there are backed up aside from the ones I took today.

Let the fun begin – usually the rule is post only 5 pictures, but today I’m posting more

Yellow colour station at the colour run

A”dirty” K sitting on her puzzle mat after a day out at a dairy farm

G’s yellow ball was a hit with K earlier today

Me, after going through the yellow station at a colour run

Door sign at the baby clinic + 2 is one of my favourite numbers

Yellow dial on a 36 year old fisher price mobile. Got this from my mom last week! She used this for me as a baby. How awesome is that. Plus I have my bed bumper and blanket! Coincidentally both yellow!

Winter Sunset!

K playing with her colour book









Ps: posting from my phone! Not sure how to add captions to pictures.
Used to be more straightforward . Will fix it during the week, but for now this would do

Ps: be a sport and post at least one yellow thing :)

Ps: hope you are having a good weekend

Colour Run 2014…

My last post was about walking and lately  I am doing quite a lot of it, though in the last week or so I have been quite lazy! Lazy or not, I got up bright and early 2 Saturday mornings ago,  went to pick up my sis and we drove to what she has called the best race ever! I did the race in 2013 and the pictures from the 2013 event are here


There are quite a lot of colour runs done around the world and they usually  include a music fest. This is different. This race is done to raise funds for charity and specifically for a school that is educating and raising awareness about deafness.  St.Vincent.School! A win-win if you ask me, get some much-needed exercise and help raise funds for charity in the process. This walk is also a nice distance – 7km not too short and not too long. And added bonus (for some people) not as crowded as most of the more popular races.

Enough talking 2014 pictures

All white and clean and colourless

All white and clean and colourless


Everyone all white at the starting line

Everyone all white at the starting line

En route - lots of fun and getting dirty

En route – lots of fun and getting dirty

A nice way to learn the colour wheel - blue and yellow - makes GREEN

A nice way to learn the colour wheel – blue and yellow – makes GREEN. We were yet to go through the Green station at this point

Finish Line Selfie ...

Finish Line Selfie …

My sis, taking a selfie

My sis, taking a selfie

My poor sweater! Hopefully it survives this time again

My poor sweater! Hopefully it survives this time again

See you in 2015!!!

Who needs a white shirt when you can have a “colourful” shirt.  See you in 2015!!!


Another walk down, many more to go…


I mentioned this last year – If you are interested, I see there are colour runs done in different parts of the world all year round.  The colorrun website has information on international colour races.  Check out colorrun.coza website for information on the various races around SA. I see there are plans to have the race in 16 cities around the country. Note how the color is spelt.

The one about walking…

A few months ago I was chatting to Julia and told her I needed to start exercising again (now that my ankle is healed). Going to the gym is not always very convenient because I work long hours most days and I need to get home in good time! Going to gym after work will mean getting home around 7.30 to 8pm daily. I definitely can’t afford to get home at that time and the gyms are just too packed for me in the mornings, though it might be my best option. Then I was looking through instagram and saw NI.KE.PLUS.

Anyone who knows me well would know I am quite a visual person and nothing to spur me on like seeing progress as I embark on a journey.

Solution – wake up a little earlier and try to get some walking done in the morning before work!!! And since May, I have started walking and let me tell you, seeing the mileage as I go, is just fantastic. I have pushed myself further than I ever would. There are days I get up and decide I would do 5km and before I know it, I have pushed myself to 9 or even 10km or like my longest walk yet 11.2km!!! (longest walk was really 13km, but the battery died at 10.8km , so we shall not count it)

I wish I was a runner, but old age my knees can’t handle anything more than a  fast walk. I can’t afford to injure anything (already had one knee op 3 years ago).  WALKING I shall continue to do and I am loving it. I thought it would be hard given that it is winter (on some days it was 1C when I got out of the house)  but actually it has been fantastic and I am dreading summer when it would be too hot (plus you all know I don’t really like summer anyway)


A few stats for the past 3 months


I did my first walk using the app on May 3rd – 5.52km,  my longest walk in May was 7.5km on the 31st and I did a total of 57.8km for the month. 

In June, I did a total of 72.6km, I did 3 longer walks – 9.55km, 10.3km and my last walk for the month was 11.2km.

I set myself a target of 100km for July, but could only manager 93.5km (though I think it was more like 96Km,  my battery died on the one walk) and  K and I were both ill within a few days of one another which meant no exercise for almost a whole week. I concluded 100km is very do-able and that is my target for August

My fastest KM thus far was done in 9.17minutes. My fastest mile was done in 15.52minutes

A few pictures

 The first walk, using an app during a walk

First time using the APP

First time using the APP

Longest recorded walk

Longest recorded walk


That's the N1 highway in the background - another joy of using the train, I don't have to leave home too early to avoid traffic

That’s the N1 highway in the background – another joy of using the train, I don’t have to leave home too early to avoid traffic

A beautiful but very cold day. Definitely a Saturday morning and I am certain, the temp was probably about 2C or 3C

A beautiful but very cold day. Definitely a Saturday morning and I am certain, the temp was probably about 2C or 3C

A few from IG

photo 1

YEP!!! It was 1C at past 8am in the morning. A few of my friends still can't believe it gets that cold anywhere in Africa!

YEP!!! It was 1C at past 8am in the morning. A few of my friends still can’t believe it gets that cold anywhere in Africa!

I like this picture! That tree is stunning! Though it is currently bare

I like this picture! That tree is stunning! Though it is currently bare


Added bonus, you can monitor what you are doing on a treadmill too..

Added bonus, you can monitor what you are doing on a treadmill too..


Not my favourite form of exercise though – walking on a treadmill – I find it tougher than walking on the road

Even on days when I don’t intentionally walk, I used this app to check the distance from I walk from the station to work and back and from the car park to the train and would you know it is at least 1.5 to 2km daily!!!

Are you doing anything new exercise wise? Have you discovered any new app/gadget that helps make this possible?



PS: I need music to walk fast and currently I put the same song on repeat and walk no matter the distance. My sister thinks I am crazy, to be able to listen to the same music for an hour or an hour and half somethings

PS: we do walk quite a lot when we go shopping. I went to the shop after work last week Wednesday and decided to use the app to see how much walking gets done. Would you believe it – 3.6km and I was only in one shopping mall for an hour and half