Another Year …


Birthday bouquet from hubby

Feels like time is going too fast, I remember my last birthday and it seems like it was just yesterday, going to the Gynae for my 25 week appointment, dropping my sis off in school and having a quick dinner with hubby. Fast forward one year said child is already 37 weeks old ( someone pls stop time)



Pictures taken last night

As is now becoming customary, if I can help it, I don’t go to work on my birthday and YAY this year is the same. Last time I worked on my birthday was 2010. 2011 – I was at the hospital at this time because my car got hit and written off a few minutes before midnight. 2012 – I was recovering from an operation. 2013 was great and by God’s grace in 2014 I intend to walk at least 3.6km – 100 meters for every year, meet the lovely Marcia for lunch and just relax afterwards and probably dinner with the family later and of course take loads of pictures


Bouquet from Miss K

And because my mum is a stickler for keeping records – I know I was born at 2.22am – now you know why 2 and 7 are my favourite numbers

20140722-015956-7196534.jpg my first birthday gift. I exercised self-control and didn’t open it immediately I got it! Go me

How do you like spending your birthday? Do you know any interesting tidbit about your birth?

This made me chuckle…


Don't you just love the colours of fall/Autumn

Don’t you just love the colours of fall/Autumn

“The list of things toddlers dislike is lengthy: cereal on the floor, cereal in a bowl, cereal in the wrong bowl, cereal in a bowl at the wrong time, the wrong cereal in the right bowl, the right cereal in the right bowl at the wrong table… the list continues for days. Toddlers are fickle little creatures, full of boundless energy and opinions they can’t always express” :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Image courtesy of

The ddreaded tantrum! Image courtesy of

This was a post about changing kids to forward facing car seats too soon because they hate the rear facing car seat…

Then this landed in my inbox today and I laughed so much I had tears rolling down my eyes: 

I could relate because my cousin’s wife and my sister are on the natural hair journey and I have heard my cousin and my mom at different times complain about the various concoctions that gets made all in the hair of this natural hair journey…


It was blistering cold when I took this picture (I think 0C - 32F) but the sky was just the perfect shade of blue

It was blistering cold when I took this picture (I think 0C - 32F) but the sky was just the perfect shade of blue


July Photo a day Challenge 1…

Hope you all had a nice weekend? I did just too busy.

I decided to do the photo a day challenge and I must tell you it is fun. Though some of the challenges are a real challenge. I’ve been doing it on IG so far but decided to post the pictures here too. Will post every few days in one post though I do try to post daily on IG.

Day 1 – red and white. I interpreted this as red and white in honour of Canada day. In case you didn’t know July 1st is Canada day and Canada’s flag is red and white


Day 2 – something beginning with K – no I didn’t do the obvious and post a picture of my child but it was still easy peasy I use a keyboard at work daily so I did the obvious


This wasn’t the picture I used on IG but this just seems more artsy :)

Day 3 – match

This required some digging and I ended up with this


That was a box of matches that we gave away as a souvenir from our wedding many moons ago

Day 4- Stars. This seemed a bit obvious to me. It was 4th of July and the US Independence Day . I couldn’t find something with 50 stars but I had the star light from K’s night light


And on this day K also turned 8 months.


I caught her in the moment playing and her hand was on the number 8 and I thought how perfect is that picture for the day she turned 8 months!

This child of mine is busy and wants to see everything and touch everything and be everywhere. Don’t ask me who she takes after. Let’s just say her father is a gentle soul. It seems the days of getting posed- type pictures for our monthly pictures are gone. I had to get creative and stuck the milestone stickers on her back and bum




Day 5- on the table- this was apt as we were the house of plague ill for a week or so and I had my stash of meds on the changing table


And day 6 – View


My poor K was feeling very poorly and I was just too glad she got some sleep

And that was the first 6 days of the challenge. I like challenges like this because it requires some creativity and thinking outside the box and also because it forces me to take intentional pictures and blog more often as well

More pictures coming during the week

Have a wonderful and great week ahead xxx

A lot going on…

I have a million and one blog post in my head but life has been busy and they remain in my head. I keep vowing to blog more but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

A not so quick catch-up


Last week, I felt myself coming down with a cold but didn’t think much of it, mostly because anyone who knows me well knows that my nose is hardly ever dry (I used two boxes of kleenex in 2 days!!!!) but by Thursday morning I felt a full-blown bout of flu coming my way, fever, headache, body ache, runny nose. I left the office at noon, went straight to the clinic where I was told I would be charged R135 (about $12) extra for coming without an appointment. Seriously!!!! I was shivering and could barely talk, so this was the least of my worries, thank God for medical aid. By the way the earliest appointment was at 7pm, and this was just after noon!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Got a throat swab done (never heard back from the dr, which is a good sign), was told I had a bad infection, got meds

A truck load of meds

A truck load of meds

headed home, managed to eat, take the meds and slept for about 6 hours. Woke up feeling like new. I hate meds by the way and always always ask for injections. Luckily, the dr gave me Friday off.

Saturday, I did a quick 5.6km walk (I am loving the Nike+ app, I should blog about it sometime) and then headed out to Marcia’s for the twin’s birthday! It was a pajama party and it was so much fun. Even most of the adults were in pajamas. K had a blast, she loves people watching. This party even gave me the confidence I need to consider maybe just maybe I would have a party for K’s 1st birthday

Some pictures from the birthday

Banana milk for a monkey themed party

Banana milk for a monkey themed party

We obviously got the memo because K was in dressed in a monkey styled outfit. Pity I didn’t get any proper pictures of her in the outfit

Notice the little monkey on the chest and the outfit also had a monkey face on the feet (use your imagination :) )

Notice the little monkey on the chest and the outfit also had a monkey face on the feet (use your imagination :) )

The kids were busy busy busy and I couldn’t help but laugh when I was looking at some the pictures.

These two pictures below were taken after mommy clearly issued an instruction saying don’t touch the gifts so we can say thank you properly and know who gave you what…

The gift is almost as big as he is

The gift is almost as big as he is

sneakily checking out the gifts

sneakily checking out the gifts

Ps: I would also be excited if I got so many lovely gifts

And then I went to change (yes, I had my pajama pants on) and saw this in the bathroom and I couldn’t help but take a picture

Gotta love the instructions ...

Gotta love the instructions …

And came home to this…

Dust empire - Kitchen reno in progress

Dust empire – Kitchen reno in progress

I knew it was coming but I was in denial. My hubby got a bee in the bonnet and decided it was time to redo the kitchen. I said yes, naively. Naively you ask, I have never been through a construction, I assumed it would be a walk in the part, let me tell you, it is not for the faint hearted. Only thing that is keeping me going is that I have my eye on the price. At least I would finally have a well-functioning stove  (An interesting story on stoves. I have one of the stock standard de.fy brand stoves. I am not sure it ever worked well because even at the highest temp, I could do a quick 30 minutes drive before anything would boil on it. So I went to visit MIL one day and decided to cook at her house and put the stove on the highest which is what I do at home. Less than 5 minutes later I notice the pot boiling over and went to investigate. Only to realise the heat was too much. I felt like I was from the bush because I had gotten accustomed to my slow to heat up stove :lol: :lol: my hubby had a big laugh when I told him. Thank heavens I didn’t burn anything) and oven after more than 3 years. Add to that a sick baby and hubby away for 3 days for work 

K came down with something, which she must have caught from hubby and I and is now recuperating. She also got loads of meds, luckily she only has to use them for 5 days which ends today

K's stash of meds. No I am not injecting her, the injection is for measuring the amount of saline solution that needs to go in the nebulizer

K’s stash of meds. No I am not injecting her, the injection is for measuring the amount of saline solution that needs to go in the nebulizer


My poor K at the physio... One more day and we should be done with physio

My poor K at the physio… One more day and we should be done with physio

Ps: It might be the version of explorer I am using but it is a mission and half plus more to do a good post from the computer, much easier on my iPhone


This weekend, I intend to rest as much as possible, it’s been a hectic week. Hope you had a week better than mine. Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned and if you are in SA, please keep warm xxx

Currently I am …

Julia did this and I thought I would copy again (yes again, I was checking and I realised she did it last year and then I copied too.  The previous one is here,  I found it weird that some things there are still the same. INTERESTING

So here we go, 2014 edition of Currently I am …

Reading: The June editions of the Watch.Tower and Awake! and Sanc.tuary: How an inner-city church spilled onto a sidewalk by Christa Kil.juan

Listening to: A compilation of 31 gospel songs – I labeled “Train” playlist. I listen to this most mornings during my daily commute to work. Helps set my mind right for the work day ahead. And I have a new favourite song for walking – – by Para.more (I put this song on repeat and listen to it for the length of time I do my walk)

Music Compilation

Music Compilation

Laughing at: My daughter who has suddenly realized she is mobile and moves around everywhere (backwards on her tummy). Not good for my nerves but she’s growing. And that also means I now get loads of blurry pictures before I get good one…

Swooning over: Beautiful winter weather (yes it is cold, but remember I prefer winter to summer any day) and some gorgeous IG feeds

Crisp blue sky! No filters used. But it was coooold

Crisp blue sky! No filters used. But it was coooold

Planning: To make an appointment to see a Dr later today to check out my right ear (it aches badly), and register for about 6 different walking events

Eating lots of: Chewing gum (my new favourite is Sti.morol Sensations – straw.berry+cit.rus flavoured layered gum! It is tangy just the way I like. And the last of the summer grapes


Feeling: Blessed that my little miss is not having any teething related issues (the two bottom teeth are popping out already) aside from chewing everything that comes within her reach and a bit of loss of appetite, but I am not worried as we still get enough wet diapers.

Louisa took this picture of her chewing her own sock. She pulled it off her foot and started chewing it

Louisa took this picture of her chewing her own sock. She pulled it off her foot and started chewing it

Discovering: That plus helps me walk longer distances than I normally would. Seems I am a visual person. I did 9.5km on Saturday morning even though it was 1C (34F) when I started

Early saturday morning walk.. Yes it was 1C when I left home

Early saturday morning walk.. Yes it was 1C when I left home

Looking at: my computer and typing this (LOL)

Wearing: Lots of flat shoes (sadly, need to wear flats for another few months to allow my ankle heal properly), this is a big problem for me, I wore 3 inch heels at 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant so you know this is a big problem for me

Cooking: I am at work now, but I made pasta last night, which I am also having for lunch in a few hours

Wondering: About too many things – very random thought like “why do bad things happen to good people” and why do good things happen to “bad” people…

Trying out: hmmm, do I really need to be trying out anything


What are you currently doing? Please share one or two

Please say a little prayer…

…if you are the praying type.


I wanted to do a friendship friday post a la Marcia and Julia but I not in the right frame of mind for fluff.

My friend’s baby has been in ICU for about 3 weeks and there’s still no news on when she would be out. The baby had to be born immediately as the gynae noticed some issue with the baby’s lungs and water under the baby’s skin. This friend had a previous miscarriage at 26 weeks in 2012 after IVF. And even with this pregnancy was on complete bed rest since about 15 weeks or so

Another friend’s sister had a miscarriage today

And yet another friend was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure yesterday. She is young and battled for three years to get pregnant before she had her daughter last year (after her son who was born with a congenital defect passed away)

And then I read Louisa’s post on a children’s oncology ward

See why I am not in the mood for anything but prayers. My heart is heavy and I have cried multiple times today. Certain things just have that effect on me. Please pray for good health, divine healing and comfort for my friends and their loved ones.

I hope you have had a better week than I have.

Have a nice weekend

Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffins…

Marcia posted the recipe for this muffin last Saturday and seeing as I hadn’t baked anything in a while, I decided to give this a try. Plus they did look super easy.

    Recipe and Instructions, as taken from Marcia’s blog

1 cup oats (any, I’m not fussy)
1 cup yoghurt (again, anything although the recipe says plain yoghurt, I like to jazz it up with a flavoured yoghurt. The flavour is very subtle = DELICIOUS! Last week I had strawberry so strawberry it was)
1 egg
1/2 cup oil (I always put slightly less oil in any recipe – like 50 ml – somehow it makes me feel more virtuous? and fill it with milk)
1/2 cup sugar (same here – I used 3/4 cup which is plenty of sugar)
1 1/4 cup self-raising flour (or plain flour plus 1 tsp baking powder)
Any extras you like is optional – 1 banana, chocolate chips, raisins (last week I threw in a large handful of raisins)

Preheat oven to 220 Celsius (mine is a VERY hot oven – like its owner, hahaha – so I turn it down to 180 once it reaches 220 for the actual baking)
Mix the oats and yoghurt and leave in the fridge for about 30 mins.
Stir in egg, oil, sugar and the flour last
Remember with muffins, no over-mixing, just enough to combine
I find that I need a little bit of milk at the end. Just a splash. You’ll feel it when you can stir comfortably. “

I am not very good at following recipes (If you didn’t know, now you know) except when I make my favourite baked cheese cake. I should share the recipe sometime.

What did I do

I used 500ml of Lactose Free Low fat yoghurt (because the rest would have stayed unused for a while and that was what I had available) – When it comes to milk and yoghurt I can only take lactose free, but ice-cream, anything goes (go figure)

More yoghurt means it was wetter than should have been so I added another 1/4 cup of flour and 1/8 cup of sugar. I left the oil as it was. When I bake sweet stuff I always add a pinch or two of salt.

I also didn’t follow the instructions. Luckily the recipe is idiot proof. I mixed all the wet ingredients together in one bowl and all the dry together in another and then proceeded to mix both together. Seeing as I didn’t read the instructions, I obviously did it in shorter time. The original recipe calls for mixing  the oats and yoghurt and leaving in the fridge for about 30 mins. My inner mind knew I couldn’t wait for that long to taste my creation :lol:


Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffin

Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffin, waiting to go into the oven. You can see the raisins

I left a batch plain, added raisins to some (these were my best, biased view as I love raisins in almost anything) and added banana to the rest. Popped into the oven and 15 minutes later they were ready

It is a big miracle they came out looking instagram-worthy. I have a very temperamental oven (some days you turn the dial to 100C  and it is like a fiery furnace and other days 260C is as cool as cucumber), I think the thermostat is out of sync

Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffin with Raisins

Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffin with Raisins

Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffin

Plain Yoghurt Oatmeal Muffin

The verdict, they were the indeed one of  the  yummiest and easiest muffin I ever made. We had them for breakfast yesterday and I have a few left which I plan to demolish over the next few days .  My hubby liked them, but he can be a bit anti-healthy snacks (I think he would have preferred it without the oats). I shall try a combo next weekend without the oats and reduced yoghurt and let you know how it goes.


Thanks Marcia…