What would you do…


Picture unrelated to title… A beautiful day out with friends

This question popped into my head when I was watching Master.Chef Australia yesterday. One of the contestants in the show is obviously Muslim (she wears a hijab/head scarf) and the meal they were required to cook was not halal (maple syrup glazed hot dog). The hot dog had bacon in it. In case you didn’t know strict Muslims only eat halal and anything from a pig is not considered halal.

And my brain was working overtime (as it always does, one reason I don’t enjoy massages and can’t meditate) and I asked myself the question “what would I do (or not do) for the sake of a competition?”

I know die hard fanatics would not go ahead but honestly I really don’t know what I would have done. I don’t watch the show regularly enough to know her story but she did say she was worried a day like this would come.

She did go ahead with cooking said meal but without tasting it – I think it’s torture to cook without tasting BTW. Or maybe I’m just not disciplined enough

Here are my questions to you -

Would you have forfeited or gone ahead with the completion?

Are you more disciplined than I am that you can cook a meal without even just one teeny teeny tiny taste?

And some random funnies:



Now you know…


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Good Neighbours…


Picture taken at sunset yesterday

Being a good neighbour means different things to different people but one thing I know is having a good neighbour is the best thing anyone can ask for. I find it sad that the common thread these days is for people not to know their neighbours.

We’ve lived in our current house for 9 years and it was only 2 years ago that I met one of my next door neighbours. The other neighbours I “know” in that we say hello when we see on the street but that’s about it.

This makes me sad because growing up life was different. It was an era of good neighborliness. Where as a child I was afraid to be bad because you knew the neighbours and knew they were watching.They were like our extended family. Actually they were extended family by default. I used to have lunch almost every other day at neighbours and many came to house for dinner. First time I can remember watching an Indian movie (and Bruce Lee) on a VCR was at neighbours. I miss those times and I’m sad that life is not like that any more.

We had a stream of unpaid baby sitters/care givers/chauffeurs in our neighbours when my parents would be away. The one neighbour used to take me to and pick me from school from grade 1 to 3 and look after me till my mom got back everyday. It was pure bliss in my little mind though one of the neighbours was even stricter than my mom! Many of my old neighbours growing up are some of my oldest -at least 30 years (yes I’m old I know) and closest friends till date

Do you know your neighbours? Are you close? Can you count on them ?and more importantly can they count on you? What was it like for you growing up? What does being a good neighbour mean to you?

Ps: I’m hitching to be a not so nice neighbour right now! The one neighbour has creeping plants that keeps over growing into our compound and triggering off the alarm and blocking the night light. Need to pay someone to cut it regularly. I keep thinking I should ask them to trim it but hubby can’t be bothered so I’m letting it slide but it’s driving me batty.


Just a few random things…

1. My Christmas tree is still up. It is up just because it’s in a corner where I can ignore it (one year it was up till October, though I don’t plan on leaving it for that long) and I’m just lazy to pack it away, let’s see how long before it starts to get on my nerves.

What is the longest you’ve left your Christmas tree up?

2. I injured my ankle in early December. I slipped on ice and a big garbage bin fell on the foot/ankle (talk of double whammy). I was given 4-6 weeks during which time it should have healed. This is week 7 and it is still sore. Not sore enough for me to need anything stronger than ibrupofen but sore enough to warrant taking medication every other day. As an aside this happened 3 days before I was going to embark on a transatlantic flight. You can imagine how that flight ( or rather flights) went

Swollen ankle


Pardon the mess I was packing for my trip.
Thank heavens it is no longer swollen but the skin around it is peeling – I hope this is a good sign it is healing.

Update – it is still fractured though healing but I got a much much lighter moon boot. Back at the dr in another 4 weeks!

New boots:


Old boots:


The old boot weighs 5kg I kid you not!

3. I tried a few new nail polish colours recently and I love them.


This colour is called “date on the moonlight”. It looks like very dark purple but it’s actually very dark navy


This is an Almay one coat polish called “galaxy” it definitely looks more purplish in the picture than it is.

I’m usually a neutral or red nail polish girl. So these colours are out of character. Notice I have red on my toes as well. That is in character. 99% of time I have a shade of red/wine on my toenails.

4. Something you might not know about me. I love listening to and watching news and talk shows. So much so that I record certain news program. I’m listening to news as I type this :). I would rather listen to a talk show on a long drive over listening to music I don’t like. It drives my sister batty but I love my news. Plus the radio in my car is most likely to always be on talk radio! It takes all my will power not to switch the radio station to talk radio when I’m in other people’s cars.

5. In 2013 my favourite music was “blur.red lines” by Robin Thic.ke. I’m not sure why but I really do like the song. Though I was mortified first time I heard the title as I thought it was blood lines :) :)

See I told you it’s a post of very random things.

What’s happening in your world?

Bipolar Weather…

Julia and I were chatting yesterday about the weather (doesn’t that feel like such a very grown up thing to do ;) ;) ) and I was telling her the weather was a bit undecided dark grey and cloudy on one side and blue on the other side and a mix somewhere in between. She said maybe the weather was Bipolar!

Here’s proof

One side -


If you look on the bottom right you’ll see notice “silver lining” in the grey sky

Marcia I always think of you every time I see grey skies and today was no exception

In between:


Grey and blue sky coming together

Another side with simply gorgeous blue sky with thick white clouds


I was standing on the same spot when all three pictures were taken. All I did was turn in 3 different directions.

So I do agree maybe the weather was “tripolar” Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!

And it did eventually rain. I heard it (luckily I was indoors when the heavens eventually opened up) and was told it was super heavy.

Such beauty in nature.
Do you notice the beauty that is nature on a regular basis?

Hope you had a nice weekend? Have a fantastic week ahead


Doesn’t it look like she’s saying enough already mommy! Luckily she wasn’t. She was trying to decide whether to sleep or eat but sleep won!


Hopefully we have a few more years to go before we get to that stage, but I hope she will be my daughter through and through and like being on either side of the camera

Ps: it is hooooooooot, I stepped out for a few minutes and I had to rush back to get my umbrella. I still hate summer

Unplanned day…

One of the joys of being on maternity leave is some flexibility ( the operative word being some) to how my day goes. I went to pick up my sister late yesterday afternoon and we both realised we were hungry (I slept most of the day instead of eating) and would you know there was a restaurant (which we both like) just right next to us. I asked my sister to order our usual while I picked up a few things from the store. That way the food was ready by the time I was done shopping – a win win

Our usual..


One thing we do is always request that it is grilled and no butter or lemon sauce. We once ordered this same meal (at another branch of this restaurant) and the food was dripping in sauce we couldn’t eat it.

The customer service was great, I hope it is always like that, it was our first time in this particular restaurant.

And no meal is complete without a drink. Anyone who knows me knows my drink of choice …


Aqua on the rocks avec citron (LOL) you know that’s just a fancy way of saying water with ice and lemon :lol: :lol:

There’s something very artsy about this picture even if I have to say so myself and it wasn’t intentional but I love the way it turned out.